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The “diversity office” at the University of Tennessee has been on a roll. They told students to avoid “religious-themed holiday parties.” Christmas parties. They told students to stop using pronouns like “he” and “she”  so as not to offend transgendered students, how ever few of them there are. It seemed nobody could stop the “diversity office” from enforcing left-wing claptrap.

Finally, conservative lawmakers in the state, had enough. They offered a bill to strip the diversity office of half a million dollars in state funds. Without operating funds, the diversity office radicals might get the hint that they’d gone too far.

These conservative lawmakers operated out of intelligence, guided by experience. They knew that whenever funds are cut, liberals raise a stink. So as the lawmakers cut the 500 million for the diversity office, they redirected the money into scholarships, for minority students.

In addition to reining in the out-of-control diversity department, these conservative legislators also took care of something else. In recent years, students at the university have held an annual “Sex Week.” You can guess what that’s all about. So the bill also bans the University from spending any money promoting Sex Week.

By not signing or vetoing the legislation, Tennessee’s Republican governor Bill Haslam allowed the bill to become law last Friday.

There’s a lesson here, for Republicans in Congress. Use the power of the purse! Deny the left the money. It works, when it’s tried.

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