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“Democrats never get in trouble when they lie. The fur flies when they admit that they’ve lied.  In other words, when they tell the truth is when all hell breaks loose on their side.” “It’s surreal, CNN says, for a presidential candidate to try to defend himself by calling the media’s attention to statements that are incorrect the way Donald Trump does.”

“You know what’s great about Laurel Valley? You can smoke anywhere. You can have cigars in the locker room. You can have cigars in the dining room. You can have cigars in the men’s grill. You can have cigars in the toilet. You can have cigars in the putting green. You can have cigars on the golf course. You can have cigars on the range. You can smoke everywhere in that place. That’s almost worth thinking of moving there.”

“‘Nine in 10 Native Americans �’ that will be Indians, for those of you in Rio Linda. ‘Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll.’ If you want to change the name and get rid of what’s really offensive about it, just call ’em the Redskins and boot ‘Washington.'”

“You have your average American getting up every day, going to work, living his or her life, and then all of a sudden hears that there’s a movement out there that trees in the National Parks are racist because they remind people of lynching, and they think there’s a movement going on, better join up. This is a totally concocted, nonexistent event. Classic example of a media narrative.” 

“I continue to marvel at how even after all this time, so many people still don’t get how Trump is doing what he’s doing.”

“Crazy Bernie was never supposed to get this close and he was never supposed to cause riots at the Democrat convention. He was never supposed to cause Dianne Feinstein to go out there and say all this reminds her of 1968. They lost in a landslide, then four years later lost again in a landslide, 1972. Don’t want any part of that. The Democrat Party’s in heap big trouble.” 

“Democrats can rarely be up-front honest about their policy intentions, their ideological intentions and desires, ’cause if they were, nobody would vote for them. Not a majority. They have to lie.”

“The Democrat Party looks at everybody and judges them by virtue of what they see on the surface. They judge them on skin color. That’s the first thing they notice about people, skin color, then they go to gender, then sexual orientation, then now sexual preference and whatever else. It’s who the Democrats are.” 

“Democrats are rewarded and categorized on their ability and creativity and cleverness in lying. Don’t doubt me. It is inarguable.”

“What we know now is there’s a story that Fast Eddie’s in Hillary’s doghouse, which means testicle lockbox, so that’s Bill and then that’s Fast Eddie Rendell now in Hillary’s testicle lockbox.” 

“Did you see this on Drudge yesterday?  The average person spends 0.45% of life having sex. I saw that and I said, ‘Well, hmm.  I’m apparently getting an unfair share of somebody else’s time.'” 

“Ed Rendell, I think, is a season ticket holder for the Eagles, and back when they played at The Vet, he’s one of the guys that threw snowballs at Santa Claus, or threw snowballs at opposing players from his seats in the middle tier. He is a big, big guy. He’s a hulk of a guy.”

“If you want to know what Whitewater was, in the simplest of terms, the Clintons and Jim McDougal sold retirement lots to the elderly and some middle-class families (they advertised in small, little newspapers), and then foreclosed on them if they missed a single payment.” 

“There’s no such thing as an apolitical liberal. They are defined by it. They’re governed by it.” 

“Fakebook and Google may as well have offices in the White House, in the West Wing, they’re there that much. There are more Google visits on the White House logs than anybody else. And Fakebook is in there as well.”  

“The leftists have constructed this little cocoon. They built this little cocoon they all live in, and now they call ’em safe spaces and wherever they have their little hideouts so they can be protected from points of view they don’t even hear.” 

“She’s bought and sold to every foreign power there is. Hillary Clinton is going to be led around the nose by whoever it is that’s donated to her foundation.”

“The Clintons have perfected pay-to-play political influence peddling on a breathtaking scale. Reading ‘Clinton Cash’ is a nauseating experience.”

“Liberals never believe that merit earns wealth. There’s gotta be some cheating, there has to be some chicanery, there has to be under-the-table deals, nothing is legitimate. They never applaud and appreciate hard work as being a payoff because they don’t believe that’s how it happened with people.”

“Liberal Democrats, like the Kennedys, super wealthy people have to lie about it, don’t care about it, they’re not interested in it. ‘Raise taxes, go right ahead, I don’t think I’m paying enough.’ That’s all part of the scam to make their voters think that they don’t care about being wealthy, when that’s all they care about.”








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