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RUSH: Kathy, Kansas City, Missouri. Great to have you on the program. Hi. Glad you waited.

CALLER: Rush, I’ve been on hold for over an hour and a half —

RUSH: Oh, no!

CALLER: — which only proves how much I love you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate your patience.

CALLER: My husband’s gonna flip when he finds out that I sat patiently this long. But I’ll make my point quickly. I just feel like I need to call on behalf of so many of your listeners who love you just as much as I do but feel like they’re frustrated because you seem to want to put anyone who is angry and frustrated at these last few primaries as being anti-Cruz. And I would like to say on behalf of many of these people — I feel confident that I can do this — that I am not angry at Cruz at all for the way that these primaries are unfolding. I am angry at the establishment. I am angry at the RNC. I have been frustrated by this group of people for a long time, and I will not stand for it. I will change my party affiliation after this election, but —

RUSH: Kathy, I need to interrupt you if I can and ask you to hold on through a break, because you said something at the outset here. You sense that I’m frustrated with many in the audience; is that right?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I’m not at all. No way, shape, manner, or form. But don’t go away. We will continue in a moment.


RUSH: Back to Kathy in Kansas City, Missouri. Before we get to your point about you and the RNC, what is it — I must know this — what is it that’s given you the idea that I am frustrated with listeners, people that listen to the program?

CALLER: It’s okay. First of all, I know and love you, so I’m not gonna go down this path and spend a lot of my time discussing it. You have been a little frustrated with us, we have been a little frustrated with you, but I know you love us —

RUSH: But I’m not frustrated.

CALLER: That’s fine, okay, that’s fine, you don’t have to be frustrated. My point is this. I have been very frustrated with the RNC for years, for years, with the establishment, the Republicans that are actually just Democrats in slow motion. It’s ridiculous. This is the same group of people who doesn’t care a lick about my vote. They don’t care, okay? So they are going in and they are making this a game. They don’t care about democracy. They don’t care that I pay a boatload in taxes, it’s a game to them.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, now —

CALLER: These primaries — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Wait, Kathy, can I —

CALLER: — the only thing Ted Cruz is doing is playing the game. That’s all he’s doing. He’s not complaining. But he is playing the game, Rush, and I for one am not gonna play anymore. I’m done playing games.

RUSH: Wait a second. What do you mean, Cruz is playing a game? You mean he’s insincere about something?

CALLER: No, no, no. No. He’s just playing. You want to discuss rules, and the rules have been set up and rules this and rules that, and when did Trump know the rules and has he not known the rules. Rules, whatever. I’m saying the RNC looks at this as a game, and for whatever reason, Trump’s not playing, and that’s my point. Trump is not playing, but Cruz is. Okay? So that’s the only thing. My frustration is not with Cruz, and I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of people who just want whoever can beat Hillary.

RUSH: Okay. It would help me —

CALLER: I don’t think it’s Cruz.

RUSH: Kathy, it would help me to know, ’cause I’m desperately trying to — you know, I’m the mayor of Realville here.


RUSH: I try to put things in context. What is it that inspired you to call with this? What happened that made you rush to the phone and want to call here today?

CALLER: I don’t know. I think just ’cause I listen to you, you and I walk together every day. And so I just detect this — this — I’ve been so frustrated —

RUSH: Okay. You mentioned the rules. We talked about the rules today, and I did ask a listener a question: if they thought Trump knew the rules and just ignored them or didn’t know the rules and just genuinely incompetent and ignorant about the rules.

CALLER: I think he found out the rules, but if you think that, put side by side, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who could schmooze better? Are you kidding me? There’s no contest, okay?

RUSH: And that would be Cruz. In that comparison, Cruz is the winner hands down in your opinion?

CALLER: No, no, no, no, no. No. No. He’s probably a very nice guy, and I would vote for him if he is the candidate.

RUSH: Oh, you’re a Trumpist?

CALLER: I guess.

RUSH: Okay. I get it now. I was missing a piece. I was unable to tell what it was driving your call here.

CALLER: No, I’m not a Trumpist, okay? If he is the candidate, I’m voting for him.

RUSH: You’re just anti-RNC.

CALLER: Whoever has the best chance of beating Hillary.

RUSH: You’re just fed up with RNC because they’re just gaming you.

CALLER: Yes. I think the RNC is the Democratic Party in slow motion. They don’t give a rip about anybody. Like you keep saying, they care about their power. That is all they care about. They want to be in power. They don’t care about — I mean, they’re pathetic. They are the most pathetic group, I cannot stand the whole establishment. And I just get very frustrated because I feel like you’re making apologies for them as of late. You are very much saying, “Well, these are the rules, the rules are the rules,” like suddenly the people that make the rules are, you know, this wonderful, noble group —

RUSH: Okay, now we’re getting to it. (crosstalk)

CALLER: — RNC, I have no respect for at all —

RUSH: See, this is why I am patient, ladies and gentlemen. If you spend enough time, if you can’t figure it out, take the time, you’ll get to what’s really — You’re ticked off at my supposed adherence to the rules and the rules were written by the RNC, and that means the rules are suspect, and you’re little frustrated with me for advocating for the rules?

CALLER: Yeah, because I feel like in advocating for the rules, you are suddenly cozying up a little bit to the establishment and you’ve never been like that ever.

RUSH: What I was reacting to, I’m sorry, it just offends my sensibilities to hear Trump call what happened in Colorado a canceled election. There was never gonna be an election. And it’s been known since August that there wasn’t gonna be. So to run around and call it a canceled election as though democrat process has been thwarted here is not an accurate characterization of what happened.

CALLER: No, but you have to admit it’s brilliant because, I totally agree, he knew he didn’t have a chance, and he is spinning this in a favorable way.

RUSH: That’s what I don’t know. I don’t know if Trump never knew what the rules in the states are or if he did and decided he wasn’t gonna go that route, I still don’t know. Not that it matters now.

CALLER: I think he knew and decided not to go that route. And I think side by side, you said it the other day, which is so true. Trump is probably thinking, I’ll wait until the convention, then I’ll swoop in and I’ll swoon these people like they’ve never been swooned before in their lives. They won’t know what hit ’em. But I’m not gonna waste precious days, precious campaign days off the trail trying to hobnob with these people in Colorado and then going to the next state. He’s just gonna — if he needs to —

RUSH: Well, I posited that as a theory. You have to take all this and put it all together and keep it all in context. Look, you don’t know this probably, Kathy. I’m being ripped to shreds out there practically everywhere you go. No matter what I say, I’m either pro-Trump, always pro-Trump, or defending Trump or pro-Cruz but I won’t come out and say so. If you don’t listen to this program and you read everywhere else what happens here, you’re gonna be confused. I’m not saying that that’s you.

All I’m doing is asking questions here, or at times analyzing things as they happen. I looked at what happened in Colorado. You talk about a game and so forth, I mean, there are game aspects of this, there’s theory, there’s strategy, there’s various ways to play this. And I’ve tried to figure out what Trump’s technique and what his focus is, how he’s actually trying to win this, ditto for Cruz, given their relative positions here.

There’s only one guy can get to 1,237 right now and that’s Trump. Cruz has no hope unless it’s contested. So the only thing Cruz can do is try to get delegates pledged to him for the second and third and possibly fourth and fifth ballots, whatever. Trump, on the other hand, I just am assuming, my theory is that he thought he was just gonna swarm the nation, swamp everything, with a national popular vote tally that was gonna dwarf everything else. I think he probably expected to be at 1,237 before today, and that’s why this individual state-by-state delegate hunt was not something that they thought necessary at the Trump camp.

All of this is a wild guess, by the way. I don’t call any of these people. I don’t talk to them. I don’t ask. I have my reasons. So I’m just theorizing on how all this is playing out. So when I see — I know Trump. Here’s a guy that has to know every… He’s gonna build a building in Timbuktu, before he even makes the first phone call he’s gonna know every zoning regulation. He’s gonna know everybody on every committee, zoning, building codes, whatever, that he has to deal with and how he’s gotta deal with ’em and every rule that exists that he’s either gonna try to get around or get nullified or have to obey.

And I have to think he did the same thing here. And if he didn’t, then it calls other things into question. I’m just under the assumption that the RNC makes all these rules available to all the candidates, as they said they do back in October, or in August. So Trump doesn’t win Colorado, Cruz is in there sweeping all the delegates, Trump’s gotta do something. So start talking about how his votes are being stolen or the election was canceled or whatever, ’cause he knows who his audience is. He knows how to play to ’em.

So you can sit here and you can — it’s like the Drive-By Media constantly marveled at what a great liar Bill Clinton was. Rather than call him on it, rather than condemn it, they marveled at it. I mean, they knew he was lying to ’em every day. Same thing with Obama. And they marvel at it. They think it’s great. They write books on how lying is really helpful, it doesn’t really hurt anybody. In fact, it might spare feelings and so forth.

Trump supporters have the same attitude about what he’s doing, they’re exceptionally tolerant, and he knows it, and he knows how to keep them in play and make sure the momentum doesn’t shift away. I’m just sitting here marveling at it, is all, and trying to chronicle it here. But it’s being interpreted as support if I correctly analyze something. And I haven’t in any way stated that one way or the other. But I’m not frustrated with anybody in the audience, no way, shape, manner, or form. I’m intrigued by it all.

I think of myself, Kathy, as the preeminent communicator in America, and when I am not properly understood, I think it’s gotta be my fault, because this is what I’ve studied to be, worked hard at being. So I try to figure out different ways of communicating things, ’cause the last thing I want is confusion about what I think among my audience. So I appreciate your call. I appreciate your patience here.


RUSH: Bob, I’ve got about 45 seconds. I want to squeeze you in if you can get to your point in limited time. Can you?


RUSH: Good. Try.

CALLER: How much sympathy would the Trump real estate organization have for somebody who signed a contract with them that they hadn’t read? That’s how much sympathy I’ve got for the Trump organization. It was always about delegates. And while I was on hold, I worked it out. It was 277 days between when Trump announced and when they hired what’s-his-name to run the delegates.

RUSH: Manafort.

CALLER: That’s it, Manafort. Yes. That’s it.

RUSH: Meaning what? You don’t think he took it seriously?

CALLER: Well, I’m saying if he’s gonna hire the best people —


CALLER: — and it’s always about delegates —

RUSH: I got it.

CALLER: — why do you take 277 days?

RUSH: If he’s gonna hire the best people, how come he didn’t hire ’em first when that’s what the traditional first hire would have been? Okay. I’m the glad you were quick.

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