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RUSH: I need to apologize. I do. I need to apologize. I didn’t know.

I really did not know that this LGBT bathroom thing was just about signs on the doorway. I really thought that what this was about was protecting women and children from predatory men going into the opposite sex bathroom. I didn’t know that it was the sign on the bathroom that discriminates. So I must apologize.

Let me tell you why. I’m still a little confused. See, I don’t know why a person with a penis and two testicles would want to go into the women’s restroom. But, that’s just me. (interruption) Well, you mean the person with the penis and two testicles feels like a woman that day or might be wearing a dress? Right. But still, why go in and go through the hassle of sitting down? I’m talking about the bathroom here. I’m sorry. I misunderstood. I really thought it was about protecting — I’m told every day how predatory men are with women.

There is a rape culture out there on college campuses, folks. Have you missed that? There’s a massive rape culture out there. I mean, women are getting raped left and right, and it doesn’t happen out in public. Have you heard that? Have you heard about this rape culture? Rolling Stone’s written about it, all kinds of respected leftist culturally savvy publications have written about this. I simply thought this was about protecting people. Little did I know that it’s the sign that offends people and that we have to take the signs down. A penis and two testicles and you feel like a woman, which means you want to go in the bathroom with no sign on the door so you can sit down? Fine. I apologize. I didn’t know.

I’ll tell you something else I have learned today. I tell you, this Open Line Friday stuff, it works. It really works. I think I may learn more on some Open Line Fridays even on Thursday than I learned Monday through Thursday. What I learned here today is that we have to abandon all of our positions if we are ever going to attract people to our side. Because if we broadcast or announce our positions, we’re offending a large part of the voting bloc.

Like if on taxes, if we tell people that whatever we’re for, it is gonna offend a lot of people, we should just shut up about what we think about taxes so as not to offend people. And whatever we think about whoever uses bathrooms for what reason, shut up about it, because the people that don’t want signs on the bathroom doors are never gonna come to our side — (interruption) No, no. We want to attract them to our side. We want to attract them to vote for us by abandoning everything we believe, or at least not broadcasting what we believe in. That’s the only way to attract them.

It might just be easier, folks, to join them rather than go through the rigmarole of having them join us. I mean, if you’re gonna shut up about what you believe hoping that that attracts people to your side, why don’t you just give up and join them? Which is the more efficient of the two possibilities? Do I need to explain this or are you confused about what I’m saying? Okay, let me see if I can make it even more understandable, ’cause that’s what I do here, I make the complex understandable.

Okay, so let’s take Republicans, slash, conservatives, and let’s take taxes just for an issue. Let’s suggest that taxes are too high and the IRS and the code are too complicated and the government’s taking way too much of what people are earning and ought not take as much. Okay. Well, by saying so, I am offending, maybe, many of the 94 million who aren’t working who are depending on that money being sent to the government for their cable TV subscription and their cell phone service and all that.

So, in order not to make those people mad and hopefully have them join us and vote, I should not say what I’m for tax-wise. That way they won’t be offended and they might, therefore, be more prone to vote for the side I believe in. Or would it not just be easier to become a Democrat and be in support of high taxes? Which would be the more efficient way of being?

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