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RUSH: Are you kidding me? I don’t believe this. Are you kidding me? The State Department says it doesn’t know if Iran is using its new cash to fund terrorism. Seriously? It’s entirely possible Iran used its new cash to fund terror, State Department. What an admission. But they can’t be sure that they’re using their new cash, the $150 billion unfrozen with the Iranian nuclear deal once the sanctions were killed. This is unreal. The State Department, the wizards of smart, “Well, we don’t know. We can’t determine whether or not the Iranians are actually using this new cash to fund terrorists.” Seriously? We are so screwed.

And Obama, see where Obama went home, Saudi Arabia, bowing down to yet another king. This one King Salman, not to be confused with King Salmon. This is King Salman, he’s the half-brother of the deceased King Abdullah. You know, the oil market has got the Saudis all panicked and they’re claiming they took out a loan of $10 billion to provide the royal family some living expenses while they have some problems there with the oil sales.

And the Saudis are threatening that if they end up be blamed for 9/11, if they’re officially blamed — which is not gonna happen with this administration. I don’t know what they’re worried about. The Saudis are not gonna be blamed for 9/11, even though we got those 28 pages, much of it redacted.

Look, there’s no doubt that Saudi officials, government officials, aided and abetted some of the hijackers on 9/11, in Los Angeles and San Diego, there’s no question about it. The Saudi royal family are the custodians of Islam and of the grand mosque at Mecca. There’s no question about this. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. But that’s never gonna be officially stated. Those 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission report will remain redacted, and we won’t see it.

But the Saudis, they’re all, “If you guys blame us,” they have they have threatened to wreck our economy by selling all of the debt that they have invested. They have $750 billion of our national debt, meaning they have helped us go into debt, they bought the debt, they enable us to engage in deficit welfare state spending. And they’re claiming that if they get blamed for this they’re gonna get really mad and they’re gonna take their $750 billion and go home, think that $750 billion is gonna wreck our economy. And, meanwhile, Obama is over there bowing down to the king or whatever, who knows what is happening.

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