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RUSH: (interruption) No, that wouldn’t be right. If I mentioned that, somebody would be frustrated; that would tick ’em off. I can’t do that. (interruption) No, I could tell you exactly what happened on the Hannity show yesterday, but I wasn’t gonna do it ’til someone asked, and nobody asked. So, no. (interruption) Well, I don’t have time to put this all in context. I’m home yesterday afternoon and I get this text, “Boy, you won’t believe how rude Hannity just was to Cruz. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You gotta hear it. You gotta hear it. It was really bad, Rush.”

Wow. Okay. So I listened to the clip thinking I was gonna hear rudeness. I didn’t hear rudeness. I heard a frustrated Hannity asking Cruz some questions. Look, my expectations on this are really raised up by all of this pre-hype that I heard about how rude Hannity was. But I frankly thought that Cruz could have done a better job answering the setup question when Hannity asked him about the delegates. “Can you tell me…?” Hannity accused him of stealing delegates, essentially, and it was a setup question, and Cruz launched into some unrelated answer.

Hannity got frustrated and said, “Look, every time I ask you, you go off on a tangent. Just answer the question.” That’s what people got mad at Hannity about. But I’m gonna just say that had it been me, had I been Cruz, this is one time I would have accepted the premise and I would have answered the question. I would have taken the time to explain that not a single delegate has been stolen and nobody’s being denied the right to vote. But not answering it wasn’t helpful, and to say that Trump is scared running or that Trump is losing elections and we’re winning elections, Sean, and that’s what’s…?

That isn’t happening. It’s just what Cruz is doing is politically, professionally, legally, and brilliantly good for his strategy of second ballot, third ballot delegate selection and support. I just think he could have explained it. He chose not to explain it and instead kept talking about what he’s gonna do the first day in office. He’s gonna rip up Obamacare and so forth, and I just thought it was a missed opportunity, like today in Hershey where he said that Donald Trump’s running scared.

Of all things Trump is, I don’t think he’s scared today. So I really think what is seen as a setup question by Hannity was actually potentially — answered correctly — a hanging curveball to knock out of the park, explaining how this delegate selection (romancing, wining and dining, whatever you want to call it) happens. Anyway, if I had more time I would say that in a way that didn’t anger so many of you Cruzers. Which is never, ever my point.

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