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RUSH: Now, let’s get started with some of the news. One of the big things on the Republican side is that Trump has canceled trips to Colorado, the state convention in Colorado, and a trip to California, in order to stay in New York and campaign. And you can imagine what the Cruz camp and the media are doing with that, and of course the anti-Trumpers that you find throughout the Republican and conservative movement. They’re giddy; they’re happy. They think it means that Trump knows he’s bombing out in New York. They think it means that Trump knows he may not even get to 50%.

If he doesn’t get to 50%, and if he doesn’t sweep the districts in New York, then he doesn’t get the lion’s share of the delegates, and he needs ’em all, if he’s to have any hope of getting to 1,237 before the convention. He needs ’em all, and I don’t know whether they just learned this at the Trump campaign or whether they’ve known it. But it’s too late for Democrats to register in New York to vote in the Republican primary. The deadline was March 25th, and I don’t know that the Trump campaign knew that.

They might have. I don’t know how many campaign offices the Trump campaign had open, but it is being speculated that that kind of ground game, political insider apparatus, is something Trump doesn’t do, hasn’t done. He just recently hired a guy. Looks like they’re acing out this Lewandowski guy. Lewandowski made a power play, by the way. Trump goes and hires Paul Manafort to actually manage the delegate massage and the delegate sales job at the convention, and Lewandowski immediately ran a power play on the guy.

Ostensibly saying that you can’t get to Manafort without going through me, and Manafort went to Trump said, “Look, I’m not working this way.” This is a summary, and it looks like this new guy, Manafort, won the power struggle because he maintained his position, and Lewandowski has been edged out, which also makes the anti-Trumpers and never-Trumpers happy, ’cause they hate this guy. Lewandowski’s the guy course that accused of roughing up the infobabe, Michelle Fields. So you can make of it what you want.

originalThen there’s an AP-GfK poll out that says Trump’s negatives are at an all-time high of 70%. But so are Hillary’s. They’re not 70%, but Hillary’s are sky-high to boot. So it’s not a singularly comforting fact for people that Trump’s are so high, but it is curious he’s canceling California and the Colorado Republican convention. There’s some delegate massage that can go on there that they’ve decided to stay in New York. Hey, they know they’ve gotta win big in order to try to get to 1,237.

That is the immediate task at hand, and so it could also be a decision to stick with their strengths. But, of course, the anti-Trumpsters are gonna look at this and say that means they’re falling apart. They didn’t think they’d ever have to do this. This is Trump’s home state. He shouldn’t have to campaign here at all. He should be able to go to Colorado and California. He should be able to ignore New York state, but he has to stay here. Well, not necessarily. We’ll find out in due course.

Paul Ryan continues to say, “No way, no way,” but is producing an ad now. I told you yesterday, if you want to find out what’s really going on, keep a sharp eye on the media. You’ll start seeing stories, personality profiles on Ryan. “What a great guy Ryan is!” Stuff on the family, how hard he’s worked, Speaker of the House. We’re not electing speakers of the House. If you start seeing things like that, it could be an indication that they are making a move or planning on a move at a contested convention.

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