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RUSH: You know what I just heard? I just checked CNN here during the break.

They’ve got this hostette there named Brooke Baldwin and she’s got a Trump voice there, you had a Clinton voice, and you had… I don’t know who the other one was. And you know what the subject was? “Isn’t it such a shame that Jon Stewart’s not hosting The Daily Show? Isn’t it such a shame for the Democrats?” I’m sitting here thinking, “Really? You Democrats consider yourselves to be at a disadvantage ’cause your fake news show’s no longer on the air?” Do they even realize how they sound?

Well, they are wringing their hands. “It’s so bad! I wish that show was back on the air. It’s gonna be so bad. What would happen…?” And then they began a discussion: What would be different if fake news was back? Then you got all these people… The Democrats are actually out there confirming they’re at a disadvantage because their favorite fake news show is not on. It’s like, remember that show The West Wing? Liberals thought that was the actual White House of the day. This is a testament to how absent from reality everybody is here.

But to think that you are at a disadvantage? The Democrat Party, the party of the White House, is now at a profound disadvantage? There’s only one of you that knows how to lie? There’s only one of you that knows how to do fake news? There’s only one of you that knows how to insult? Come on. Anybody could do that show phoning it in, and you do every day anyway, all these leftists and Democrats. It boggles my mind.

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