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Before you can fly the friendly skies, packed like sardines in ever-shrinking coach seats, you’ve got to make it on the plane. Lately, that’s getting really, really hard to do.

The TSA, run by the Regime, suddenly has staffing problems. Right as the summer travel season kicks off. Long lines, up to three-hour waits at security checkpoints have made thousands of travelers miss flights.

Fliers are not happy. They’re livid about this. So, airport managers are trying all kinds of things to calm people down thinking of kinds of things that might work. They’re not speeding up the lines, No, no. They’re acknowledging the lines are going to be there.

In Atlanta, snacks will be handed out. At the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport, miniature horses are being brought in as a form of therapy. An airport spokesbabe says the miniature horses reduce stress and anxiety. They make people smile. Where do they poop while people are petting them?

San Diego’s airport had the bright idea to literally send in clowns. Of course most people think the clowns are already working as TSA people. No, these clowns were hired from a local circus. There supposed to make angry fliers laugh.

The bottom line: it’s becoming unmanageable. The Regine could fix it, but they don’t want to. 

They want you angry, and arguing  and complaining so they can spend even more money on this department that is not getting the job done. 

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