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RUSH: The Drive-By Media, before we get to the latest on the two campaigns, the Drive-By Media this morning is just breathless over the wrap-up of oral arguments before the Supreme Court on whether to let Obama’s executive orders on illegal aliens stand.

Speaking of which, there’s a USA Today piece today all upset about this. All of a sudden, all of a sudden now a USA Today editorial upset at Obama’s executive orders. But you know why? Well, what does this mean that Cruz or Trump might do if they’re elected? Yes, siree, Bob. Now they’re starting to focus on what happens if the next president decides to run things the way Obama has been?

So now the Drive-Bys — take a look at this — are going to start going on record as opposing executive orders just to set that narrative up for the next president. It has nothing to do with stopping Obama. They’ll just be expressions of concern and troubled thinking about this.

But back to the Supreme Court oral arguments today. This is the real reason that Obama has gone so far as to offer a supposedly moderate liberal as his nominee to replace Justice Scalia. Obama is that desperate to win this case. You see, a tie at the Supreme Court lets the lower court ruling stand. You know, the last court to hear the case before the Supreme Court took it is always gonna be an appellate court somewhere, and the lower court ruling would stop Obama’s executive order in its tracks. So a tie 4-4, which is what this case will produce if there’s not a new justice, means that Obama’s executive order will be stopped dead in its tracks.

Now, just to refresh everybody’s memory, the case in question here is a lawsuit that the state of Texas and 25 other states brought which challenges Obama’s executive order that gives legal status and work authorizations to more than four million illegal aliens. And this case is even more than just a matter of Obama giving millions of illegal aliens amnesty, because if Obama’s executive order’s allowed to stand, we no longer have any immigration law. In fact, we no longer have any law at all because any president can just bypass Congress and write his own laws, if this stands.

This would be huge precedent, and it wouldn’t be limited just to immigration. The Drive-Bys know this, and I’m telling you, that’s why you’re going to start seeing — it’ll trickle at first. But as we get into year, you’re gonna see — I predict, starts out with USA Today — it’ll spread to other Drive-By organizations starting to wring their hands over Obama’s executive orders. And this case will be what prompts all of that.

But the real reason for it is to establish a narrative that these things are bad, that they’re outside the Constitution, maybe even illegal, as a means of preventing the next president from even thinking of going in this direction, ’cause what the media will be doing is sending a message to the next Republican president, if there is one, Trump, Cruz, whoever, “You better not expect to get away with this like we let Obama get away with it.” That’s gonna be the message. And the attempt there is going to be to dissuade them from even trying.


RUSH: Here’s that USA Today piece: “Obama’s Immigration Order Overreaches: Our View.” This is what the Supreme Court oral arguments today were all about. “If this president is allowed to reinterpret the law, what about the next one? Sometimes it seems the Supreme CourtÂ’s main purpose these days is to resolve disputes between Republicans and President Obama. Toward the end of ObamaÂ’s first term, the court ruled on a challenge to his signature health care law. On Monday, as Obama approaches the end of his second term, the justices are set to consider his executive order that would allow millions of undocumented workers to avoid deportation.”

Now, let me give you a couple pull quotes. I’m not gonna read the whole thing. Pull quote number one: “Imagine what orders Ted Cruz or Donald Trump would issue if elected president. Trump has advocated mass deportations, temporarily banning entry of foreign Muslims, and building a border wall financed by confiscating the remittances that undocumented workers attempt to send to their families back home.”

And pull quote number two: “The court would be wise to limit the president’s authority in this area, and leave Congress and the White House to work out through the legislative process how to handle undocumented immigrants, as maddening as that might be.” That second pull quote is fascinating. The court would be wise to — what this is, the court would be wise to uphold the Constitution, in this case. The court would be wise to uphold the Constitution in this case and let Congress and the White House work through the legislative process, however maddening that might be.

So what these clowns at the USA Today are saying, “You know, this making of sausage, the legislative process, Congress and the White House, ew, ew, it’s ugly, it’s so distasteful, we don’t like watching it, all the arguments. Normally we would be in favor of the Supreme Court deciding, but they don’t care about this. This is all about their fear of precedent being set that would then be followed by the next Republican president. So don’t doubt me what this is. In their minds, it’s a shame they have to do it over this issue ’cause I’m sure they would love the court to find for Obama on this one. I am sure USA Today would love for the court to rule that Obama has all the power in the world to simply ignore immigration law.

But the truth is we’re on the last months of the Regime and they are more concerned — they haven’t opposed conceptually president’s using executive orders to violate the Constitution. They have advocated for it. USA Today and the whole Drive-By Media have advocated, they have supported it, they have defended it, but now when we face the possibility of a Republican president, now it’s time to editorialize against the whole thing. Just no matter how messy the legislative process is, we must always resort to it. We must never allow wild presidents to usurp. Where have they been the last seven and a half years? Nowhere. Everybody is getting scared on the left. They’re all getting scared. I kind of like seeing it.

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