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RUSH: We’re gonna start here on the Hillary portion of things. This was Anderson Cooper 360 last night. He interviewed Hillary, and question: “There are Democrats who are just worried about you against Trump, that you’re not ready for whatever he may throw at you. I mean, he’s brought up a lot of stuff about a lot of people that nobody could have predicted. I mean, quoting from the National Enquirer just yesterday! You know, he’s made references to your marriage, to your husband. Are you prepared for what this guy might throw at you, Mrs. Clinton?”

HILLARY: (Arkansas Broadbeam cackling)

COOPER: Are you prepared?

HILLARY: He’s not the first one, Anderson! I just can’t… I can’t say this often enough. If he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s — if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena — I’m more than happy to have him do that.

COOPER: You’re ready for that?

HILLARY: Oh, please!

COOPER: Humphf!

HILLARY: I mean, look this — this is, to me, a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who — who has knocked out of the way all the Republicans because they were just dumbfounded.

RUSH: Could you play the beginning of this? I really… (laughing) I didn’t know that this began with the Arkansas Broadbeam cackle. I just have to hear this.

HILLARY: (Arkansas Broadbeam cackling)

COOPER: Are you prepared?

RUSH: Jeez! (laughing) When you’re not expecting that and that hits you, it’s just, “What is that?” (impression) “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha. It sounds like a broken record. “Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.” Or the mating call of the Australian Rabid Bat, one of the two. If anybody is stuck in the nineties, ladies and gentlemen, it is Mrs. Clinton, and that is another reason why I think that the Democrats are ripe, because they’re the ones stuck in the ’90s. The Clintons are wedded, they are locked to the nineties. By that I mean the techniques they use to defeat their political enemies. That’s where they still are.

This kind of goes hand in hand with that entitled of hers the other day that she’s used to men — she’s got a lot of experience with men — “going off the reservation,” insulting Native Americans, by the way, on that, at the same time. I was one of the first to interpret that. She’s the most cheated on women in America, I naturally assumed she was talking about she’s got experience with guys that are cheating on her, not loyal, and that. But I have been persuaded that it might mean more than that, that she could have been talking about your average, ordinary, lunkhead guy that accomplished feminists have had to overcome their whole lives.

You know, idiots who run companies that have no business being there. “They’re only there because they’re men and they knew somebody who knew somebody. She’s used to dealing with a bumbling of typical men: Bullies, mean, crack sex jokes. She’s used to dealing with this kind of primal behavior of men, and Trump doesn’t scare her because she’s got a lifetime of dealing with these kinds of guys.” When you strip everything away from that, what does that say about Hillary Clinton’s impression of the men in her life? It means she doesn’t have a very high impression of men in general. She’s got some chips on her shoulder where men in general are concerned, and it’s understandable that a feminist would.

You have to have that kind of attitude as a feminist.

But I think she doesn’t… She’s got it backwards. It’s the Clintons that are stuck in the ’90s. Anderson Cooper’s next question: “You know, Trump does run a different kind of campaign than anybody else, Mrs. Clinton, certainly on the Republican side. I mean, you might have been prepared for whoever on the Republican side, but I can’t believe you’re prepared for Trump because nobody knows what Trump’s gonna come up with next. He makes himself more available to reporters. He’ll do anything anywhere. He loves it, Mrs. Clinton. He’ll go to anybody that asks him to show up. He’ll do 25 interviews a day.” What Anderson Cooper is saying is, “And you, Mrs. Clinton, hide from the media. So Mrs. Clinton, are you gonna start doing that more? Are you gonna up your media visibility?”

HILLARY: Reporters now have a chance to ask some tougher questions. It’s not enough to call in and give somebody a platform. It’s now the time to make the tough decisions. And you gotta ask him, “Okay, so what exactly would you replace X, Y, and Z with? The man is the presumptive nominee, and being a loose cannon doesn’t in any way protect him, I hope, from being asked the hard questions that he should have been asked during the whole primary process.

RUSH: Oh! There we go. So Mrs. Clinton, who has a cloak of security around her and doesn’t know what a tough question is because anybody who would ask her one’s testicles are in a lockbox, thinks the press hasn’t been tough enough on the Trumpster, and she is sending out marching orders in that bite. She is ordering, suggesting, asking Anderson Cooper and the boys to go out. “You know, it’s about time you tried to lay a glove on Trump. You know, it’s about time you hit this guy!” So we will see. Same interview, Anderson Cooper said, “Assuming that you get the Democratic nomination…”

Can you ma if you’re Hillary Clinton sitting there and you get that question? Do you not think you’d be insulted? She’s probably thinking, “What do you mean, ‘assuming’ I get the nomination? Who do you think you are?” “Assuming that you get the Democratic nomination, are you ready for Donald Trump? I mean, he’s already got another flattering nickname for you, Crooked Hillary. He’s unlike any other candidate probably, certainly, you’ve ever run against, that anybody’s ever seen.” This is the second time he’s asked her this. “Are you sure you’re ready? I mean, nobody has any idea what’s gonna coming from Trump from day to day. You have no idea. Are you sure you are ready?”

HILLARY: Anderson, I’ve seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives, and I think I know what it takes, and I don’t think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump running our country. He’s a loose cannon. I mean, he’s somebody who has said so many things. And I’m sure he’ll be scrambling and his advisors will be scrambling, but he’s already said all of these things. He says climate change is a Chinese hoax, and I think it’s real, and we’ve gotta pull the world together to deal with it. So you can go down a long list, some of which he’s tried to bob and weave a little bit. But I think it’s a risk. I think he is a loose cannon, and loose cannons tend to misfire.

RUSH: So he’s on Nightly News yesterday with Lester Holt, and he says, “Hillary Clinton used the term ‘loose cannon’ to describe you, noted that loose cannons ‘misfire.’ She talked about your blustering and your bullying. How do you respond to that, Mr. Trump?”

TRUMP: It’s a nasty term that was given to her by one of her pollsters, I guess. But the fact is that we need strength in this country. She’s not strong. She’s not gonna be strong at the border. She’s not gonna be strong with our military. She’s not gonna be strong with ISIS. No matter how you look. Look at what she’s done with Libya. Look at what a disaster it is. Even her vote to go into Iraq was a disastrous vote.

RUSH: And he’s not gonna let her forget that, that vote with Iraq. He’s not gonna let her forget it. But, you know, look at the thing she cites. “He says climate change is a Chinese hoax and I think it’s real,” and look what she’s willing to do because of it. You know, Mrs. Clinton went to West Virginia and she told coal miners, “Look, we are gonna shut down the coal business because your business is destroying our climate,” and then she assured them government would come up with replacement jobs for them. She literally said it! “We’ll come up with things down the road. We’ll come up with new jobs for you.” It’s just an utter, utter total crock. You know, I don’t think Trump is making quarter million dollars for 20-minute speeches at banks, and I don’t think Trump has an email problem.

He doesn’t do email, in fact.

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