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“If you don’t like Trump because he isn’t conservative — and you want to have a voice on this guy’s team — do what the Bushies did in 1980: Start trying to get your guy as vice president.” -Mark Steyn

NY Times Crosses the Line

“How well do you have to treat women when you’re running against the Clintons? This is the insanity of the NY Time’s front page story.” -Mark Steyn

The Clinton Climate of Corruption

“I was talking about corruption in this country, which gets in my nostrils, the stink of corruption, the stench of corruption, the sense that laws apply to some people and not to others. Who is the embodiment of the descent into banana republic status?  Hillary Rodham Clinton.” -Mark Steyn

The Reason We Have Trump

“The TSA is the world’s most lavishly funded airport security bureaucracy, and what they do with the money is to keep you outside in line struggling to get through the line for three hours.” – Mark Steyn  

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