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What happened in Vegas over the weekend has Democrat Party bosses nervous. Crazy Bernie supporters went loco. They’re fit to be tied.

Here’s what happened. Everyone knew Hillary Clinton won the Nevada state primary in February. But last weekend was the Nevada Democrat convention, when the delegates were awarded. Sanders supporters hoped to score enough delegates at the convention to maybe break even with Hillary. 

Sadly, for them,  things didn’t work out. About 60 potential Sanders delegates were told they were out of the running. They couldn’t become delegates, because of “the rules.”

And that’s when all hell broke loose. All the pent-up frustrations about the “rigged” process the DNC set up to benefit Hillary,  poured into the open.

Chairs were thrown. There was a lot of yelling. Booing. Threats. The convention was abruptly shut down, when security decided they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the attendees. Many of whom were yelling and throwing objects around the room.

Nevada Democrat chairwoman Roberta Lange, now calls Sanders supporters “vile.” She says she and her family members got death threats and Sanders supporters warned her they knew where her grandchildren went to school.

So, big question for Democrats. Will what happened in Vegas, stay in Vegas? Or spread to Philadelphia in July, when Democrats meet for their national convention? Where Sanders’ people will finally have to face Democrat Party facts: 1) Bernie is out; and 2) Hillary is in. 3) Bernie never had a chance, it was rigged from the get go. 

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