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RUSH: So the economy is in the tank. It’s confirmed. All the April economic news is out, jobs news and everything. So what does Obama do? Come out and spin it. He’s doing a presser or some sort of press availability now at the White House timed exactly to coincide with the beginning of this program, which he is wont to do. Here are the numbers that you need to know: 160,000 new jobs in April, the vast majority of them part time. That is 50,000 below “expectations.” The expectations are meaningless. It’s a bunch of economic experts that don’t know what they’re talking about.

They’re constantly surprised every month, the media reports that the experts are surprised over what actually happened given their predictions. But the bottom line is you can create all these jobs or not create all these jobs. People’s incomes are not rising! People do not have more disposable income. People do not have more liberty and freedom with their money. So all of this is just irrelevant, but there’s Obama out there trying to spin this and use this. What he’s doing, is this is an occasion to call for more government spending to “get the economy going.”

We’re in our eighth year with Barack Hussein Obama, and we’re still not spending enough money! Even though we have doubled the national debt on his watch, it still isn’t enough. No. We need more. We need more government stimulation, stimulus. We need more government spending, and it needs to be “fair.” That’s the problem. The money that’s been spent so far hasn’t quite been fair. “We need to redistribute the money.” Have you seen the DOJ is gonna do, what Obama wants the DOJ to do? We’re gonna get rid of the term “felon.” Too judgmental!

That’s right, my friends. We’ve got to broom the term “felon.” There’s one other term that we’re getting rid of. What is it? Did I put this at the bottom of the Stack? Did I put it at the bottom of…? I’ll find it here in just a second. But we are getting rid of the term “felon” and one other — convicted criminal or some such thing — ’cause those are those are too stigmatizing and too judgmental. “This is not fair to those people! It creates an unfair image of them. They’ve gotten out of jail; they’ve paid their debt to society. To continue to call them convicts and felons, our official government? We’re not gonna do it.”

It’s just another in a never ending assault on the dominant culture that existed since the days of the founding of this country. The 160,000 new jobs supposedly created in April is the fewest announced created jobs in seven months. The labor force participation rate plummeted yet again. The number of Americans not working is 94.04 million. I don’t know what the adult population of the country is. I guess 210, 220 million. Forty percent of them are not working. You cannot have economic growth with that. You can’t have economic growth, and you can’t have rising productivity.

Without rising productivity, you can’t have rising wages, increased salaries. You just can’t have it. Ninety-four million Americans! Somebody has to buy their food. Somebody has to pay for them to eat. Somebody has to pay for them to get in their cars. Somebody has to pay for them to use their cell phones. Somebody has to pay for when they get sick. Speaking of when you get sick, the government has purloined one-sixth of the US economy in the terms of Obamacare. So not only is the government spending more and choking more, it is making the economy where the American dream languishes, smaller.

“Economic growth has slowed sharply…” It never did pick up. This is the thing. Measured against what did economic growth “slow”? Sure. There hasn’t been any appreciable economic growth since Obama was inaugurated. There hasn’t been any to write home about. Otherwise the number one issue in exit poll after exit poll after exit poll, in primary after primary after primary — to the tune of 80% to 85% — wouldn’t say the number one most important issue to you: The economy. The second most important issue to you: The economy. Third most important issue to you: The economy.

Every primary — Republican, Democrat — the most important issue is the economy, ’cause nobody is getting ahead, and nobody feels confident that the pieces are in place to get ahead. Where’s the anger over that? Where’s the panic about that? Where’s the all-is-lost attitude about that? Where has it been for the 7-1/2 years? “JCPenney ‘Taking Emergency Measures to Stay Afloat.'” I didn’t click the link. It’s just another American corporation in trouble for all kinds of reasons that you can trace back to, in part, the United States government. Not every business would be doing great.

Some of them are run by people that don’t know what they’re doing. Some have made mistakes. I don’t try to lay it all off on the government. But the government’s become one of the biggest impediments to corporate success because of crony capitalism. The government’s sidling up and making deals with certain CEOs, certain industries, and certain businesses. The biggest result of that is a company in order to grow no longer has to innovate. A company doesn’t have to come up with a better product. Company doesn’t have to come up with a better service ’cause the government’s got their back.

And when the government’s got their back, the government doesn’t have the backs of their competitors. Competitors take it in the shorts, and the corporation CEO that sidled up to Obama — you crony socialism or capitalism or what you want — they’re protected. But the main thing is they don’t have to defeat their competitors in order to grow. The government’s taken care that. They don’t have to innovate. They don’t have to come up with better products. They don’t have to produce better services and people. So when you see “JCPenney ‘Taking Emergency Measures to Stay Afloat…'”

I doubt that Obama has any special arrangement with JCPenney — and then, of course, one of the big headlines here: “Record Americans Renounce Citizenship.” That’s something… I don’t know what the numbers are. I didn’t click on the link again. All I know is this is not the kind of new stories that you saw every day 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 25 years ago. But you do see it in the latest last five to eight years. You see a lot of it. Americans are renouncing their citizenship. So that’s the real world. That’s what’s happening now. On the Democrat side, we got Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman who has lied to people about the way she got her name.

She told people that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. She told Sir Edmund Hillary that she was named after him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest years after Hillary Clinton was born. Nobody had heard of Edmund Hillary when she was born, ’cause he hadn’t done anything yet. But it doesn’t matter. She’s running around telling everybody that she was named after him, and everybody properly oohed and ahhed and so forth. It’s just one of countless similar lies that Hillary Rodham Clinton has told her entire life, her entire career in politics.

And now we learn that Elizabeth Warren — who has also lied about having one one-hundredth of a cell of Indian blood so that she would qualify as a minority in order to get a job at Harvard — has now been designated the official Trump attacker in the Clinton campaign. As I say, talk about being off the reservation.


RUSH: Here’s what JCPenney is doing. They’re reducing both full- and part-time employees. They’re reducing their hours, both sides. Those who typically work 25 hours a week are being cut to 10 or 15 hours a week — and, of course, there won’t be any health care benefits. Then we’re gonna turn around, and we’re gonna listen to Obama, Hillary, the Democrats… Well, not Hillary. Not Hillary, and not Bernie. We’re gonna listen to Obama and other Democrats tell us what great recovery we’ve got! “Well, yeah, this economy is just trucking along!”

Hillary can’t say that because she’s running for office. She’s out there talking about how rotten it is, and that doesn’t seem to calculate with anybody. “Really? You’re out there ripping the economy? You’ve been part of it! It’s yours! Everything happening in this economy is stuff that you believe. Every policy implemented, you believe; you supported it.” She’s out there ripping it. It’s the only choice that she has. She ought to be a sitting duck! Hillary Clinton ought to be a sitting duck. Hillary Clinton ought not have a prayer!

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