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RUSH: Flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s plane — you know what they call that?  You know who Jeffrey Epstein is?  The pedophile that served — the Lolita Express.  The guy had his own Boeing 727, called the Lolita Express ’cause of the underage girls.  Clinton appeared on flight logs maybe twice as often as has been reported, meaning he was on Epstein’s jet a lot more than was reported.  On several of those occasions the Secret Service was not on board.  Clinton dispatched them.

Now, you can’t just do that.  You can’t just tell the Secret Service, “Hey, you guys, I don’t need you on this trip, you know, stay home with your families.”  You have to fill out forms. I mean, you can do it.  Nobody says you can’t do it, but it’s a process, and, like anything in the bureaucracy, there’s reams of paperwork to support the decision that the Secret Service isn’t gonna be with you.  So now people are wondering, did Clinton maybe take some of these Lolita trips?  Because up ’til now nobody’s made that connection, that Clinton flew on Epstein’s jet to do charity work in Africa and Mozambique and South Africa and wherever else Clinton went to look good.

But Epstein has his own private island out there, like a 73-acre private island that’s big enough for the Lolita Express to take off and land and store enough jet fuel to get out of there. And apparently there’s a whole compound there, and people are wondering: Did Clinton join Epstein and Prince Andrew and whoever the hell else was in the harem at one of these many events that Epstein promised?  So all kinds of light, new light is being shined on some of these things.

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