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RUSH: Now, gonna go back and share with you an ad. Replay this from yesterday. A Hillary Clinton super PAC has released an ad attacking Trump and his views of women using Trump’s own words. Now, there is video to this, but we don’t, obviously, have the video. We’ve got the audio here, and it’s just one little sound bite after another of Trump commenting on women, and this is the Hillary camp using a 30-year-old playbook thinking, “This is how we’re gonna win.

“All we have to do is go out and get these Republicans and these conservatives and just tell people what they say and it’s gonna be so obnoxious and people will so object to it that that’s how we’re gonna cream ’em.” Not a good question here. It’s apples and oranges. Trump is not your 30-year playbook Republican subject to the same old policies and procedures. But, anyway, here’s the ad Hillary’s super PAC started yesterday.

TRUMP: Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump. She came to my wedding, she ate like a pig. And, seriously, the wedding cake was — was… It was, like, missing in action.

STERN: Right.

TRUMP: Does she have a good body? No.

STERN: Of course.

TRUMP: Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely. Well, I just don’t respect her as a journalist. I have no respect for her. I don’t think she’s good. I think she’s highly overrated. But when I came out then, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. Well, obviously, it’s great outer beauty. I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters. Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.

FEMALE REPORTER: Donald Trump knocking supermodel Heidi Klum in the New York Times, saying, “Heidi Klum, sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

TRUMP: A person who is flat-chested, it’s very hard to be a 10, okay?


STERN: Right.

TRUMP: You know what? The women get it better than we do, folks, all right? They get it better than we do.

STERN: Can you treat women with respect?

TRUMP: I can’t say that, either.

RUSH: And that’s Donald Trump. That’s an ad the Hillary Clinton super PAC ran and they expect women to abandon Trump in droves, and they expect everybody, because it’s so horrible, it’s so mean-spirited, it’s so misogynistic. Well, the Trump campaign has responded to Hillary’s ad with a Benghazi ad featuring families.

HILLARY: We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video.

WOMAN: She lied to me. She told me it was the fault of the video.

MAN: She said, “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.”

REPORTER: So she did say to you that the Benghazi attack was caused by protests?

WOMAN: Absolutely.

HILLARY: (Laughing)

REPORTER: I don’t know why that’s funny.

RUSH: So they’ve got Hillary’s cackling laugh in there, and they’ve got all these quotes from these family members of Benghazi on record with how Hillary Clinton lied to them about the video being responsible for the loss of their family member.

So that’s Trump’s response to the Hillary super PAC ad quoting him on his thoughts on women. Which of the two is the more powerful, do you believe? The Trump Benghazi ad. Clearly Trump supporters would say that, and they are saying that…


RUSH: This is Jay in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I just tuned in to you when you were ripping Paul Ryan. I’ve never heard you more subtle in my life.

RUSH: No, no, I was not ripping. I was reading an email from a friend. (laughing) No, I was not ripping Paul Ryan. See…

CALLER: Well, anyways, you laid in to him pretty heavy, but, anyway —

RUSH: I did not. I did not. I was giving you an example of the kind of things that Trump supporters hope he says to Paul Ryan, and that was an email from a friend of mine

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — who told me that’s what he hoped Trump would say. It wasn’t me.

CALLER: Still, it was it was well done, well put out.

RUSH: Oh, you like it.

CALLER: Sorry about that. I misunderstood.

RUSH: So I just talked somebody out of praising me.

CALLER: I want to talk about silicone Hillary, first cousin of the Teflon Don.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: She made a comment about Donald Trump. She said he wouldn’t understand the gravity of the position as president of the United States. And I’d suggest to Madam Clinton — madam, term being used in a house of prostitution — (unintelligible) the root word being grave. She put four people there. And whose responsibility was Benghazi? Who gave the order to stand down? And who provided aid and comfort to the enemy? Who compromised national security with her server? And I say whoever did this is a prime candidate for treason and certainly not president of the United States.

RUSH: You know, there are a lot of examples of this. By the way, I hear what you’re saying and this is something I think the Democrats don’t calculate because they have such a slavish media. The Democrats, Obama, Hillary, get away with lying about the Benghazi attack. They get away with it. Oh, yeah, there’s a video. Remember what we talked about the other day, about the way the media covers Obama. They don’t cover Obama or Hillary, any Democrat, as in any way related to news.

They cover Obama like it it’s a movie or book or daily soap opera script. And this is the old discussion we had about the concept of the MacGuffin in a book or a movie, the MacGuffin is what the hero wants. It could be a thing, it could be a conquest, it could be victory over another person, but whatever the hero wants is the MacGuffin. And the Democrat media, of course, is only interested in whether or not Obama gets what he wants.

So in the case of Obamacare, there was never any investigation of what Obamacare actually was from the Drive-By Media. We had to do that. And a bunch of bloggers had to do it. And a bunch of conservative think tankers. And that’s the only reason people had any idea what was in those 2,000 pages ’cause the media didn’t. The media only cared whether Obama would get it, would get it passed. That’s all that mattered.

And then on the other side you have the villains, the people trying to stop the hero from getting what he wants. And those are always the Republicans. So the coverage of any Obama story is not the substance of it and not the detail of it, and not the good or the bad; it’s whether or not Obama will get it. Whether Obama will be hurt, will Obama be helped? That’s the that’s the way the media covers everything.

So, after Benghazi, Obama concocts this story that it was an internet video that led to the protests, that led to the murders of the four Americans. The media didn’t question it. They asked, will Obama get away with this? Obama wants to blame it on the video. Will he succeed? And they began the reporting, then, was only on the efforts of Obama and Hillary to make everybody believe that it was the video. The media never once questioned it. They never once poured any doubt on it. All they did was cover it from the perspective, will Obama get away with this? Obama wants people to think that it was a video. Will he get what he wants?

Mrs. Clinton is out there doing the same thing, and the media treats her the same way. The Democrats are used to this. They’re used to the media greasing the skids. They’re used to the media not investigating the substance of what they do, and yet caller after caller here can tell us why they don’t like Mrs. Clinton. Benghazi, Libya, every substitute failure that the Drive-By Media has never reported, people know it, but Hillary’s unaware of it. She doesn’t think she’s gonna get called on it because, in her experience, she gets away with whatever because the media helps her get what she wants. That’s why she’s in for a rude awakening, I think, all over this election.

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