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RUSH: Folks, we’ve been running at RushLimbaugh.com… I mentioned this a couple times. I think it’s time to focus on this. We have been following the John Kasich delegate countdown. As you know, John Kasich is also in this race and is insisting that he will be the nominee. And so we have been tracking his success primary after primary after primary. And the number of delegates that Kasich won has not changed in two or three weeks. But last night it did.

So we’ve had movement in our little chart at RushLimbaugh.com, above the fold on the home page of our website. The Kasich delegate countdown’s magic number to clinch the nomination is now 1,090. He’s only a thousand ninety delegates away from clinching! He has won 147 delegates. He’s still behind Marco Rubio, who is out of the race. But Kasich got some delegates last night, and we were able to make a change in our Kasich graphic, much like our Algore countdown: 10 years for planet Earth to survive.

Which, we have survived Algore’s 10-year countdown.

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