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“What the people critical of Trump have to realize, and I’m one of them, is that there is something about Donald Trump’s message that deeply resonated with millions and millions of Americans. That slogan he has, it’s the best slogan that I’ve seen a politician come up with, maybe ever. Make America Great Again. There’s so much in there. It implies that right now we’re not great. And I think whether you support Trump or oppose Trump, if you’re a conservative, you have to agree with that.” – Mark Belling 

Joint Statement from Ryan and Trump on Unity 

“President Obama is going to Hiroshima. He doesn’t have to apologize out loud. Everyone knows that’s what the meaning of this is. It’s just one more attempt by Obama to send a message to the rest of the world that we’re bad guys.” -Mark Belling

Trump and Middle Class America

“The fact is that seven-and-a-half years into the Obama presidency we seem to, if anything, be headed toward a new recession. Retail sales appear to be plummeting. That ought to be on the left. I don’t know if Trump’s the right vehicle to tap into it, and I don’t know that Trump is offering any solutions to it. But he’s hit on something that’s out there. That there are a lot more people struggling, I think, than maybe most of us are aware of.” – Mark Belling

Star Parker of CURE on Civil Rights

“When you consider the struggles and problems that African Americans faced in this country, not allowed to vote, prior to that being enslaved, being sent to lousy schools in the South, when you try to say that that is on the same level as somebody who is describing themselves as being of a new gender not being able to use the bathroom, it’s an indication that we’re a country that has really, really gone off the beam.” – Mark Belling


“We are not a gender neutral society, we are gender specific for all types of reasons: moral, spiritual, biological.  I agree with the governor 100%, that it is time for the Congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions because we’ve been at this stuck corner for the last 50 years about what is or isn’t in the Civil Rights Act.” – Star Parker

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