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RUSH: San Antonio, Texas, next. It’s Jeff. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Thanks, and thanks for telling us the truth. I need to get to the point ’cause of time. I just want to let all those people know out there that are on the fence for Rush — I mean, I’m sorry — for Donald Trump. I know which side of the fence you’re on. Thank God —

RUSH: I’m on the anti-Hillary Clinton, anti-Democrat Party fence. Once and for all, so people understand this, I am anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat Party. They are the most destructive thing happening to this country for the last 30 years and even beyond, and it’s got to be stopped. And I don’t think there’s a difference between whoever runs on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. It’s not hard for me.

CALLER: Well, I know Trump’s not a conservative and I know he’s not a Republican. What he is is a hardworking man that’s gonna go in there, look at the numbers, and he’s gonna look at all those crooks, those lying crooks there, and basically he’s gonna pull the ticks off hardworking people. I look at him as the best yet America could ever have. And he’s gonna free up those leeches, ticks. I’m just nervous, Rush. I think if we don’t get that man in office, then then we’re doomed. And I know that with one good man that could have been there, but he was a lawyer, and America doesn’t want lawyers there anymore, no offense to any of the one or two that are out there in America and I’m sorry —

RUSH: Do you think there’s actual — don’t misunderstand the question. It is not an allegation or interrogation. I’m curious. Do you think that American voters are actually consciously opposed to more lawyers running for office and winning power and so forth, is there actually a fear of or anti-lawyer bias that exists out there?

CALLER: Well, no, but if you look at what a lawyer does — and no offense or disrespect to the one or two that are out there — they don’t create anything. They look for a host. And then there is no more Democrat or Republican. It should say all about me and do as I say, not as I do. They investigate themselves when they destroy the housing market. That’s what I’m trying to do right now.

RUSH: Yeah, but, see, that wasn’t lawyers. That was that was bankers being ordered by lawyers to do things or suffer the investigations that would come from government. Janet Napolitano was threatening these banks, “You’re gonna make these loans or we’re gonna investigate you.” And we’re gonna investigate you means we’re gonna find something. We’ve got an inexhaustible supply of money to investigate you, and nobody’s clean, and we’re gonna find you.

Now, you’re definition of lawyers, you defined a specific kind, a plaintiff’s lawyer, popularly known, some call ’em ambulance chasers, but there’s defense lawyers, there’s all kinds of them. They specialize. But you were describing the plaintiff’s bar when you described they look for a host, i.e., a deep pocket, and then they leech. His terminology is quite indicative of his frame of mind out there. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna take any of that personally, my whole family is lawyers, but I know that you did not mean anything personal by it.

See, that’s the difference. If I were liberal Democrat, I’d be outraged. I’d be parading my supposedly being offended, and I would be excoriating, “How dare you be so insensitive. Don’t you have any idea what my family –” And they’d be running hell over you. Anyway, I’m glad you called Jeff. Thank you very much.

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