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RUSH: Well, looky here, folks. Right on time, right on time, maybe even a little early, but maybe you can’t be too early with something like this. I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from the New York Post. The headline: “Why More Women Are Letting Their Husbands Cheat.” Who could possibly benefit from this? That’s right, Hillary Clinton.

She cannot keep up with Crazy Bernie in terms of crowd size, crowd energy. Twenty-seven thousand people. Did I read that right? Bernie Sanders, 27,000-plus came out to listen to Crazy Bernie in New York last night. And the Hillary people are saying, “Well, you know, she could be drawing crowds like that if she wanted to.” Ha. Fat chance of that.

Anyway, folks, great to have you here. The telephone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

It’s a serious story: “Why More Women Are Letting Their Husbands Cheat.” This is right along with the stories we got in the nineties. About 1995 we started seeing stories about how good lying can actually be for an entire society, right in the middle of the Clintons’ administration. Yeah, telling lies, it actually facilitated progress, and it kept people’s feelings from being hurt. It was actually quite good. Little white lies here and there were actually portrayed, we were told scientific research said it was very, very helpful, and it was timed to coincide with the biggest liar that had ever been in the White House at the time.

And here we go, it’s repeating history. “Thrashing out the details of their new marriage contract with online relationship coach Suzie Johnson, the wealthy couple who have been wed for 12 years leave their hourlong Skype session feeling satisfied. The husband agrees they can have a fifth child — while the wife consents to his infidelity,” in exchange for a fifth child.

See, he didn’t want any more kids. She did. He said, “Okay, I want to be able to cheat.” She said, “How often?” He said, “Well, you know, once a month. Couple times a year.” She says, “No problem.” The deal was struck. You know, you may laugh. I know a couple — I think this is probably legit. I think this probably is popping up and happening all over the place. There’s so many cultural upheavals and changes going on out there. I know a couple, it’s not written, it’s not in contract form, but they have an agreement that if either one of them ever had the chance to spend some time with a specific person that they both dream of, then the permission has been granted.

In the guy’s case it’s Jennifer Aniston. If he ever has a chance, the wife says, “Okay, fine,” in that one example, and then she’s got someone that he has agreed to — I forget who it is. I’m not making it up. But, I mean, what better timing. (laughing) It’s now scientifically proven that letting your spouse cheat can actually help your marriage.

You know the reason why they gotta do this? ‘Cause Clinton out there can’t control what he’s saying anymore. He’s losing control. I mean, it’s a sad thing to watch. It’s a sad thing to see. They don’t know what’s gonna come out of his mouth. They don’t know what is gonna go into his mouth, and they don’t know where he’s gonna go when it all happens. So they gotta cover their bases by permitting this kind of story or actually having this story written.

Yeah, they agreed to a weekend amnesty where the guy can do what he wants for just one weekend a year in this case. This babe that arranges these deals for couples is in Dallas. It’s GoAskSuzie.com. In return she gets the bigger family that she craved. The story features other examples, other couples engaged in the same kind of infidelity. They talk about Tom Jones and his wife, been married 59 years, and he’s a noted philanderer, but she got something out of it. Bill and Hillary are pictured here in the story, so there’s no doubt. I just find it hilarious. The left will come up with science to validate, justify whatever destructive behavior they decide they want to make routine.

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