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RUSH: Facebook. Yeah, yeah, yeah. See, this doesn’t surprise me. This is… I have to guard against doing this Facebook story and reacting to it like, “Yeah? Really? This a surprise?” I don’t mean to be smug about this. What we’ve learned is that a bunch of former curators at Facebook… They’ve got their newsfeed. What’s it called, the Facebook newsfeed? (silence) Of all the three of you, you’re not Facebookers in there? Well, they need to rename it, “Fakebook.” It’s not news. It’s Fakebook, because what these former news curators — and, believe me, gobs of people get their news every day from Facebook.

You know, Facebook readers read the news, find out what they like, put it in their feeds, and pass it on. It gets spread throughout the Fakebook membership. What we found is it’s curated. The newsfeed’s curated by Fakebook employees and a bunch of former Fakebook employees said, “We routinely suppressed conservative news.” You know who exposed this? The Gawker bunch — Gizmodo, the tech site of gawker. Gawker, that’s the outfit that lost the suit to the Hulkster, Hulk Hogan. Of all people, Gizmodo, where you don’t find much conservatism.

I don’t think you find any conservatives. If they found one in Gizmodo I shudder to think what would happen to the guy, or the girl. I mean, it’d probably feel like watching some scene on Game of Thrones to see what they would do to the person. Anyway, I don’t mean to distract myself. “Facebook workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential ‘trending’ news section, according to a former journalist who worked on the [Fakebook] project. This individual says that workers [at Fakebook] prevented stories about …

“CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics…” Lois Lerner’s name, apparently, never made Fakebook, for example. The people that read Fakebook have no idea who she is. The people that read Fakebook never really were brought up to speed on the IRS scandal against the Tea Party. “Several former [Fakebook] ‘news curators,’ as they were known internally, also told Gizmodo that they were instructed to artificially ‘inject’ selected stories into the [Fakebook] trending news module, even if they weren’t popular enough to warrant inclusion — or in some cases weren’t trending at all.”

In other words, if it was dull, if it was dead news, if it wasn’t trending, if it wasn’t spreading through the user base, the curators would put it in there anyway to advance the leftist agenda and harm the conservative agenda. This does not… Does this cause surprise anybody? Now I know it makes you mad but does it come as a surprise? When’s the last conservative you heard of being invited to you commencement speech at the major university? When’s the last time you remember one being allowed to speak at campus at all that they didn’t attempt to hoot and holler and boo them off the stage?

Speaking of which there have been… We’re in the midst of a spate of stories written by leftists who are starting to wring their hands over the suppression of conservatism on campus. Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times yesterday has a piece which I will share with you as the program unfolds. You might recall a couple of weeks ago there was a piece. It was fairly popular within the Drive-Bys, from the website Vox. It was a story by one of the writers at Vox Media about how there’s way too much smugness in liberalism.

There’s too much arrogance. There’s too much superiority, and they just disregard anything that they don’t agree with and so forth. And it’s not a one off. I’m starting to see it in more and more places with Nic Kristof in the New York Times being the most recent and I’ve been thinking, “What could be causing this?” Because, by the way, in every one of these instances like Vox and Nicholas Kristof, they don’t blame themselves. No, no, no! This suppression of conservatism on campus and elsewhere in the media?

No, no!

They’re not responsible for it.

No, no!

They haven’t stigmatized conservatives.

No, no!

They’re just commenting now on how unfortunate it is. Well, what’s driving this? I refuse to believe they actually care about fairness and conservatism being fairly treated and represented in the media. What do I think it is? Which I also explain in greater detail as the program unfolds. I think it’s the Bernie Sanders campaign. I think what’s happened is that the mainstream left is scared to death of all these Millennial leftist kids off the reservation for Bernie, and what is being learned about them — what they don’t know, what they believe.

Now, you might find it strange for me to say that mainstream leftists can think other leftists are too far to the left. That’s not exactly what I’m saying. What I’m saying is they’re a little concerned. They think they’re the smartest people in the world, don’t forget. And they’re looking at the Bernie supporters as illogical. It makes no sense. Bernie’s an oddball. He’s a kook. He’s not going anywhere. They look at the average Bernie Sanders supporter or your Black Lives Matter person and they think they’re dealing with dumbed-down idiots which are tough to control, because the dumped down idiots think they are hyper-super educated.

Anyway, it’s for later in the program. But it’s something that’s starting to increase here in its frequency. Left-wing media types all of a sudden feeling sorry. Well, that may not be totally correct, but concerned over how conservatives have been treated for years on campus, primarily, but also within the general, day-to-day population. And now this at Fakebook. Now we have all these people coming out who used to work there saying, “Well, we suppressed conservatism.” Well, that’s nothing new.

Conservatism’s been suppressed throughout the Drive-By Media or misrepresented or lied about or stigmatized. It’s just that now people coming out and admit it. So what do you think’s going on, folks? What’s driving this? I think I know. Some of you’ll say, “The Trump campaign, Rush! Trump’s doing it! That’s why they’re scared, ’cause of Trump.” Maybe. See what you think about it.

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