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RUSH: Now, this is getting interesting. This is getting fun. I just got another email from a Trump supporter watching MSNBC. Apparently, Trump’s out there saying it’s a great thing Kasich getting out of the race, going back to Ohio, and apparently Trump is talking about his running mate. He says (summarized), “It’ll probably be a person with political experience, because while I’ve been in the world of politics all my life… The business I will handle so well. We’ll bring our jobs back. I do want people, somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the Senate, dealing with Congress, getting legislation passed and so forth,” and he’s talking about Kasich. “It’s a good thing Kasich got out of the race and is going back to Ohio.”

(interruption) “Rush, is the fix in? Have we been played the whole time?” What do you mean, “Is the fix in?” It would make… The fix that Kasich stayed in to harm Cruz?” (interruption) Okay. Well… (interruption) Oh, if there was a Trump-Kasich deal all along, you would think you’d been played? Hello, welcome to politics. What do you mean…? (interruption) You haven’t been played. Have you ever heard of Huckabee? Do you remember what Huckabee did to Romney in 2008? (interruption) Well, you think it was dirty, you think it was sweet, whatever.

But Huckabee threw all of his delegates to McCain in West Virginia and then Crist endorsed McCain and it was over, ’cause Huckabee didn’t like whoever. Romney, I guess. I don’t know. So if Trump and Kasich have had an agreement all along that Kasich would stay in just as an insect — you know, pestering Cruz and denying Cruz the one-on-one– hey! And if Trump chooses Kasich, some people are gonna say, “Good move! That’s Ohio.” You’ve gotta get used to it. I might cringe a little, but some people will think it’s a good idea, ’cause it’s on Ohio.

The theory being, “We can’t win out Ohio.” I would say, “Trump, I thought he were gonna rewrite the map, maybe not need Ohio? Maybe get Wisconsin or Illinois instead.” I know, we need Ohio. But now no, nobody was being… Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. For you Cruz supporters that right now can’t see any way of supporting Trump, did you hear Trump’s apology to Cruz last night? (interruption) Yes, you did. You just didn’t hear those words. But you heard Trump praise Cruz as a competitor.

That was the apology.

By the way, Trump was back at it today on this Rafael Cruz. He was asked about it and he said, “Hey, look, I’m just telling you what was in the paper about Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald.” But here’s the question: What if Trump says that he would seriously consider Cruz to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court? (interruption) Do you think that would revive some never-Trumpers? (interruption) Would you think Cruz would be interested in it? Lifetime Supreme Court. Can’t run for president anymore if you do that. (interruption) More from… We’ll put that… I’ll talk to Trump about it, see what happens.

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