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RUSH: Now, on the Democrat side, we’re back to audio sound bite 11 here. On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders has decided to pick up the riff and start saying that the game is being rigged against him. I mean, he sees, A, that it is. The Democrat side is rigged. We’ve known that from before it began. The Democrat side is definitely rigged — and, by the way, I mean really rigged. Now, on the Republican side I wouldn’t go so far as to call their system rigged, ’cause it’s all happening right out in the open.

The establishment is doing everything it can to hold onto what it has. You can’t say that we’re rigging the game simply because they don’t just roll over and let everything they have built be taken away from them. They’re gonna do everything they can to hold on to what they’ve built. It’s the way they value themselves. It’s their self-worth, it’s their lifestyles, everything. I mean, literally everything in their lives is membership in that club, and they’re just not gonna lay down and let somebody walk in and take it from them, particularly using the democratic process.

They do not think that they have to sit by and let the votes of the people determine who’s in the establishment and who isn’t. It’s that simple. But they’re doing whatever they’re doing pretty much up front. The Colorado thing was not done in darkness; it was not done in deceit. I mean, you can’t announce what you’re gonna do in August — make your announcement in August what you’re gonna do in April — and have anybody saying you’re sneaking up on ’em. But on the Democrat side, every one of these primaries that Bernie Sanders wins — and it’s a lot of them.

It seems like every primary — the last seven or eight — the winner is Bernie Sanders. And then we’re told that Hillary Clinton picks up most of the delegates after each one of these Bernie Sanders wins. The exact opposite is happening on the Republican side. When you win a majority of the popular vote in the state, you get a majority of the delegates. You get a delegate bonus for being the front-runner and for winning a majority of the delegates.

There’s always bonus delegates in any of these states. But it’s… I don’t think it’s happened that the second-place finisher has cleaned up more delegates. There have been instances where you get into these congressional district delegates and it’s not so much who wins the whole state; it’s who wins districts and by how much. That determines the number of delegates. But again, that’s wide out in the open.

The Democrats are using this super delegate process with many of them pre-pledged to Hillary Clinton, so that the outcome of these primaries… If there’s any bunch of people that really ought to be fit to be tied, it is the Bernie Sanders supporters, because they are doing everything according to the book, and it isn’t mattering. They’re out-fundraising Hillary. Oh, you know something else I saw? Let me see if I can find it in the Stack. I found the most incredible story. It’s about Hillary.

Yeah, here it is. It’s a story from Michael Isikoff, he of Spiked News fame on the Lewinsky story. It was his story originally, and Newsweek spiked it; Drudge picked it up, and the rest is history. “Are Hillary’s Big Speaking Fees Being Used to Help Fund Her Campaign?” Well, that’s about as silly a question as, “Is Barack Obama involved at all in the Department of Justice decision whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton?” Both silly questions.

“Recently filed campaign finance reports may shed light on how Hillary Clinton is using some of the money she collected from her hefty speechmaking fees from Wall Street banks and other special-interest groups: She is plowing an increasingly large amount of her funds, $560,983 as of last month, back into her presidential campaign. A Yahoo News review of Clinton’s campaign disclosure reports finds that in the weeks after launching her bid for the presidency in April 2015, the former secretary of state paid $278,821 to her campaign to cover so-called testing the waters expenses.

“These included consulting and legal fees, travel bills and salaries for top staffers like personal aide Huma Abedin and deputy political director Brynne Craig,” as well as other “testing the waters” expenses “that were incurred during the early months of last year, when Clinton was officially weighing whether to run for president. Since then, the reports show, Clinton has kicked another $282,162 into her campaign, with payments to her campaign committee, Hillary for America, averaging about $90,000 a month. Most of that revenue ($228,837) has gone to the Clinton Executive Services Corp., a Clinton family payroll operation that is compensating staffers engaged in campaign-related work for her chief surrogate, her husband and former president Bill Clinton, according to campaign reports and a Clinton campaign official.”

And from the bottom of the article comes this little passage. “The timing of some of Clinton’s speeches — especially when matched up against the payments to her campaign — raise questions about whether her lucrative speech fees effectively amount to a ‘pass through’ of money from special interest groups to help bankroll her candidacy, according to Jacobs and other ethics advocates.”

Is there any doubt that this is going on? She goes out and she makes speeches at Goldman Sachs and Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, wherever. She gets around $250,000 for a 20-minute speech. They don’t release the transcripts of what she says, and is there any question as to why that happens? I’ll tell you why they don’t. It’s because she’s out there praising them to the hilt.

But it’s also clear what these are.

Nobody is paying her a quarter of a million dollars for her insight. Nobody is paying her a quarter of a million dollars to come entertain them at a conference. Nobody’s paying her a quarter of a million dollars for 20 minutes of remarks designed to enlighten them about whatever subject. They are paying Hillary, they’re investing in her presidency on the come. A quarter of a million dollars for 20 minutes? Let’s not kid ourselves what’s going on here.

So people are now acting shocked. Shocked that the money would end up in her campaign? Shocked that she might be paying staff salaries with this money? Why the surprise? What about this elicits any kind of — who are we talking about here? These are the Clintons, after all. And they always use other people’s money for everything. They are the king and queen at that, or of that.

The point is that the campaign and its fundraising are not having to spend money to hire her experts and assistants, that the banks essentially are. That’s the allegation, that this is just like a shell company, essentially. It’s a pass-through corporation where the banks get to pay Hillary for whatever she’s gonna do for them. They pay in advance. She gets to use the money however she wants. She’s chosen to use it to pay for her staff so she doesn’t have to dip into campaign funds for that. And everybody says, “I wonder if there’s something questionable.”

You wonder? Really? Seriously? You think there’s something legitimate about this? The reason they won’t release the transcripts is because Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both running promising their voters that these bankers are gonna go to jail someday, that these are the guys that caused the crash and these are the guys that we bailed out, that you bailed out, these are the guys that took all that bailout money so they would never lose any money of their own. These are the guys that jacked around with the financial system is and nearly caused it to collapse, and we bailed ’em out, and she’s making speeches, telling ’em how important they are, how great they are. There’s no way she’s ever gonna release these transcripts. It would undercut everything she’s saying about these banks inher campaign.

There’s a wink and a nod between Hillary and the banks. She says, look, I gotta go out and rip you guys, you understand. It’s all about getting me in the White House where I can really pay you back, and they wink. You say whatever you want about us, Hillary. We’re cool. We’re fine. And that’s the deal.

And how the money ends up being used, like I say, they’re not giving her a quarter of a million dollars for a 20-minute speech because they think she’s worth it in a substantive sense. You might pay Seinfeld that if you really want some bang-up show at your conference. But you’re not gonna pay Hillary. She can’t draw a crowd to a book signing, for crying out loud. I wonder how many people even show up to hear these things that she says.

Anyway, Bernie’s finally figured this is all rigged and he doesn’t have access to this kind of money and the superdelegates and the way this is all panning out, and it’s causing real problems on the Democrat side. I got a story from yesterday from the Huffing and Puffington Post, a ten-point story, a story featuring 10 points of how the Democrats are on the verge of losing the presidency in November because they’re getting behind Hillary in a stupid, following way that is causing them to abandon or not see the reality on the ground for their voters, their base all across the country. I’ll share it with you as the program unfolds today.

Trump is starting to unload on Hillary now. Last night during his campaign event in Albany.

TRUMP: Everybody knows that she is guilty as hell, okay? Everybody. (cheers) Her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie. It’s been a terrible, terrible lie. Everything about her is a lie.

RUSH: Right. Okay. And that’s important because there’s nobody on the Republican side talking about Hillary that way, and you know my lament. I mean, no matter what you think of what’s going on on the Republican side; no matter how rotten to the core you think some of the people are; no matter how damaging you think some of the supporters and some of these candidates are, they are not the people responsible for running this country down the tubes.

The Democrat Party owns that, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they should remain the people in the political crosshairs. And I’ve always thought that going after Hillary and going after the Democrats should be a prominent aspect of our primary campaign. We shouldn’t reserve this and hold this for the general. All this attention is being focused on the Republican primary for whatever reasons, for all this media attention, use it and identify for everybody the real reason that people in this country are miserable and not looking positively at the future.

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