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RUSH: Marco Rubio is back out there today, too, in addition to Senator Cruz. Rubio, a big speech today at the Hudson Institute, I guess you could say a conservative think tank organization in Washington. A little bit of an indictment here of the media and their reluctance to actually tell anybody anything important.

RUBIO: It’s a lot easier to say, for example, why do we give all this money to NATO and these other people that we’re protecting do not. And it’s easier to say that than to explain what would happen if you didn’t. And so that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. I just think it takes time and, quite frankly, to be fair today’s press that covers this process is not interested in covering any of that.

RUSH: Now, what this is in reference to is Trump out there saying, “We gotta get out of NATO. We gotta think about getting out of NATO. These people at NATO contribute diddly-squat to their own defense and we can’t afford it anymore. They don’t treat us with any respect. We defend ’em. We send our kids off to die and get injured and so forth. They don’t contribute to anything and then they get mad at us and they undermine us. The hell with it, we’ll pull out.”

And Rubio’s point is, that’s easy to say, that’s easy to say and people rally to that, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, pull out, screw them.” It’s a lot easier to say that than to actually explain why we do it. This is Rubio’s opinion, obviously it’s valuable. Why we do it, and, furthermore, what would happen if we actually did withdraw from NATO. The press is not interested in going there. The press is not interested in exposing or talking about that. And because of that, what’s unsaid here, in Rubio’s opinion, because of that, what isn’t reported is how stupid Trump’s opinion is, in Rubio’s perspective.

Rubio clearly thinks it’d be dumb to pull out of NATO, and telling people why would expose Trump and his lack of knowledge about it or his being incorrect about it. But the press, Rubio says, they’re not interested in that. They just like the fireworks that come from covering these outrageous things and then going and asking people, “What do you think about what somebody here just said,” rather than telling people and explaining it. The reason they don’t explain it is ’cause they don’t know, either. I mean, the press, even though it was and it always has been a bunch of leftists, it did have people that were educated in their area of expertise.

When you had a Supreme Court reporter like Lyle Denniston, the Baltimore Sun, I mean, the guy was forever gonna be opposed to every conservative nominee, but the court, he knew its history, it was his area of expertise. This is the point that Ben Rhodes was making about the White House press corps, how easy it was to lie to them about the Iran nuke deal. All we had to tell ’em is what they wanted to hear. You got a bunch of 27-year-old idealists, not a Republican in the bunch, 72 reporters in the White House press corps, not a single Republican in the bunch, they’re 27, their sum total of experience is covering political campaigns. So all we had to do was figure out what they wanted to hear and tell ’em that’s what we were doing and that’s what we got story-wise.

And what they wanted to hear was that we’re dealing with moderates in Iran. That the only reason that we’re doing this Iranian nuke deal is because we found a group of moderate Iranian leaders defined as these are not the ayatollahs, these are not the mullahs, these are not the death-to-America crowd, and we’re dealing with them, and they’re responsible and that’s why we can do the deal. He totally made it up. There aren’t any moderates in Iran with whom you can make a deal. The moderates in Iran are probably in jail, or soon to be.

Iran is still run by these wacko extremists, and that’s who we are making the Iran nuke deal with. But he was able to lie about it because the press corps doesn’t know any better. They’re not old enough to have accrued any experience anyway, or significant knowledge. And that’s what Rubio is saying here. So Trump comes along and suggests we get out of NATO because it’s another example of America being screwed. It’s another example of American sovereignty being abused. It’s another example of America paying for the world and not getting any respect back, so screw them. And we’re losing American jobs anyway, and these European nations, they ought to be forced to defend themselves, why should we have to do it, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you go Trump, you go Trump.”

Meanwhile, Rubio says a responsible press would actually tell us what would happen, or at least go to somebody who disagrees with Trump and have them tell you, “Okay, here’s what happens if we pull out of NATO.” He says that doesn’t happen ’cause the media doesn’t care about it. (interruption) I don’t think Rubio sees a path to victory. I mean, he won one state. Oh, man, the long knives are out. Yeah, I’m just telling you what Rubio said. You want to know what would happen if we pull out of NATO. Is that your question? What would happen if we pull out of NATO?

The Third Reich has shown back up. You think the Third Reich is dormant in the Reichstag in Berlin? The Third Reich has been reborn. It’s called militant Islam. And if you haven’t noticed, it is overtaking Europe. We don’t call it the Third Reich, but look it, militant Islam was aligned with Hitler back in the days of World War II, they had the same enemy: the Jews. They were aligned.

We don’t call it the Third Reich, but what do you call the kind of torture these people do. Maybe ISIS doesn’t have gas chambers, but they mass behead, they mass hang, they kidnap, they do all kinds of things. I mean, they have perfected torture. And nobody says a thing about it. Well, it’s not true to say nobody says a thing about it, but there aren’t any serious efforts to deal with it.

If we pulled out of NATO with circumstances as they are, I think Rubio’s point is and anybody else who agrees with him, if we pull out of NATO, then any remaining ability to protect Europe is gone. If we pull out and we announce we’re pulling out and that we’re no longer going to provide a military defense shield, well, then, it’s full speed ahead. The season is wide open for the full conquest of Europe.

Now, the question would then be, what are we doing to stop it now? You know, what is NATO doing now? I make the case that NATO is one-sided, it’s us, that we provide the military, that we provide the ammo, we provide the armaments, we provide the actual defense. And in many cases, there’s one thing that’s really true here, and that is that all of these Western European nations which Democrats in this country consider to be utopia, you know, these European socialist countries are considered to be nirvana, that’s what we all want to be like.

France, 14% unemployment, that’s the norm, and massive welfare states. Why are they able to do that? Because they don’t have to pay for their own defense. They don’t have to fund. They don’t have to have a defense budget per se. They’ve got makeshift militaries. They do participate, like Denmark in the 9/11 coalition, they had a small force that went over there and sent teletype, I don’t know what they did, but they had a small force.

These nations do have tiny, little militaries, but not enough to even defend themselves if they’re under assault; that’s us. There are people who think it’s worth maintaining Europe as it is rather than have it be totally overrun. I’m guessing that this is what Rubio means. He might mean something entirely differently so I shouldn’t put words in his mouth. This is my wild guess interpretation.

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