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RUSH: I have a See, I Told You So that I want you to hear. It’s like another reason why don’t doubt me. It’s another explanation of and illustration of what it means to be here on a daily basis and on the cutting edge, societal evolution.

You will know long before things actually happen that they’re going to happen — what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna be — simply because I will tell you, using my instincts and my intelligence guided by experience. I want to take you back to August 18th of 2008, just over 7-1/2 years ago. This is before the 2008 presidential election, which of course is the election that gave us Barack Hussein O as president. This is before that election, August 2008. I was talking about then senator Barack Obama. Hang in here with me.

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is Obama. … [T]o then say that our own actions in combating evil have led to evil, is nothing more than saying, “Islamic terrorists are somewhat justified, at least we can understand why they hate us because we’ve done things to make them hate us. … We have been evil ourselves, and we are evil and that justifies them being evil.” And that’s, by the way, at the root of their perverted, convoluted thinking on places like Abu Ghraib and Club Gitmo. They think we caused it. It’s no secret that the Democrat Party considers the American military to be the focus of evil in the modern world. So anything the American military does to eradicate evil, makes the evil that we’re eradicating understandable and justified. This is sick. It is maddening, it is sick, and it is not presidential. This is not the kind of guy we want in the Oval Office leading this country. We do not want somebody who doesn’t like his own country, for whatever perverted, convoluted, stupid reasons.

RUSH: I was reacting to something Obama had said that our own actions combating evil have led to evil. This was a discussion during the 2008 campaign about terrorism, and after 9/11, the State Department convened that now-famous symposium on, “Why do they hate us? What did we do to make them so mad?” And I was trying to convince everybody back in 2008, “Do not elect this guy. This guy does not have respect for this nation. This guy thinks this nation is ill-conceived, immoral, unjust, from the days of its founding. He thinks that we have created most of the problems of the world. We are not the solution, that we are the primary problem.”

And I was begging people to listen.

At the time, Obama was a blank slate, Obama was hope and change, Obama was a blank canvas. Anybody could make him be what they hoped and dreamed the next president would be. The media had done a gang-up job of driving up hatred for George W. Bush and his presidency, particularly the Iraq war. But, I mean, I remember this like it was yesterday. ‘Cause Obama’s still doing this. He goes down to Cuba, and Raul Castro sits there and rips us for racism and all this, and he agrees with him. And he goes to Argentina, and the same thing happens. He starts apologizing.

And he’s still doing it 7-1/2 years later. So I made this observation before Obama was even elected, and I pointed out that the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party think that the United States military’s the focus of evil in the modern world. Okay, so what’s the big deal? Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is. Friday night on the Fox News Channel in a special, “Rising Threats — Shrinking Military,” there’s this little quote from former DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) director Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

FLYNN: I think that [Obama] sees the military actually as something that is more dangerous to the world. I think that he looks at the United States military and sees it as a threatening application around the world than actually as a useful tool.

RUSH: I saw this and I thought, “Holy smokes! Seven-and-a-half years later, and I am being confirmed.” He’s talking about Obama. This guy ran the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, director, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and he’s being asked about Obama and the way we’re handling the military and how it’s being used, and he said, “Hey, he sees the military as the problem in the world. He sees the US military as a threatening application…” Folks, I know these people. The point is when I tell you about liberal Democrats…

You know, it’s practically become a compulsion of mine because I think they represent the greatest threat we all face in the country, going forward. Nobody on the Republican side does. The greatest threat we face is anybody the Democrat Party puts up, because that view is held by Hillary Clinton. That view of the military being the focus of evil, the problem, not a solution? Joe Biden thinks the same thing. They all think it. John Kerry thinks it. They all do! Whoever they would nominate thinks this. You concede this belief in Obama foreign policy and military strategy in practically every application.

Okay, that’s that. It was a See, I Told You So. It sets the table.


RUSH: Yes, this is kind of ironic to me. Barack Hussein O is out saying that Donald Trump can’t be trusted with nukes and foreign policy. That he’s simply unskilled, uneducated, unaware, he does not have the experience, doesn’t know what he’s doing, and it’d be dangerous. Obama, really? From the guy who has seen to it that the Iranians are gonna be able to nuke up?

You know the real question, what is it between Obama and Iran? That’s the question we all ought to have. Because it sure seems to me like Obama’s got some sort of affection for that nation. It doesn’t make any sense. In addition to that, he’s choosing a side between the Shi’ites and the Sunnis by backing Iran. I mean, that’s choosing sides in the great arguments of the Middle East, which we’re supposed to a nonpartisan broker, right?

So he’s choosing Iran. He unfreezes or thaws the funds that we had frozen as part of the sanctions. They now have $150 billion to spend on revitalizing their economy or sponsoring terrorism, and he’s out making all of this possible. It’s irresponsible as it can be from somebody who supposedly super educated, super competent. I mean, the guy’s been to the Ivy League, he’s been the president for seven and a half years, nobody questions Obama’s intelligence, right? Nobody questions Obama’s temperament.

And yet we need to redefine “smart” when talking about things Obama does, ’cause in my world he doesn’t do smart things. He doesn’t do intelligent things or wise things. He’s doing destructive things. I can’t conceive of a satisfactory answer to the question, “Why are we enabling Iran to become a Middle East equivalent of a regional superpower there?” I do not understand it. It doesn’t make any sense. And when that happens, you start looking for explanations elsewhere, and they aren’t pretty, ’cause I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama’s incompetence. And I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama’s idealism.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama thinking this will be the best way to show them respect, and showing them respect will be the best way for them to stand down. Showing them we mean them no ill intent means they’ll back down and stop terror. That’s not what’s going on here. What’s going on is far worse than that.

You know, I think anybody currently running for the presidency on the Republican side by default would be a huge improvement over Obama in every area, including foreign policy and the use of the military.

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