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Politics isn’t pretty. It’s showbiz for the ugly. Just ask former Governor “Fast Eddie” Rendell, Democrat, Pennsylvania. During an interview with his buddies at the Washington Post, Rendell cracked jokes about Donald Trump’s remarks about women.

Fast Eddie said Trump’s comments on female beauty would backfire. Because, said Eddie, “there are probably more ugly women in America, than attractive women.”

Well, that hit the fan. Within hours, every media outlet, from local Pennsylvania newspapers to People Magazine ran headlines about Ed Rendell, Democrat, calling American women ugly.

As a highly-trained broadcast specialist pointed out many years ago, the ugly know who they are. And they were mad.

The story went viral: Not only did Fast Eddie Rendell, Democrat, say most American women are ugly. He implied that Democrats have the ugly-American-woman vote sewn up. Uglo-American woman are voting Hillary!

The former governor tried to put the beauty cream back in the jar. Speaking to reporters, he groveled: “What I said was incredibly stupid and insensitive,” he said. “When I read it in the article, I said, ‘Did I say that?’ It was just dumb, and stupid, and insensitive, and if I offended anyone, I apologize.”

It’s too late Fast Eddie. You said it, and you meant it. It didn’t even register that you said anything wrong until you saw it in print! Only then did you realize, “That’s ugly!” Bad break, because the ugly � can be unforgiving. This is a democrat war on women. You’ve just see the first shot fired. 

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