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RUSH: There is this incredible piece here that I talked about moments ago in the Washington Post (Warshington Post for you Newt Gingrich speakers). The Washington Post story: “The Village That Helped Hillary Clinton Move Past Bill’s Infidelity.” This is the most incredible… I have not seen this before.

I thought I had seen every technique and excuse the Clintons had used to try to make everybody believe Hillary had no idea that Bill was cheating on her. This is the thing that escapes me. She knew it! She knew that Monica Lewinsky was there. Hillary was in charge of the “bimbo eruptions.” It was Hillary’s job to make sure that Bill didn’t get caught. The whole Clinton campaign knew that he couldn’t help himself. He was just… He just could not help himself!

He chased skirts. He flirted with and chased skirts. I mean, it just it’s it’s his his life history is that. Everybody involved in the campaign knew it; she knew it. It was the deal. She was in charge of that in charge of “the bimbo eruptions unit” along with Betsey Wright back in the first term of the Clinton administration in 1992. It was Hillary, working with Carville, who decided to try to make trailer trash out of all of these women that were coming forward.

Hillary’s real job was to intimidate the other women that we’ve never heard about into staying silent. With James Carville running around saying (impression), “Hey, yeah, that Paula Jones dame over there? See Paula Jones? That’s what you get when you run through a trailer park waving around with a $100 bill! Ha! Ha!” That’s Hillary’s idea. She’s working on a team to create that. It was Hillary and the Clinton war room which had, as a strategy, to destroy the women.

Here is Gloria Steinem thinking Bill Clinton’s the perfect example of a man in the feminist world of the 1990s, and he’s running around objectifying, using them and doing other things to them and his wife’s right in there facilitating it and covering it up — and then Lewinsky thing? He got caught and he lied about it. They thought they were gonna get away with the lie. They wouldn’t have sent him out there to lie if they didn’t think they were gonna get away with it.

The Clinton production team sends him out there (impression), “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time. I have never lied to the American people, not a single time. Never. I gotta get back to work the American people.” And that was supposed to end it. An official presidential denial, and Lewinsky was the next “tramp” that had been exposed “falsely accusing” Bill Clinton. Then they found the semen-stained dress, and that’s when it all fell apart. And can’t leave Linda Tripp out of this equation and some of the others.
And then Kathleen Willey, Clinton chasing her around on the campaign wherever she was in Virginia when he landed there one day. He chased her on the tarmac! He got off the plane!
Hey, hey!” He waved somebody over. It’s on videotape. I’ve seen it. “Hey, who’s that babe walking around, that’s Kathleen Willey, I want to meet her. Set it up.” She’s told a story about it. Hillary knows this stuff! She knows about more of the women than we do.

Her job to intimate them and to threaten ’em and keep ’em quiet. Some of them are still surfacing like Sally Miller today, there was Juanita Broaddrick in there who alleged rape on an NBC interview with Lisa Myers. But then all of a sudden, the whole cover-up of Lewinsky blows up ’cause the semen-stained dress is recovered, and so then the big act began. Clinton has Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in for public prayer to help him deal with this; then Hillary goes on the Today show and blames it on the vast right-wing conspiracy (and Rafael Cruz).

And people believed that. It’s like we, at the vast right-wing conspiracy, hired Lewinsky, and then we got her the White House pass, and then we ordered the pizza on that night knowing she’d be the intern there that would deliver the pizza to Clinton in the Oval Office. We did all of that, they said. And brain-dead Democrat voters believed it — and to this day do! And then we got the big, big act with Clinton supposedly humiliated, having been caught in a lie to his wife and his daughter.

And for a weekend we were treated to stories about how icy cold it was in the White House, and how Hillary was (sobbing) fit to be tied and she felt so betrayed it was horrible! (sobbing) Horrible, a-ha, so bad! And then it came time for the final act, and that was for the beleaguered family to be seen exiting the White House and crossing the White House lawn, going to Marine One (the helicopter) to take them to Air Force One or to Camp David, wherever they went, to lick their wounds and put their relationship back together.

And they’re walking hand in hand, arm in arm, on the way to Marine One. And the press is dutifully covering this as though Hillary has forgiven Bill. The whole thing is an illusion based on the fact that Hillary didn’t know that Bill was cheating on her! Hillary thought it had stopped. She knew about the old stuff, but she thought that when he got to the White House he had stopped it. BS. What Hillary was mad about was that he couldn’t exercise enough damn discipline and self-control not to get caught!

Whatever argument there was in the residence quarters, was, “How in the hell the could you leave a sample on her dress, you idiot!” And she’s probably throwing ashtrays at him, like she did the Secret Service. But the whole idea that she never knew and fell betrayed? What a crock! What a total crock, and the whole nation — not the whole nay but a lot of people — bought it ’cause I guess they wanted to. That’s what it would be like in their family. How many…?

Guys, how many of you are married to a woman that was knowingly help you cheat, with the objective for you not to get caught? How many of you are married to such a woman? Do I see a big, fat zero out there? That’s another reason people have trouble believing that, ’cause they can’t just being there. But this marriage is one of business, political advancement. So this story… I’m sorry, that’s a long way — with factual historical recall — of telling you how incredible this story is in the Washington Post.

And it is timed perfectly because we got Sally Miller’s book coming out here, and she’s talking about how tiny Clinton’s manhood is and all this other stuff. It’s never gonna go away, and they’re trying to ice this before it gets too deep into the campaign. So the headline: “The Village That Helped Hillary Clinton Move Past Bill’s Infidelity.” It’s a crock from the get-go because she always knew about it! She got married knowing that was the deal. We know that Hillary Clinton believed it…” Who wrote this story? Is there a name by this? There isn’t, but there probably is; the name didn’t print out.

It’s one of the anomalies of… Well, anyway. I’ll find the author of this story. It doesn’t matter who it is. Here’s how it begins. “We know that Hillary Clinton believes it takes a village to raise a child. As my colleague Carlos Lozada has pointed out, 20 years since ‘It Takes a Village’ was published in 1996…” That’s another thing. “It takes a village to raise a child.” You know what the premise of that book is? It’s that parents are the least equipped to properly raise their kids to live in a collective. The village is the government, the state, day care, kindergarten, playgrounds, all that.

The state has to do it, and that’s what, “It Takes a Village” meant. So they start off recalling her 1996 book It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, and write, “As my colleague Carlos Lozada has pointed out, 20 years since ‘It Takes a Village’ was published in 1996, the presidential candidate still draws on that village philosophy on the campaign trail.” Isn’t it a beautiful thing? Yes. “While revisiting Clinton’s 2004 memoir ‘Living History’ recently, I noticed that she also relied on a village of friends and political and spiritual leaders to move past her husbandÂ’s infidelity in the 1990s.”

Oh, so while Bill Clinton is have been public prayer sessions with the Reverend Jackson and Sharpton and whoever the hell else in there, she’s doing her own lining along the same lines. “First, her close confidantes Diane Blair … and Betsy Ebeling … came to visit the White House. ‘It made me feel better to have friends around who had known me forever,’ [Hillary] writes of their visit in September 1998, ‘who had seen me pregnant and sick and happy and sad and could understand what I was going through now.’

“While Blair and Ebeling were visiting, Stevie Wonder stopped by the White House to play a song he had written specifically for the first lady. ‘He hadn’t finished all the words,’ Clinton writes, ‘but the song was about the power of forgiveness, with the refrain, “You donÂ’t have to walk on water. …”‘ She adds that: ‘This was one of the kindest gestures anyone made during this incredibly difficult period.'”

So we’re to believe that Hillary Clinton, everybody’s aware she’s suffering greatly, suffering deeply. Bill has cheated on her yet again with an intern 19 years old. Stevie Wonder decided to drop by and sing her a song of forgiveness. We’re not through. “Katharine Graham, the Washington Post publisher ‘who had had her own experience with [men leaving the reservation] the agony of infidelity,’ Clinton notes, ‘made a point of inviting me to lunch.'”

Meeting with Kathryn Graham was a weekly thing with these people. Katharine Graham? All these babes are the most cheated on women in Washington. Katharine Graham comes by, Stevie Wonder comes by, the two best friends. We’re not through. “Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue…” Wait ’til you hear this one. “Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine, called the first lady to propose an article and photo shoot. ‘It was gutsy of her to offer and counterintuitive for me to accept,’ Clinton writes.

“‘In fact, the experience did wonders for my spirits. I wore a glorious burgundy velvet Oscar de la Renta creation for the cover shoot. For a day, I escaped into a world of makeup artists and haute couture. The Annie Leibovitz photographs were great, giving me the chance to look good when I had been feeling so low.'” Are you kidding me? So Bill gets caught and the support groiup says, “Oh, my God, Hillary! Are you gonna make it, babe? Are you gonna survive?” Anna Wintour says (paraphrased), “Let’s do a cover story and a photo shoot, and we’ll call it The Most Cheated-on Woman in America.”

Stevie Wonder comes by with the song not even finished, the theme forgiveness. Katharine Graham comes along, talk about what a bunch of rotgut men live in Washington, DC. Nelson Mandela was in the village. “Nelson Mandela, who at the time was president of South Africa, visited the White House after a session of the UN General Assembly. [Hillary] describes how, at a reception for African American religious leaders, Mandela praised the relationship Bill Clinton formed with South” Africa’s women.

Uh, “with South Africa and the rest of the continent. When Mandela said publicly that ‘We have often said that our morality does not allow us to desert our friends’ — and addressed Bill directly by saying ‘We are thinking of you in this difficult and uncertain time in your life’ — Hillary viewed this as a ‘plea to Americans’ to stop the effort to impeach the president.” You…? So Nelson Mandela, exonerating Bill because we’ve got our own moral codes and we all stray now and then?

Hillary said: My God, that was so deep. He was sending a signal to the American people to stop this idea of impeaching her husband! You think it’s Lyin’ Ted? You think Cruz is serving you up a bunch of hot, unadulterated lies? How about this kind of stuff? This has been going on since the nineties. All of this stringing from the Lewinsky thing? All this damage control. Katharine Graham, Nelson Mandela, Anna Wintour with a Vogue cover shoot, and Hillary says, “Oh, yeah, man! I was able to escape wearing my Oscar de la Renta haute couture.”

Yeah, I guarantee you the damn thing wasn’t off the rack. Then they had to come in with the new hairstyle and makeup, and Hillary lost herself! It was so rejuvenating. The Dalai Lama is the last… (laughing) It just keeps going. “The Dalai Lama also came for a visit. He presented the first lady with a white prayer scarf and told her that he thought of her often. ‘He encouraged me to be strong and not give in to bitterness and anger in the face of pain and injustice,’ Clinton writes.” Numerous “members of Congress called to see what they could do.

“One congressman told her, ‘Hillary, if you were my sister, I’d punch Bill Clinton right in the nose!’ And some Republicans let her know that they disagreed with their partyÂ’s push to impeach the president.” This is such… You know, folks… I don’t know. Eight years of this this crock of stuff, and I have to listen to people tell me that I want the Clintons back in the White House ’cause it’s good for this show? (scoffs) I’ll tell, it drives you insane, because what happens is that half the country falls for this.

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