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RUSH: Levin in Edison, New Jersey. Hey, Levin, great to have you. You’re up first today. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. Just before I get to my point, you just mentioned a Trump-Cruz ticket, and you said yesterday about impeachment. I could tell you, if there’s a Trump-Cruz ticket, they’re definitely not gonna impeach Trump. But just to get to my question —

RUSH: You mean because that would lead to Cruz being the president?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Wait. Since you bring that up, stop and think of that now. You’ve already got people talking about impeaching Trump and he’s not even the nominee yet. So what do you think that’s all about? It’s another point for me, in the point that I make. Anyway, back to you now, Levin. Why did you call?

CALLER: Yes. The question is, Rush, you’ve been analyzing the Trump phenomenon for months — you know, giving it real full thought — and just to close the circle, I have a question here. Assuming Trump becomes the nominee and he wins the general election and things don’t go so well on trade or other things he promised, are his supporters gonna keep on cheering him on or are they gonna start bitching and saying, “You know, he’s not doing what he said he was gonna do”? The reason why I ask this question is Trump is supposed to be the great closer, and he hasn’t closed a deal in Wyoming or with the delegates or the ground game. And instead of his supporters saying, “Hey, this guy’s supposed to be the closer,” they’re just cheering him on.

RUSH: Let me ask you about that. I’m gonna double back and answer your question, but about that, let me ask you your opinion on something. When it comes to, say, the rules in Colorado or Wyoming or wherever Cruz happens to be shellacking Trump in these state convention delegate fight, are you of the opinion that Trump has never known what the rules are, that he never took the time to learn them, that nobody on his staff knew how Colorado runs — and so when he found out last week, he had a natural explosion? Or do you think he knew the rules all along and is just strategically treating this as rigged and cheating and he’s being victimized because it benefits him in a perception way? Which of those two do you think is true?

CALLER: Rush, I think he took a play — you know, a script — right out of Rahm Emanuel. “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” He knew he was gonna lose anyway; he figured, “Why show up? Just don’t show up and then claim that the system’s rigged.”

RUSH: But wait, that’s not the question. No, no, no, no. You’re letting your prejudice answer the question. There’s no trick. I just want to know… I can tell you you’re a Cruz guy.

CALLER: I think he knew rules.

RUSH: You think he knew the rules.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: And just decided, “I don’t care what they are because I’m not gonna need them. I’m gonna win this thing early. I’m gonna win in slam dunk fashion.”

CALLER: No. At this point, he does realize he needs them. He knew in such a contest he was going to lose and he figured —

RUSH: No, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait whoa, whoa. Why assume that? The rules were published for all these states in August. At some point between August and, say, last week Trump had to learn what the rules are. I’m asking, do you think he learned the rules last year?

CALLER: I think he learned the rules way back, a few months ago.

RUSH: A few months ago. Okay, do you think that he, a few months ago, decided or figured out that he was gonna lose Colorado and thus came up with his current strategy?

CALLER: I don’t know exactly when he came up with the strategy, I don’t know if it was four months ago or when he realized that these caucus, the grassroots, he’s not doing as well as Cruz, I don’t know exactly when he decided —

RUSH: All right, well, the reason I’m asking — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — calculated decision.

RUSH: Okay. Well, the reason I’m asking is because I am of the opinion that all the candidates knew the rules, that somebody on the staff knew the rules. And I’m being lambasted, I’m being raked over the coals for saying that because everybody else wants to think that Trump is an idiot, an arrogant idiot who didn’t bother to learn the rules ’cause he didn’t think it was gonna matter. And I just — you know, my analogy, this guy knows every zoning law, everything he’s gotta do to get a building built and has a system established to where he learns that stuff before he even starts developing a project. I just can’t imagine Trump going into this willfully blind about it. But some people think that he did.

CALLER: Of course he knew the rules. You’re a hundred percent right.

RUSH: Hmm?

CALLER: You’re a hundred percent right. Of course he knew the rules.

RUSH: Yeah. Back to your question.

CALLER: Back to my question, right.

RUSH: Trump gets elected, and everything he stands for, many of the things bomb, nothing happens on trade, no changes. What will his supporters do then?

CALLER: Start blaming the ChiComs. That’s why we voted him in, that’s why these people voted him in, to seal the deal. This is what he is.

RUSH: No, wait a minute now, you’re kind of jumping the gun. If the trade deals don’t happen, if his people blame the ChiComs, they’ll eventually be saying that the ChiComs outsmarted Trump and Trump was gonna be the one to outsmart them. But I don’t want to go —

CALLER: Did Ted Cruz outsmart Trump?

RUSH: Yes. Fine. But I want to go at this in a different way, okay? I’m gonna take your question dead on. I’m a literalist. Let’s take something Trump has said that is going to happen, that he’s gonna do, and let’s assume it doesn’t happen, and you want to know what his crowd’s gonna do. Let’s take the iPhone. Trump has said on at least two different occasions that I’ve heard that he’s gonna, quote, make Apple make their phones in America. I’m gonna make Apple make their phones and their computers in America. And audiences cheered wildly.

Now, I can tell you here, Levin, it’s impossible. The iPhone cannot be made in America. Not as it is currently assembled. You would not believe, people would not believe what all is involved in manufacturing, assembling, designing the iPhone. Just the final assembly takes place in factories where three to five hundred thousand people work. But the supply chain, the parts that go into an iPhone, or any other smartphone, is impossible to even know, it is so extensive, it’s so detailed, it’s so deep.

All the different parts in that phone come from everywhere on this planet. And a system has been developed of transportation and distribution where all those parts happen to be available in China or Japan, just a day away, should something be needed. To move all of that, not just the assembly, but all of that to the United States is not possible, and specifically if you want to keep the iPhone priced as it is. Okay. So let’s just take that as an example. He has said he’s gonna make Apple bring the iPhone home. Apple will not do that. Question, what do Trump supporters think when it doesn’t happen?

CALLER: Oh, he was just saying as a negotiating thing to bring pressure on China or —

RUSH: No, your question is specifically what are Trump supporters gonna do. That may be too complicated, but I’m just telling you, iPhone is not gonna be made in America.


RUSH: It can’t be. Unless you want to pay a couple thousand dollars for one. And wait. We just don’t have the infrastructure here to do it. It’s not a cut on the country, it’s not a criticism of the country. Let’s take the wall. Let’s say the wall doesn’t get built, Levin.

CALLER: That’s a good example.

RUSH: What if the wall doesn’t get built? What happens? I mean, that’s a signature deal, right?

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: If that wall doesn’t get built and the Mexicans obviously don’t pay for it, then what will Trump fans — that’s what your question is, right — what are they gonna do?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well, the correct answer is at that point, it doesn’t matter what they do, because Trump’s already elected.

CALLER: Well, he wants to get elected again.

RUSH: Maybe. Would assume so. But it still might —

CALLER: For Trump, the winner to be a one-term president? I mean, that’s almost worse than not winning the presidency at all.

RUSH: No, it’s not. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. You’re getting off the rails. I’m trying to keep you on the rails here.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: That’s not true. Being president for four years — Jimmy Carter wouldn’t trade — he was the worst ever, he wouldn’t trade it, he’d do it again. If everything was exactly the same, he’d do it again. Even having to go to the Nixon funeral and listen to people praise Nixon, that was the worst day of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Don’t doubt me out there.

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