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RUSH: Yeah, just a few — just a very, very few — words about the White House Correspondents Dinner, and then we’ll get on the Indiana primary and the Republican and Democrat presidential campaigns. … Now, did you see where, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Obama thanked…? You know, while telling them what a job they had, he said they’ve got to speak truth to power. Not his words, but, “You gotta keep us honest up here. You people in the press, you have to work really, really hard to keep us honest,” or some such self-serving diatribe.

And then he thanked the press for “working side by side” with him. Actually the full quote was, “It has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy.” I think the teleprompter said “strengthen our Democratic Party,” but he caught himself there and actually changed “to help our Democrat Party” so “strengthen our democracy.” But did you see The Politico ran a story week? I missed it. I’m ashamed to admit this. It’s not any big surprise… (interruption) Well, no. No, no.

It’s a surprise I missed it, but it’s not a surprise what the story says. Washington Free Beacon discovered — and The Politico published — a little poll that The Politico took on reporters last week. And just a minor little detail here. Not a single member of the 72 reporters in the White House press corps is a Republican. Not a single one. Not even from so-called conservative or Republican sites. Not a single one. There are 72 reporters in the White House in the White House press corps, and, according to a poll of them, not a one of them in the White House press corps is a Republican.

Now, clearly, folks, that’s not an accident. I mean, the law of averages says that there’d be one or two that would skate by, that would sneak in there somehow, but for all 72 — and the proper way to say it is, “Not a single Republican.” It’s more powerful to say “not a single Republican in all 72,” than to say “all 72 are Democrats,” because that probably wouldn’t surprise people as much as when you point it out the other way. But what are the odds of something like that? I mean, that cannot be an accident.

I mean, they don’t even want to risk any words of dissent coming from the White House propaganda. It’s why I’ve called it the State-Controlled Media since the first day of this Regime. Now, to Larry Wilmore. I have to tell you something here, folks. Forget the jokes. The way he closed out his gig at the White House press corps, he said something that nobody else can quote. He said something… If I tried to say what he said — even if I let everybody know I was quoting it — I’d be in heep big doo-doo. You know it as well as I do. (interruption)

Don’t sit there and tell me I wouldn’t. (interruption) You just…. (interruption) No, I’m not gonna play it. That’s the whole point! I’m not gonna say it — I couldn’t say it — and I’m not gonna play it. The office of the presidency… I’ve been concerned about this since actually back during the Bush years, but more focused here with Obama the occupant. The office of the presidency has been devalued now to the point of moral, ethical, and legal bankruptcy, and it was just epitomized by the way a comedian with a tiny, tiny audience addressed the president of the United States. And the president, smiling, laughingly accepted it.

Saying what nobody else can say. Saying something that I couldn’t say. Nobody else in polite society or anywhere else in the media could say it without all hell raining down on them, and in some cases there would be serious efforts to have whoever said it, even if quoting it, removed from his position in broadcasting. “Yo, Barry, you did it! You my [slang N-word].” And there’s Obama laughing and people saying, “Well, Obama’s gotta do that. That’s a classy move for Obama to make.” Stop and think about this. Stop and think.

We’re told certain people can use the word, but we are also told that it’s never really acceptable and it shouldn’t happen and there shouldn’t be people who could get away with it because of who they are and what their socioeconomic backgrounds are. And, of course, that’s not true. There are different rules for different people, and the bigger the minority or the greater the perceived victim status, the more leeway people have in behaving in uncivilized or reprobate ways. Which is kind of odd. But nevertheless, it’s the way it is.

Now, the reason why this is such a big deal to me is I want to go back to 2008 and remind you that a lot of people who were not Democrats and who were not African-American voted nevertheless for Barack Obama. And they didn’t do it for policy-specific reasons. They didn’t do it even, really, for political reasons, when you get right down to it. I’m sure you know people — I do — white people, Democrats and Republicans, who voted for Obama hoping that their doing so and announcing publicly that they’ve done so (i.e., first African-American presidential candidate).

White people voting for him, those people that did so happily told everybody they did, and they did it hoping that their statement and action would end the racial strife. Now, it might have been a little bit delusional, but there still was that hope. There was that desire. It’s still a desire that is held by me. The racial strife in this country is getting worse, and a lot of people want it to get better. A lot of people want it to end. Sadly, some people don’t. But I’m not talking about them right now. The people that do want it to end, do you realize in addition — and I’m probably on a little bit of a plank saying what I’m just say next here.

So those of you at Media Matters, turn up your volume. Those of you at ABC/NBC/CBS, turn up your volume a little bit. Make sure you get this on the first pass. Some of the white people that voted Barack Hussein O in 2008 did so because they hope that their statement and their action would indicate — would tell everybody in America– that they have no racial problems. They are not racist, and won’t oppose a man running for president because they were black. They were desperate for that message to be heard because they wanted it to have meaning.

They wanted… However many millions of them there are, their vote was an expression of hope and desire that we could get past the racial divisions which are literally tearing the culture apart. Not just the racial divisions, but they are a component. And there are also — ’cause I’ve had them tell me this. There are also some people — white people — that voted for Obama hoping that his election would serve as an inspiration to minorities all over the countryto do better, to seek better things, to I don’t know what.

And they were hoping that the election of Barack Obama would improve things, the life circumstances of African-Americans and other minorities. And that’s why they did it. They didn’t do it because they’re liberal Democrats; they didn’t do it because they hate Republicans. They did it almost on social grounds, with so much desire to end the racial strife that there was so much hope in the election of an African-American president to do a number of things: A, to inspire minorities all over the country to say of America:

“Look, if we can do this, we have overcome practically every element of our past that you think negatively defines us.” It was a big statement. And then the other component is was this desire that the election of Obama would actually improve the life circumstance — the economic, the culture, the life circumstances — of African-Americans and minorities. And not by expanding the welfare state. By, in fact, just the opposite. And there is distress all over this country that that has not occurred. In fact, not only has it not happened, it’s gotten worse.

You cannot go to Obama’s hometown of Chicago and conclude anything other than it has gotten worse in the last 7-1/2 years. I’m not even assigning blame to Obama; I’m just telling you that you look at the timeline: His election as president, and 7-1/2 years later, look at the murder rate in Chicago. In Kansas City they had a funeral for another three-year-old kid shot — a black kid shot, a three-year-old baby. This stuff doesn’t even make the news. And you get the left wing protesting and rioting Donald Trump events and literally trying to stop him from getting into a convention in California and speaking, and there’s no news about it.

But remember all of the news when the Tea Party supposedly was engaging in racism? They were the most peaceful bunch of political activists you’ve ever seen, and yet they were accused constantly — daily — of riots and protests when they weren’t doing anything! It was all accused of being racially motivated. So not only has life not improved for African-Americans, not one thing that so many people voted for Obama for — not one thing — has actually come to pass. It’s one of the big disappointments a lot of people have.

And I think crossing the T and dotting the I is this Larry Wilmore wrap-up to the White House Correspondents Dinner, “Yo, Barry, you did it, you my…” How is that advancing anything? I know there are gonna be some of you saying, “Rush, you need to lighten up. You’re taking all this way, way too seriously. It’s just a joke. It’s just a comedy routine.” No, folks, it’s more than that. It’s indicative that there isn’t much respect for the office of the presidency. Remember, these guys in the media are Obama’s buddies.

These are his friends doing this.

This, to me, was just a huge, huge hit on the integrity and the moral force and authority that has been lost by this White House. Now, I know it’s a lot late for this. I mean, it’s… Look, Larry Wilmore not doing this would not change anything. The moral authority in this White House has long ago vanished. But this was just another indication here of how things have not gotten better in any of the ways people hoped. I mean, the economy for everybody’s bad, don’t misunderstand. The economy, the job circumstance, circumstances for everybody…

In day-to-day life there’s more and more misery, more and more unhappiness, more and more anxiety, more and more fear. But you look at the unemployment rate in the African-American communities. You look at the unemployment rate for African-American teenagers. You look at the murder rate for African-Americans. The black-on-black crime? You look at that and there’s nobody anywhere that can statistically — or any other way — tell you that things have gotten better. And I’m just wanting to remind you why so many people voted for Obama.

Hoping that his election would mean so much. It would be so momentous. It would serve such a great purpose. And there has been this realization that we haven’t even gotten close. Of course, there are reasons for it. Obama never intended any of that. It’s not what Obama viewed his election to be president as meaning. I mean, can anybody actually look at the plight of minorities in America and say that we have either a president or Democrat Party actually focused on ’em? About the best you can do is say, “Well, at least they’re trying, at least they have good intentions.

“You Republicans just don’t care.” It always amazes me how good intentions are cited. Failure after failure after failure — designed failure after designed failure after designed failure — somehow can be forgotten or erased simply by assuming, “Well, at least they tried.” I mean, here’s Obama refusing to denounce it. And I don’t know how many in the press corps have, either. I don’t know. There maybe some that have. Juan Williams did. Juan Williams got this right. I don’t know about too many others. But Obama didn’t denounce this.

He smiled and accepted it and even applauded it. Just, please, can we spare me this talk that Trump doesn’t have the integrity to be president, after watching what happened at the White House Correspondents Dinner? Anybody want to tell me Ted Cruz poses a threat to the country if he’s elected president, that he doesn’t have the integrity, he doesn’t have this or that; he’s too godlike, he’s too sanctimonious; Trump is too whatever? Can we spare all that? Because, folks, there isn’t the slightest chance that anything other than Obama’s gonna be an improvement.


RUSH: And, you know, there’s another aspect to what Larry Wilmore did. Stop and think of this. Here you are at the White House Correspondents Dinner — and never forget, politics is showbiz for the ugly, which is why they have to import a bunch of Hollywood people there to make the place telegenic. Otherwise nobody want to watch it. They’d just as soon listen to it on the radio. So you bring in all these Hollywood types and you get — for the most part, aside from very few media people and guests — the whole room is the Democrat Party and the American left. And they’re all celebrating!

I don’t know what. It’s Obama’s last correspondents dinner, which signifies last time that he’ll party with the press and so forth. What did this comedian do? This really B-list, C-list comedian Larry, what did he do? He reduced something that’s genuinely historic in our country, something nobody ever thought would happen — well, very few really thought it would really happen in their lifetimes — an African-American elected to the presidency of the United States. And after 7-1/2 years, we have a community organizer whose mentor was Jeremiah freaking Wright!

A president who has opened our borders even more, slandered the police, flimflammed unaffordable health insurance, attacked one successful American economic enterprise after another, doubled the national debt, politicized the IRS with impunity against his political enemies, weaponized the EPA, destroyed the coal business and put out of work many American Democrat union mine worker employees — and serves as a puppet master for the Department of Justice and whatever accomplishments you think that you can fill in that list of things, too.

And it was all reduced by a Comedy Central comedian. It was all reduced to what? Barack Obama’s legacy is what, after 7-1/2 years? “Yo, Barry, you did it. You my [N slang word]!” After 7-1/2 years, if I were Barack Hussein O and Michelle (My Belle) Obama, I would be livid — if I took what I did in life seriously — to have it all reduced, in a tribute (that was the tribute portion of the comedy act) to, “Yo, Barry, you did it! You my…” Seven-and-a-half years, and that’s what it’s all meant. Really?


RUSH: So the former defense secretary Bob Gates is out there saying that world leaders are concerned about a potential Trump presidency. This is my whole point. And they’re not worried about what Obama’s already done? Who in the world would not be concerned about our foreign policy to date? We have created a fire in the Middle East. We’ve participated in tearing down every alliance that we’ve ever had! Our foreign policy in Benghazi, foreign policy Libya? Hillary’s fingerprints are all over it. By the way, what’s Hillary’s legacy gonna be?

What is her legacy? She’s got a legacy, too, a single legacy: She’s married to Bill Clinton. That’s it. That’s what she’s known for, whether she wants to believe it’s other things. And apparently after the White House Correspondents Dinner, Obama’s legacy is he’s black. Now, I don’t know the Obamas, but I can tell by watching that they take themselves very seriously. Michelle (My Belle) Obama takes herself very seriously.

I guarantee you that the last thing they want their legacy to be is, “They were black.” I mean, first black elected historical, yeah. But not just that they were black. Because if that’s the legacy, it’s failed. ‘Cause if the point was to inspire, to improve, that has not happened. It’s happened for very few, actually. But, anyway, I got a note from somebody who was at the White House Correspondents Dinner. You know, I have said over the course of the recent years — I have warned everybody — that Barack Obama’s not leaving Washington when his term is complete, that he’s gonna stay.

And I’ve had people, friends of mine in the conservative media say, “I can’t find that, Rush. Are you making that up?” I said, “No, no. I’ve heard that.” “Well, where did you hear it?” “I don’t know, but I’ve heard it. I wouldn’t say it.” “Well, I thought you were predicting it.” “Well, I am predicting it based on the fact that I heard it.” I think I actually heard it from somebody. It was in a news story out in southern California. Obama’s out in Palm Springs one weekend and the story’s about he’s house hunting out there for his post-presidential mansion or whatever.

And in the story, somebody involved in the search for a piece of property mentioned the fact that Obama was gonna be staying in Washington in the immediate days afterwards. It was just a throwaway line, and I started putting things together. I said, “Of course he’s going to stay. Absolutely he’s going to, particularly if the Republican candidate ends up being elected.” Well, I get this note from one of my friends who has been doubting me on this all these years ’cause he hadn’t been able to find independent confirmation of it.

He said, “Hey, Rush. Just an FYI. You know, you’ve often said Obama has no intention of leaving Washington. I have to admit, you know, I’ve been pestering you that I’ve never heard him say that. But last night I was at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and he said explicitly that he is staying in Washington after his term.” He tied it to his daughter’s high school status, that they have a couple years to go and he doesn’t want to uproot them to wherever the Barack Obama Library for Social Justice is gonna be built. But he said that he’s gonna be in DC for two years.”

Damn right!

Don’t doubt me, folks. When my instincts are on a roll about the left, do not doubt me. No need to rehash why he’s gonna say. You’ve heard me say that over and over again. And when you look… Let’s say the next president (take your pick) is either Trump or Hillary, and Obama’s still in town. Who do you think, President Hillary or ex-President Obama…? Who do you think the media’s gonna be closer to? Obama! And if the next President Trump or Cruz, who do you think the media’s gonna be closer to? Obama!

I’m just telling you that if anything happens… No matter which party wins the White House, if anything happens — and Hillary’s running against the Obama presidency. Lest anybody forget, she’s running against a bad economy. She’s running against all kinds of bad things. It’s one of the most noteworthy aspects of the Democrat Party campaign. You would think that they have not been in power the last 7-1/2 years if you listen to her talk about the problems the country has. You just watch.

Anybody that does anything that leads to any part of the Obama agenda becoming unraveled, you’re gonna hear him on TV. You’re gonna see him on TV. He’s gonna be ripping it. He’s gonna be criticizing it. He’ll be calling it racism. He’s gonna be throwing the race card down. He’ll go get Larry Wilmore out here to characterize what the next president is doing to his slang N-word. You watch. It is gonna happen.

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