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The Obama Stimulus Didn’t Fix Our Roads and Bridges?

RUSH: Reuters has a story.  “America’s Engineers Say Our Bridges and Highways Are in Big Trouble.”  Didn’t we…? What was the stimulus bill for back in 2009?  You know, if I remember right, Obama’s stimulus bill, didn’t they sell that as road and bridge repair, school repair, a basic infrastructure repair?  Now, look, I’m being facetious.  I know that absolutely nothing went to that.  Most of it went to union employees they wouldn’t be fired during the Great Recession.

But it’s a legitimate question. “America’s Engineers Say Our Bridges and Highways Are in Big Trouble.” Who’s been in charge of bridges and highways the last 7-1/2 years, and who’s had a bunch of legislation and a bunch of money appropriated “to fix roads and bridges”?  Why hasn’t it been done?  

MIT Lecture: Islamophobia Causes Global Warming

RUSH: And then there’s this.  “Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?”  That was the actual title of a lecture given earlier this week at MIT.  An MIT professor did a lecture on the proposition that Islamophobia is accelerating global warming.  The professor’s name was Ghassan Hage.

“Hage, born in Lebanon before moving to Australia, is the author of several books exploring race in Australia, including, White Nation and Against Paranoid Nationalism,” and he’s out there actually trying to make the case that Islamophobia is accelerating global warming.  I mean, it’s Looney Tunes out there, absolute unadulterated insanity, and that is a sign of how desperate the global warming crowd is.  

Everything in Algore’s Book and Movie Was Wrong

RUSH: You know we had our Algore countdown clock. Ten years Algore gave everybody. Somebody went back and took a look at all the areas Gore said were going to be destroyed, such as the North Pole would have no ice by now in the summer.

It would all melt, which meant the polar bears were gonna die out.  Everything Gore predicted has not happened.  Everything.  He didn’t get a single thing right.  See levels have not risen, destroying islands or cities.  The polar bears are flourishing.  There are more polar bears than there were ten years ago.  Arctic ice is not melting away.  It’s not melting.  Everything in Algore’s movie for which he won an Oscar and everything in the book on which the movie was based was just totally fraudulent.  None of it was true. 

You let that book be written by a Republican.

WaPo Team of 20 Reporters Digging Dirt on Trump

RUSH: You know, you’ve seen the story the Washington Post has assigned 20 reporters to dig up every speck of dirt on Donald Trump they can find.  Can you say backfire?  That’s the kind of thing the average Trumpster learns that the only thing gonna get harmed when this is all over, the Washington Post.  They’re gonna lose subscribers. They’re gonna get trolled like crazy all over Twitter and Fakebook.  When’s the last time you heard…? Bob Woodward admitted it! Bob Woodward… “We’re uncovering everything!” 

Bob Woodward said that the New York real estate market is more complex than the CIA, and that’s why we need all these reporters digging for all this dirt on Trump. When’s the last time you heard the Washington Post suggest that even two reporters are gonna be assigned to find out whatever they can find about the Clintons?  You want to find out…? You want to do some digging? Dig into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.  Dig into what’s happening with that.  You don’t need 20 reporters to do that. But you need 20 reporters to dig up all the dirt they can find on Trump. 

The problem is Trump has been a widely known and greatly loved public figure for 11 or 12 years.  I’m telling you, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the election, but I’m just telling you: This is part of the playbook that everybody uses, and this kind of stuff, I don’t think, is the kind of stuff that’s gonna work against Trump.  They can try it, but this is all they know.  Got the Republican nominee; the objective is to destroy the Republican nominee.  Well, it’s a playbook. The Democrat Party has a playbook: How you do it. 

The media is working in conjunction ’cause it’s really not media. It’s a branch the Democrat Party. They work together, and they employ these systems that they’ve perfected over the years, and the systems have been built around working and being successful on traditional conventional politicians.  Traditional conventional Republican politicians, none of which is applicable to Trump.  Just like Hillary’s ad that we ran by the super PAC, Hillary’s ad, all these statements Trump’s made about women.

It’s supposed to scare women, supposed to anger women, supposed to guarantee that no woman would ever vote for Trump. But it backfires on the super PAC, and they don’t understand why.  ‘Cause it would work on any other Republican.  Why is it not gonna work on Trump?  Because they’re trying to plug Trump into their system that they’ve perfected, and he’s outside it.  And the reason he is supported is, he’s outside the realm of the political system that has evolved.  

Your Host Out Monday and Tuesday, Mark Steyn Sits In

RUSH:  And a reminder, my friends, that I’m away Monday and Tuesday.  Mark Steyn will be here both days.  This a scheduled couple of days off.  It’s something that comes up every other year.  It’s a charity golf outing, a genuine charity golf outing.  We’re not delivering energy savings to the poor.  We’re actually raising money for a really decent organization.  So, anyway, I’ll be back here on Wednesday.  I’ll be looking forward to it ’cause the weather where we’re going absolutely stinks.

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