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RUSH: Well, it’s pretty sad news out there, folks. It looks like the Cruz-Kasich agreement is starting to unravel. It looks like the Cruz-Kasich pact is starting to fray a little bit out there. Okay, I get it. Folks, I… You want me to weigh in on the morality of the rule. That’s… I know what you want. I think I finally get it. You all want me to pronounce the rules as having sucked. You want me to proclaim that these rules are rotten. Not that they’re unfair. They’re just part and parcel of the problem. Sure, sure, sure, these are the rules.

But are they right?

Are they morally correct?

Rightly or wrongly, Trump has exposed this process. You know, we keep saying to people, “Hey, this is what it’s always been.” “Yeah? Yeah? Well, no wonder we didn’t like it! Our instincts are right. No wonder we tuned out of it. Our instincts are right. Trump has exposed what a phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller process this is.” Well, it’s what it’s always been. It’s how Abe Lincoln was elected, folks. It’s how Ronald Reagan almost won the nomination in 1976.

It’s time-honored, if you will, and it’s simply candidates using remaining devices available to them to try to win. But I am looking at what’s happening here with the Kasich and Cruz agreement here. It’s already starting to unravel, and TheHill.com has the story. I’ll tell you, I know what’s going on. I have finally figured this out, too. Here, first off, is the story: “Republican presidential candidate John Kasich [today] said that Indiana’s voters should still back him, despite [laughing] an alliance with Ted Cruz to clear the way for his presidential rival in the state’s Republican primary.

“‘I’ve never told them not to vote for me,’ [Kasich] said at a diner in Philadelphia. ‘They ought to vote for me. ‘I’m not out there campaigning and spending resources,’ Kasich added. ‘I’m not going to spend resources in Indiana. (Cruz is) not going to spend resources in other places. ‘So what?'” Well, the whole idea here is for Cruz to win Indiana and deny as many delegates as possible to Trump, but now Kasich’s running around telling people in Indiana to vote for him whether he’s spending money or not.

I’ll tell you what’s going on here with Kasich. I think we are watching a man live out his fantasy, and I think he ought to complete it. And you know when I first got wind of this? ‘Cause it always seemed odd. This Kasich campaign to me has always seemed odd, ’cause he’s not winning anything. He didn’t win a single state. There didn’t seem to be any reason for his campaign, in terms of actually winning it. But when he fired the confetti gun after winning the Ohio primary, I said, “Okay, we got some Walter Mitty action going on here.

“You win your own state and you fire the confetti gun? You fire confetti guns at Super Bowls. You know, you fire your own confetti gun for winning your own state, which is an expectation? It’s not an achievement. It is an expectation. And then we heard today that Kasich says he is vetting vice presidential nominees, that he is already vetting potential vice presidential nominees to run with him. Folks, this is somebody living out a fantasy. I think we can expect, before this campaign ends, an inaugural address.

We can expect a couple of inaugural balls that take place under the guise of celebrations after states have conducted their elections or what have you. Maybe we’re gonna have even naming of a cabinet as part of this, ’cause I think Governor Kasich is living the dream here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked Cruz as his VP. You know, going through the rigmarole here. But, I mean, what a headline: “Kasich Wants Indiana Votes Despite Cruz Pact.”

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