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RUSH: Ah, yeah, the Palm Beach County state attorney. Oh, yes. Our microphones are there, right? Yeah, we can JIP this a little bit. He’s already mentioned the big deal, but let’s listen to this a little bit about Lewandowski and Michelle Fields, no charges.

DAVE ARONBERG: Under these circumstances, it is not uncommon for a candidate’s inner circle staff members, known to the agents, to assist in clearing a safe pathway. It should be noted, however, that one agent was positioned directly behind Miss Fields and appeared to show no concern over her actions. Mr. Lewandowski could have called this agent’s attention to her movements before taking action himself, if he considered her a threat.

RUSH: Oh, come on —

DAVE ARONBERG: In addition, soon after the incident, Mr. Lewandowski publicly denied ever touching Ms. Fields in any way.

RUSH: If you’re not gonna charge him, don’t complain about what he did.

DAVE ARONBERG: Although these factors undermine Mr. Lewandowski’s potential defense, they do not outweigh the reasonable hypothesis of innocence based on the real-time facts and circumstances recorded on the video. As stated earlier, law enforcement arrests are based upon probable cause. State prosecution, however, relies upon a good-faith basis that sufficient evidence exists to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. This includes consideration of any apparent defenses. Although the facts support the allegation that Mr. Lewandowski did grab Ms. Fields’ arm against her will —

RUSH: She grabbed Trump first.

DAVE ARONBERG: — Mr. Lewandowski had seen a reasonable hypothesis of innocence.

RUSH: Right, because?

DAVE ARONBERG: There is insufficient evidence to rebut these defenses. Therefore, although probable cause exists, the state will no-file this case.

RUSH: Okay, that’s basically it. Even the probable cause, but they can’t get a conviction, they looked at the tapes every which but Sunday, they don’t think they can get a conviction. This is the Democrat Party that runs the state’s attorneys office here in Palm Beach County. What we missed during the break at the top of the hour, the Palm Beach County state attorney made mention of the fact they’ve looked at video, every different angle, they looked at still photos and they have determined that she touched Trump first, that she caused all this which then followed.

She touched Trump first while everybody’s making their exit, which is what Trump has said. Oh, the anti-Trumpists are gonna be livid here. ‘Cause Trump gets away with it again. But this guy, the state attorney’s saying that she grabbed Trump’s arm, you could see him reacting to it, and that’s when everything else happened, that’s when Lewandowski moved in. He just said, as we were JIPping this, the state attorney just said Lewandowski could have asked the agent to do whatever was needed to be done with Michelle Fields instead of doing it himself, and that’s when I said, “If you’re not gonna charge the guy, don’t start criticizing what he did.”

They can’t get a conviction on this. That’s the bottom line. They’ll never get a jury to convict on this, and they never were gonna be able to do that. So they had to go along with this for a while to make it look like they’re seriously looking at it. I’m sure they did. But this was never gonna result in a trial. Never. It was never gonna result in official charges, but they’ve got the Q&A, the press conference going on now. And we learned yesterday, of course, there were not gonna be any charges filed against us Lewandowski.

But really the key, if you ask me — and I know these things ’cause my dad was a lawyer — the key to me, when the state attorney made mention of the fact that Michelle Fields touched Trump when it was over, when everybody was making their way out, and that that is when Lewandowski did what he did. She’s not actually blamed here per se in the criminal sense, of course, but he’s just detailing why his office is not gonna charge here because they can’t get a conviction. They do not want to go to trial. This is absurd anyway, that this was battery, in my humble estimation.

But, you know, folks, in the Millennial world it’s not absurd. Here’s the truth. In the Millennial world, that was assault. (interruption) No, no, no. It is. This is what we old codgers are gonna have to learn to figure out. In the Millennial world, the way they have been raised, when everybody gets a trophy for waking up, you get a trophy for waking up and getting out of bed, you get self-esteem left and right, you’re told every day how wonderful you are, you have this belief that nobody, no how nowhere no way can invade your space or what have you. That was assault.

You know, we sit here, we look at this and we listen to these young media people react to it, and I think I’m listening to a foreign language. This is somebody who got shoved out of the way. This is nothing. But to the Millennials, this was assault. Now, part of it was they hate Lewandowski. They hate Corey. I don’t know why. I don’t know the guy. I never heard of him before this campaign. But I have picked up enough, they despise this guy.

They make fun of his Ichabod Crane neck. They make fun of his buzz cut. They make fun of his rotten personality. They make fun of his wardrobe. They make fun of the way he walks. They make fun of his ego. They hate the guy. So I’m sure that was driving some of it. But I am not exaggerating. I hope you have seen this video and know what I’m talking about. It happened here, up in Jupiter, after a nighttime Trump press conference after a win.

He leaves the podium, the scrum of media and security walk with him. This woman, Michelle Fields, tries to ask him a question after it has ended. The interview and question-and-answer period is over. She’s still trying to get an answer. She’s from Trumpbart website. She’s going in there, and she touch’s Trump’s arm, and you can see, he’s like, “What’s this?” And he looks behind him and sees her and he shakes his arm loose, and then Lewandowski grabbed her to pull her away from Trump.

She did not get thrown to the ground. She didn’t look like she was gonna get thrown to the ground. She didn’t look like she came anywhere near contact with the ground. She didn’t look like she’d been moved more than six inches, to me. But to them, to the Millennial news people watching this, it was assault. In their world. I’m sure that there’s enough prejudice here with the sheer hatred they have for this Lewandowski guy. But still it was considered assault.

I’ve got something here in the Stack I’m looking for about Millennials. This is a story at Fox Business, by Adam Shapiro. The headline: “Millennials: More Miserable than Ever Before — Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennials have thrown a wrench into American society that puzzles older generations.” It does not puzzle me. I understand it. And again, that doesn’t mean that I agree, but I understand why these young people do what they do. It’s the way they’ve been raised. It’s the way they’ve been educated.

You ought to see — folks, if I can delay this for a minute just to illustrate my point. How many of you in this audience consider yourselves really rock-ribbed conservatives? Okay. And how many of you — and I may need to categorize it. Let me talk to those first of you who do not have Millennial-age children, because if you do, this will change the way you think. I’ve learned that, too.

But traditional conservatism, traditional Burkian, Buckley, Reaganism, Hayek conservatism, there is no way there could ever be any acceptance of the climate change movement as it exists today. In the traditional world of legitimate, real conservatism, there would be no acceptance of gay marriage. In the traditional down-the-middle world of Burkian official intellectual conservatism, there wouldn’t be any agreement with or even understanding of or accommodation of.

But young Millennial conservatives are all-in for gay marriage. Young Millennial conservatives are, many of them, all in on climate change. They’ve been raised to believe the environment is a precious thing that we have stewardship over and it’s up to us to protect it and that we are destroying it. And it would be really hard for them not to think that; that’s what their parents all believed, apparently, and that’s what they’ve been subjected to in school.

The danger is they are claiming that their view of conservatism includes all these, and it doesn’t. But young Millennial conservatives are accepting and adopting views and opinions on science and cultural issues that are in steadfast agreement with the Democrat Party and the left. And, as such, in the Millennial conservative movement, conservatism is being watered down and diluted.

And in this instance here with Corey Lewandowski, there are many in the Millennial generation who look at what happened, and they do think it’s assault. These are the same people you see on college campuses who are afraid of Trump’s name written in chalk, who think that’s an offense. They are the same people who, if anybody is heard saying something they disagree with, it’s painful. It’s traumatic. We’ve got to do something about it. It’s not just liberal Millennials who think that.

At some point this was bound to happen with the rot that’s taken place in the American educational system, the corruption, the almost total takeover of public education by the American left and the worldwide left. So what’s really happening is, we have a bunch of young Millennials, who like many young people, are very arrogant, they think they know everything. They’re smarter than adult parents, they’re more educated, they’re more tech aware. So it’s easy for them, like every generation, to tell themselves that they know more than their parents did, they know more than adults do, they’re hipper and what have you.

So there’s a combination of arrogance here, but conservatism is being diluted at the Millennial level very slowly. We’re still safe with the concept of limited government, individual liberty, and freedom and so forth. And it’s that individual liberty and freedom that is used to find ways to agree with the left on climate change and gay marriage. Where that is rooted that young people have no problem with homosexuals and homosexuality. And since they have no problem with it, then whatever homosexuals want to do, that’s liberality, that’s freedom. They want to get married, how can we say no? They don’t see it that a tradition and an institution which has been defined by millennial years of experience is being destroyed. They don’t see that at all. They see it as being expanded.

To me all of this is fascinating to watch. Some of it worries me greatly, but I always rely on the fact that as they get older and encounter a little by more experience with this reality that they have created, that as they get older there will be some rejection of some of it and a return to what I consider to be conservative normalcy. I hope I’m right, too.

Now, you know what I’m talking about, then. Obviously I can tell you’re in steadfast agreement with me on it. But, you know, young Millennial conservatives supporting gay marriage, it’s a great illustration, ’cause to them, it’s the epitome of liberty and freedom. That’s what conservatism is. They don’t see that the tradition of marriage defined from the first days of humanity to present is being blown to smithereens, and they don’t see the problems inherent with that. And they don’t see the damage, the cultural rot that’s gonna come from that. They see expansion of liberty and freedom and so forth. And they call that conservatism. And in this way, you know, the left is slowly, sneakily suborning them, if you ask me. That’s why I rely on my faith that as they grow older, they will see the light.

Now, back to this story from the Fox Business website by Adam Shapiro. “Millennials: More Miserable Than Ever Before — Dr. Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, first explained the differences –” (interruption) What? Oh, yeah, yes, a good one. Pardon me. One more interruption. The reason I said “for those of you conservatives who do not have Millennial kids,” ’cause conservative adults who have Millennial kids tend to agree with their Millennial kids, I have found. I don’t want to mention any names, but I could, and you would know them.

When I met some people 20 years ago and their kids were two, three, five years old, they were as rock-ribbed conservative as I am, and was. I have not changed a bit. Their kids have grown up and gone away to college, and I don’t recognize them anymore, the adults. Their kids have literally turned ’em. They’re now pro-immigration. They are for everything happening in the culture. They think the bakeries are wrong. They think the states are wrong to come up with religious freedom laws.

These are people that were as conservative as I was, and still am, 20 years ago. And the difference is their kids, their Millennial kids, and the they’re influencing them. When I was a kid, my parents were great. But my dad was not — I mean, he was interested in what I thought when I was 15 and 18 and so forth and 20 years old just to find out where I was headed. But he never once thought I knew more than he did. And my opinions very rarely changed his.

I’m talking about core. I might have been able to change his opinion on what he thought of something or other that I might have known, but core principles, no way was I gonna be able to budge his. But that is happening today. Parents core principles, Millennial kids, it is changing. That’s why I made the specification.


RUSH: Well, no, it’s not over just because the Palm Beach County state attorney’s not gonna prosecute Lewandowski. He’s still hated and despised by his fellow Millennials. They just hate this guy, so Michelle Fields is saying — I mean, she said at one point she was going to sue him for defamation. Civil action. Might sue him for defamation or, I don’t know, pain and suffering from the bruises or whatever, but it’s not over is the point. Just because they’re not gonna go after felony battery, misdemeanor battery, doesn’t mean she can’t go and take civil action.

And I think the state attorney here mentioned that Lewandowski — did I see this — he apologized? It was not known, but that he did apologize, Lewandowski apologized. That the state attorney, Lewandowski’s attorney showed him an unreleased draft of an apology from Lewandowski, but I don’t think he’s officially made that because of her threatening civil action. An apology, of course, would be an admission of something, so there may not have been a publicly released, or made, apology.

But I’m telling you, folks, I don’t want to pound it too much, but you take a look. If you haven’t seen the video, fine, you won’t be able to miss it tonight. It will be all over cable TV. They might even interrupt the Democrat debate for a feature on this. And you tell me if what you saw is assault. It’s a joke. But to them, to Millennials who’ve been raised to believe in microaggressions and invasions of space, yeah, it was brutal, it was mean.

“Dr. Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, first explained the differences between Millennials and other generations in her 2006 ground breaking book ‘Generation Me: Why TodayÂ’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled and More Miserable Than Ever Before.'” And she’s recently updated the book. It came out in 2006.

And there are now millions of studies and surveys that have been conducted with Millennials over several decades and shows that Millennials are really different, people in their twenties and thirties today are really different from people in their twenties and thirties generations ago in many troubling ways. Some of them are good, too.


RUSH: I know, it was just said to me, “You ought to try being in a high school or on a college campus between classes when people are rushing to get to the next class, and they shove people out of the way and they drag people out of the way and they get through there, and nobody ever charges assault, and this is nothing compared to what happens there.” And that’s true. Same thing in a crowd at a sporting event. When it’s over, you’re trying to get out, be the first to get to your car, all kinds of things happen that make is this look like Romper Room.

The difference is Lewandowski was involved and they hate him. That is what’s driving this. They despise this guy. They hate this guy. Plus, there’s another thing. This woman was a reporter for Trumpbart, and they wouldn’t defend her, at first, and that caused — I’m sorry — Breitbart — and that caused its own little enclave of fascination.

But the idea that this was battery, I don’t care misdemeanor battery, I cannot emphasize enough, folks, to Millennials, yes, it was. And we’re talking about news media, the vast majority of them are gonna be leftists? These are the classic examples of coddled, protected, overconfident, even arrogant young people who think they’re smarter than anybody else in the room. Anyway, I gotta finish this research here.

Jean Twenge, professor of psychology, San Diego University. Lots of research. She says, “Millennials are accused of being self-centered, lazy and entitled. While TwengeÂ’s research validates some of these stereotypes, it also uncovers positive characteristics.: She says the current generation of Millennials “is somewhat justified to be angry since everyone told them, while growing up, they were special.”

Hey, you can’t really blame ’em for thinking they’re special. Everybody told ’em they were. And then when they discover that they’re not, of course they’re gonna get mad. They were special in school. They were special at home. They were special everywhere. They get out in the real world and guys like Lewandowski drag ’em out of the way. That’s not special. And Dr. Twenge says this is a hard, cold reality to come up against. You’ve been told you’re special and you’re great your whole life, and you get out in the real world and nobody thinks that of you. Day of reckoning.

So they get mad. Today’s Millennials get angry. “Told they could be anything they wanted to be, they face widespread unemployment. Raised on dreams of material wealth more than a third live with their parents well into their 20sÂ…after a childhood of optimism and high expectations reality hit them like a smack in the face.” They get trophies for waking up. They get trophies for showing up. They get trophies for losing. They get trophies for not showing up because they were sick. Now nobody cares whether they show up or not, and they feel forgotten. And they feel offended.

“Part of the problem says Twenge are a culture and education system that rewards everyone just for showing up instead of hard work. She is critical of the ‘self-esteem’ movement that swept America when GenMe was young. Twenge shows how the practice of giving every child a trophy, despite their effort or achievement, actually hurts children.”

I could have told you this before it started. You don’t need research for this. Time-honored thousands and thousands and thousands of years of raising children told us this. But it wasn’t good enough for the left. No, the left had to go about it in a different way. They had to make everybody the same. They had to make everybody with equal outcomes. They had to get rid of competition. That’s the key.

This current generation was raised on the belief that competition is ugly, it’s racist, it’s bigoted, it’s unfair, it’s mean-spirited. Competition’s horrible because there are losers, and that’s not fair. How else can a guy like Chris Cuomo the grow up thinking communism is about making everybody rich?


RUSH: Here is the statement from Dave Aronberg, the Palm Beach County, Florida, state attorney. And this is really the key here in why they decided not to press charges, or prosecute, rather, Corey Lewandowski.

ARONBERG: Ms. Fields was directed to the back of the room along with other members of the media. After initially complying with the directive, Ms. Fields returned to the pathway area and walked directly alongside Mr. Trump, attempting to ask questions of him. It appears, based on the freeze frames from the video recording and an independent photograph taken by a Washington Post photographer, that Ms. Fields brushed or touched Mr. Trump’s arm. He then appears to react to Ms. Fields by pulling his arm back and away from her, at which time Mr. Lewandowski reached forward and grabbed Ms. Fields’ arm, pulling her away from Mr. Trump.

RUSH: Okay, did you hear that now? He describes Michelle Fields as brushing or touching Trump’s arm and Trump pulls his arm back and pushes away. And then he describes Lewandowski as reaching forward and grabbing Ms. Fields’ arm and pulling her away. He’s describing almost similar actions, similar activity, and yet Michelle Fields isn’t being charged with anything. She’s not being charged or accused of misdemeanor battery. And what the state attorney here is saying, look, if she hadn’t done that, none of the rest of this would have happened. So we don’t have anything to prosecute here, he’s saying, but she’s still leaving open a possible civil suit against Lewandowski. And that’s the bite that I wanted you to hear, because that really explains why they didn’t go any further.

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