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RUSH: Boy, they are just nervous as they can be out there — well, in Baltimore. But they are nervous as they can be out on the Democrat Party and in their related Drive-By Media where, of course, you have Democrat hacks disguised as journalists.  It was funny, the Washington Post poll — the ABC News/Washington Post poll — has Trump leading Hillary by two, 46-44.  But you would barely know that if you read the Washington Post story about it.  The Washington Post story tried to focus on Trump’s negatives, and you had to dig deep to actually find where Trump leads Hillary by two, 46-44.

It’s margin of error — and, of course, that is a statistical tie.  That’s not the point.  You can tell. When a poll comes out, the loser always says something like (screeching), “I don’t believe polls right now.”  That’s what Hillary’s saying.  The loser always talks about how polls don’t mean anything.  The winner either ignores the polls or amplifies on it; the leader does that.  But this wasn’t supposed to happen.  See, Hillary was supposed to be coronated by now, and over on the Republican side is where the knock down, drag out was supposed to be happening.

They were supposed to be beating themselves up, and whoever won the nomination was supposed to have been destroyed in the primary process — and it’s the exact opposite.  Crazy Bernie is going postal on Hillary, on the Democrat Party, on Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He’s promising to never go away, and Hillary’s still having to fight that battle out there way, way, way, way out on the left plank.  Not “flank” — she’s out on the left “plank.” There’s no momentum on the Hillary side.  There’s no excitement on the Hillary side.

And there’s something devastating.  I… Folks, this is one of those things that the Drive-Bys are not gonna make a big deal of it, by design, but it’s gonna get out there.  And this is gonna be one of these things that if Hillary loses, this is gonna be one of the reasons that people will eventually learn was a reason, postelection.  They’re kind of ignoring it now, but if she loses, and they’re doing the postmortems, they’re gonna go back to stories like this.

Do you realize that this woman, in the last two years, has made $21 million delivering speeches, mostly to banks?  Twenty-one mil!  I don’t think there’s a speech for less than $225,000 on the list, and they’re all listed.  Some of them are as high as $400,000, but it’s generally in that range of 225, 250, up to $400,000.  It’s every bank you’ve ever heard of )and then some), and every hedge fund that you’ve ever heard of (and then some).  Every investment house that you’ve ever heard of. It’s $21 million in two years, speeches alone.

Not Bill.  This is Hillary.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, most of these speeches are delivered before Wall Street firms.  Read: Banks.  Who do Bernie Sanders supporters despise?  Banks.  Corporate America.  Hillary Clinton is owned by corporate America.  Hillary Clinton’s presidency, if it ever happens, has already been bought by corporate America, and who knows what the foreign donors are and how many there are. But that’s a $100 million that has been given to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

The Clinton presidency has already been bought — meaning policies, initiatives, what have you, have already been bought — by foreign governments, foreign entities, and United States corporate entities and banks.  And this is the kind of thing that your average left-wing Democrat voter is going to learn.  There are enough Democrat websites out there ticked off at Hillary over this; they’re gonna report it.  The Drive-Bys won’t. They won’t make a big deal of it, but some of the other left-wing blogs will.

Democrat voters are gonna hear about it, and it’s gonna tick ’em off.  And there’s a related story. What is this? Something… Let me find this. They’re shocked out there that something like 20% of Bernie voters claim they’re gonna vote for Trump now or some such thing.  I just printed this out, I just put it in the Stack, and I can’t remember exactly where I put it in here.  But it is… They’re stunned over all of this.  She’s in trouble with Hispanics where she really needs to win big.

Meanwhile, Obama is over apologizing again, posing for pictures in front of dead communists.  He did Che Guevara in Cuba. Now he’s posing in front statues, whatever, of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.  So it’s all adding up here that Mrs. Clinton is in deep trouble, and she knows it.  That’s why she’s running around talking about how polls don’t matter.  So we get to all this in due course.


RUSH: $21 million. Corporate America bought Hillary $21 million in speeches. They were 20-minute speeches, I should add.  These are not hour-and-a-half stand-up routines.  This is 20, maybe 25 minutes of scripted stuff.  You know what? She goes in there, and I don’t even know what kind of audiences she draws.  Probably bank directors require a certain number of people to show up.  You know what she does in there. The reason she won’t release transcripts is she goes in there and lauds the banks.

She goes in… I mean, she sings for her supper. She goes in there and they tells about how great she thinks the banks are and applauds them for all the work they’re doing to try to spread home ownership to everybody, including people that can’t afford it.  I guarantee you, she’s not in there ripping ’em. She’s not in there criticizing them like she is on the campaign trail.  She probably goes in there and has her private powwow with the bigwigs before making the speech for the whole executive team, and she says to them, “Look, you gotta understand:

“Out there on the campaign trail, I gotta hit you. But believe me, I don’t mean it. It’s not personal. I gotta do it, you understand?” And they say, “Of course, Mrs. Clinton! Of course, we understand.  It’s not about that.  It’s about after you get elected, what you’re gonna do for us. All this other stuff, we don’t care. We don’t care.  Just remember for when you’re in the White House why you’re here.”  Twenty minutes, 25 minutes, and $21 million in two years.  You know as well as I do your average left-wing lunatic Democrat voter, this is gonna set them off on all kinds of levels.


RUSH:  I knew I saw it.  It’s in the audio sound bites.  It’s the audio sound bite roster.  And actually, the news is buried deep in that ABC/Washington Post poll story in the Washington Post.  Here it is.  Jon Karl of ABC was on Good Morning America today with Stephanopoulos who said, “We have seen Donald Trump making strides in unifying the Republican Party now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out. Hillary Clinton still has a battle.”

KARL:  The most astounding number in this poll, to me, George, was this.  Look at this! Twenty percent of Bernie Sanders supporters say that they will vote for Donald Trump if it come downs to Hillary or Trump.  One-in-five Bernie Sanders supporters saying they would vote for Donald Trump.  The key thing for Hillary is, she has got to find a way to get the Sanders supporters on board.

RUSH:  Right.  Isn’t it interesting how things have worked out? Trump was going to be the guy to blow up the Republican Party.  Trump was gonna be the guy to make sure the Republican Party in no way could unify.  It was gonna remain fractured, was gonna remain split. It was gonna remain at odds, gonna be all kinds of hatred and angst out there.  And the Democrats, they were gonna unify! Mrs. Clinton was going to spread the wings of mercy, whatever you do as Nurse Ratched to bring everybody in, and it was gonna be kumbaya and hunky-dory!

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

The GOP is starting to unify around Trump.  There are some holdouts. Some big-money donors, by the way, are still holding out, but for the most part there is some unifying now going on around Trump, and there’s none happening yet with Hillary and Bernie.  And it is — it was — very deep: 20% of Bernie supporters say they will vote for Trump.  Now, the Drive-Bys are very much aware of this.  And there’s a story in the Stack today. You know, the empathy question in all the polls that I’ve recited the last two elections: “Cares about people like me:  Obama 81, Romney 19.”  They’re trying to get ahead of that. The Drive-Bys are saying, “You know what?  Trump’s biggest problem is he does not have empathy like Obama had.”

And that, they are really, really misjudging.


RUSH:  That 20%, by the way, in the ABC News/Washington Post poll, 20% of Bernie Sanders voters would vote Trump? That’s up.  We had a story at some point last week, and the number was 10%, between eight and 10% would vote for Trump.  This poll is showing 20%.  Remember, now: The Drive-Bys, this stuff is biblical to them.  They don’t reject any of it.  I mean, it’s gospel.  So when they see in their own poll that 20% of Bernie’s voters would go Trump, that’s Panic City.

And then there’s this, that is from about 11 days ago back on May 12th, Red Alert Politics:  “Bernie Sanders supporters may be ‘feeling the Bern’ for their own candidate, but nearly half are planning to give Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton the cold shoulder in November. A YouGov poll released on Wednesday [May 12th] showed that 45% of Democrats who preferred Sanders in the primary, do not plan on voting for Clinton in the general.” Now, if that’s anywhere near true, that’s a stretch.

Nearly half of the people who prefer Bernie don’t plan on voting for Clinton?  Not that they’re gonna vote for Trump; they may just not vote.  You cross-tab that with the Washington Post poll that says 20% of Bernie’s people will vote Trump?  I know. It’s offset a little bit.  I mean, on the Republican side you’ve got some Republicans saying that they’re gonna vote Hillary instead of Trump.  And you still have this fantasized third-party candidate thing going on out there on the Republican side.

But the directions that both parties are going different.  The Republicans are showing that the direction everything’s moving is toward unity.  It’s not there yet by any stretch.  The Democrats, that can’t be said.  Mrs. Clinton is just… She’s not an exciting, energetic, infectious, charismatic candidate.  She’s there precisely because she’s owed.

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