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“Hillary Clinton is owned by corporate America. Hillary Clinton’s presidency, if it ever happens, has already been bought by corporate America, and who knows what the foreign donors are and how many there are.”

“The directions that both parties are going is different. The Republicans are showing that the direction everything’s moving is toward unity. The Democrats, that can’t be said. Mrs. Clinton is not an exciting, energetic, infectious, charismatic candidate. She’s there precisely because she’s owed.” 

“By the way, Jack Nicklaus has come out for the Trumpster ’cause he’s ‘turning the world upside down,’ and he likes that. Jack Nicklaus has joined the Trump brigade.”

“For a pro that can play golf, it has to be torture to have to spend a day with a bunch of hackers. It just has to be torture. Because all the hackers want ‘the secret.’ Every time I’ve been with them they put the game of the hacker they’re playing with first. They all do. It’s amazing.”  

“The Drive-By Media sports media is livid at another Washington Post poll that showed 90% of Native Americans don’t care if the Washington Redskins call themselves the Redskins. It doesn’t matter. They don’t care. The Drive-Bys think they should care, and they’re telling them so.” 

“Hillary was supposed to be coronated by now, and over on the Republican side is where the knock down, drag out was supposed to be happening. They were supposed to be beating themselves up, and whoever won the nomination was supposed to have been destroyed in the primary process — and it’s the exact opposite.” 

“It was the early nineties — it might even have been the late eighties — where I, on this program, officially recognized the new left-wing interest group called ‘The,’ capital T, ‘Offended,’ capital O.  I had observed that The Offended were able to get whatever they wanted even if there was only one of them.” 

“In so many things, majority rules is how you determine the outcome of things. Where there is a vote. Majority rules. Why else have the vote if the majority doesn’t? But the way it’s going now, you have the vote and the minority rules. If the minority consists of liberals or if the minority consists of liberal causes, then everything’s gonna be thrown upside down.” 

“Back in the 1980s, if you interviewed for a job at Merrill Lynch, the one way to blow it was to give a specific answer to the following question: ‘How much money do you want to make with us here at Merrill Lynch?’ Whatever the number was, Merrill Lynch figured that’s when you’d stop working. You’d have reached your comfort level.” 

“The Clintons have gotten rich while pretending to run a charity, which is also something they probably think the rich would do.” 

“In the back of every wealthy person’s head is the fear that something’s gonna come along and they’re either gonna have it taken away or they’re gonna lose it.” 

“As far as Democrats were concerned, the wealthy cheat, steal, and lie to people. So Clinton said, ‘Why shouldn’t we?’ And it’s all illegitimate, as far as they’re concerned. But they wanted wealth desperately. I think it consumes them.” 

“Your average leftist thinks there’s something dishonest in every fortune, no matter how big or small. They think there’s a crime somewhere. They think there’s something dishonest. There’s some cheating, sliming, screwing people, whatever.” 

“I had to light the two o’clock cigar. The one o’clock cigar’s a little bitter. It’s not good when it’s bitter. I mean, it’s strong. Normally, I can take that.” 

“You know, wealth crackles with its own power. Wealth, in its own way, is intimidating. Wealth is the standard old, ‘F-you money.’ Of course, what good is that if you’re never gonna say F-you to anybody? So the Clinton’s want to be able to do that.”

“Everybody was saying that Trump was gonna lose in the biggest landslide in the history of landslides, and it wasn’t that long ago that people were still talking that way. Some Republicans still are, in fact. But it’s not playing out that way.” 

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the slightest idea how people really live. The only thing she knows is that she wants no part of it.”       

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