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White Kids Think They Can Grow Up to Be Black

RUSH:  “Can White Kids Grow Up to be Black?”  You laugh.  This is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Michigan study.  Some people think it can be made to happen, that white kids can grow up to be black.


RUSH: “According to a University of Michigan study, white preschoolers often believe a person’s race can change over time, and the youngsters even think they can can grow up to become black adults.”  And if you look at Rachel Dolezal you might have to acknowledge it can happen. 

“Steven Roberts, a U-M doctoral student and the study’s lead author, said that although children may be aware of races other than their own, they don’t have a strong understanding of what race is — at least not to the degree of adults. Roberts and colleague Susan Gelman, U-M professor of psychology and linguistics, examined the extent that children believed race was stable; that is, whether a black child would grow up to be a black adult.”

You’re kidding me, right?  This is something new they just discovered, some new phenomena, it’s always been among us, we’ve always had young people who thought they could grow up to be a different race, the opposite race, but we just never knew ’til now. 

“The experiment included 74 children and 28 adults. Children were recruited in the Midwest at museums, and adults were recruited online. The data were collected between 2014 and 2015.” Museums?  They recruited children at museums and the adults online. 

“Researchers showed participants pictures of children who were happy or angry and black or white, and asked them to indicate which of two adults each child would grow up to be. One adult matched the child in emotion (but not race) and the other matched the child in race (but not emotion).”

What is this?  “Participants could have chosen a same-emotion but different race match, or a same-race but different emotion match.” Are you totally confused?  Let me try this again.  Imagine you’re a participant. You’ve been recruited here in an experiment to determine whether or not you believe children can grow up to become people of a different race. 

Researchers show you pictures of children who were happy or angry and then black or white.  And then you are asked to indicate which of two adults each child would grow up to be.  One adult matched a child in emotion but not race, and the other matched the child in race but not emotion.  Participants could have chosen the same emotion but different race match, or the same race but different emotion match. 

“White adults, white 9- to 10-year-olds and racial minority 5- to 6-year-olds selected the same-race matches, which meant they believed, for instance, that a white child would grow up to be a white adult.” Who would think that?  What kind of person would think that a white child would grow up to become a white adult?  Where are we going wrong?

“White 5- to 6-year-olds showed a different pattern.” White five- to six-year-olds believed that white kids could grow up to be black adults.  “‘These data suggest that beliefs about racial stability vary by age and race, and that at an early age, children do not have strong beliefs about race. They don’t even believe that race is stable,’ Roberts said in a statement. ‘Because of this, white 5- to 6-year-olds may be less likely to use race as a way to discriminate against other children when selecting who to play with, for example.'”

What do you think the purpose of this survey is?  Who would even conceive of this?  Who would think that we need to do a survey to find out if white kids think it’s possible to grow up and be black?  And then, when we find some who do, we praise them, “See, these kids are not racist. They think it’d be perfectly okay and perfectly doable and it’d be perfectly understandable for young white children to grow up to be black.  That means they can’t possibly be racist.” It sounds like some kind of convoluted thinking from this white privilege crowd that has sprouted on American college campuses. 

“This research was funded by a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. … The findings appear in Developmental Psychology.”  Good Lord, folks, what in the world.  We’re gonna make a big deal of what a group of three- and four-year-olds imagine?  We’re gonna make a big deal over what they dream?  Preschoolers, by the way, are not five or six years old.  These are kindergarteners that we’re talking about here.  

Was Trump Mocking Christie on Oreos?

RUSH:  The media is trying to say that Trump was making fun of Chris Christie.  He went in there and did a deal to retire Christie’s campaign debt. He did an appearance, and at some point during Trump’s remarks, he said, “By the way, no more Oreos for me, and certainly no more Oreos for Chris. No more Oreos, right, Chris?”  And the press is saying, “My God, Trump just won’t let it go. He won’t stop making fun of Christie.”

Over 40% of Hispanics View Hillary Unfavorably

RUSH: There’s a new poll.  Over four in 10 Hispanics view Hillary Clinton unfavorably.  It’s from TheHill.com. 

“Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by over 40% of Hispanics, according to a new poll.  Forty-one percent of Hispanics –” it’s a Fox News Latino survey “– said that they view Clinton negatively compared with 56% who view her positively.” Now, what does all this mean?  It’s very simple.  Trump does not need a majority of Hispanics to win, but Hillary does.  Hillary needs ’em all.  Hillary is gonna need 92, 93% of the African-American vote.  She’s gonna need the usual 70 to 80% of the Hispanic vote.  If she doesn’t get that, if she doesn’t get one of those, she is in deep, deep doo-doo.

Trump Speaks to NRA

RUSH: I caught a little bit of Trump here addressing the NRA, and this is funny.  He was talking about San Bernardino, and he said (paraphrasing), “Fourteen people. They come and shoot the place up. People gave ’em a baby shower, thought they were their friends. They come in there blowing people away, people going to the hospital and there are no guns on the other side. If they had guns on the other side, if I’d have been out there, boom!”  Audience erupted.  Yeah.  “If I’d have been out there, boom!”  


RUSH: Trump continuing his improvisational, shoot-from-the-hip, whatever he’s thinking he says speech at the NRA, and he’s getting standing O’s left and right as he’s doing so. But he started it, you know, it’s good timing.  Three weeks ago his speech might have started at one p.m., they moved it to near three, so they’re making progress there.  It’s a good thing.  

Kindergartener Suspended for Bringing Toy Bubble Gun to School

RUSH: Washington Post: “Kindergartener Suspended for Bringing Princess Bubble Gun to School — A kindergarten student was suspended for bringing a toy bubble-blowing gun to a school in the Denver suburbs on Monday.

“The 5-year-old girl received the one-day suspension ‘for bringing a clear bubble-type gun’ to Southeast Elementary in Brighton, according to Colorado’s School District 27J. Local television stations spoke with a woman they identified as the student’s mother. ‘Really, I’m in shock,’ the woman, identified as Emma, told Fox 31 in Denver. ‘I don’t want her to miss out on class.  That’s a silly reason not to go to school,’ the woman told the station. ‘What bugs me is this is going to be something they can refer to if we have any issues in the future which I don’t foresee, but it’s always going to be lingering there in her school file.’ The district defended the suspension, citing policies regarding weapons — real or fake — in its schools.”

If the student were transgender, it would be a whole different thing.  Here, take that to the bathroom with you, take your bubble gun to the bathroom with you, little whatever your name is.  

Trump Is Gaining with Millennials

RUSH: Donald Trump is gaining support among Millennials.  This is polling data.  He’s not only gaining support among Hispanics, the Trumpster is gain support among Millennials.  This is from Red Alert Politics: “The ‘Trump Train’ is headed straight for the general election and picking up supporters along the way, including more millennial voters.  According to a Fox News poll released Wednesday afternoon the billionaire has significantly closed the gap with Clinton among Gen Y voters, and is now leading among Gen-Xers by double digits.

“In a head-to-head matchup, Clinton leads Trump among millennials by 11 percent, 46 to 35 percent, respectively. While Clinton still holds a double-digit lead, it’s down 7 points from a Fox News poll released on March 23 that showed an 18-point margin.”

You know, what this is gonna be seen as by the Democrats is a continued slowing of the momentum. Actually, it’s gonna be absence of momentum for Mrs. Clinton.  Don’t doubt me when I tell you that they’re having real doubts.  There’s not much they can do other than, you know, maybe hope for an indictment and then Biden.  You’d be amazed the number of people that still tell me they think that’s gonna happen. 

On the golf trip over the weekend, I can’t tell you the number of people who really believe that Obama hates the Clintons. There’s a long, simmering feud, and he’s gonna pull the rug out from under her at the worst possible time for her and is gonna send Biden in there ’cause he much more trusts Biden to maintain his agenda and advance it than he does Hillary.  There are a lot of people who believe that. I think some of that belief is housed in hope, but we will see. 

GOP Elites Signing on with Trump

RUSH: There’s all kinds of stories out here about the elites now aligning behind Trump.  A couple of different stories about Republicans that originally opposed Trump are now warming up to Trump.  Elites who oppose Trump are now joining up with Trump.  This is a continuing theme that’s happening all over the Drive-By Media.  

Hope: Trump Signs Big-Time Fracker

RUSH: Speaking of hope, we got some hopeful news from Trump.  “Donald Trump has asked one of America’s most ardent drilling advocates and climate change skeptics to help him draft his energy policy.

“US Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota — a major oil drilling state – is writing a white paper on energy policy for Trump. … Cramer was also among a group of Trump advisers who recently met with lawmakers from western energy states, who hope Trump will open more federal land for drilling.”

So you add the Supreme Court nominee potentials that he listed and now this guy, a pro-fracking, anti-global warming energy advisor, and you have some people feeling a little different. 

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