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RUSH: On this Redskins business. They surveyed 504 Native American, Indians.  Ninety percent of ’em said: We don’t care.  Washington Redskins doesn’t affect us, doesn’t mean diddly-squat. We don’t care.  So the Drive-Bys are not happy.  The Sports Drive-Bys are not happy, and the sports Drive-Bys (I won’t mention any names) are out there lecturing Native Americans on how they should care, and they’re lecturing everybody else on how they should care.  And you know what one of the latest approaches is?

This is so telling. It is so… I can’t remember when it was, but it’s in the early nineties — it might even be the late eighties — where I, on this program, officially recognized the new left-wing interest group called “The,” capital T, “Offended,” capital O.  I had observed that The Offended were able to get whatever they wanted even if there was only one of them.  The Offended.  And have I not been right?  How much are we doing?  How much are we turning our own culture upside down to appease The Offended?

Okay, so many in the Sports Drive-Bys, after digesting — and not all of them, by the way.  One Sports Drive-By at the Washington Post said, “Okay. All right. I get it. I’m officially out of it. I don’t care anymore.  Dan Snyder, keep your team name.  I’m done.”  That guy’s being roasted by other Drive-Bys.  He’s a Washington Post reporter.  But the way it’s going now is, “Okay, fine, 90% of Native Americans say it’s no big deal.  But what about the 10% who say they are offended?  What about them?  What are we supposed to do with them?”

Of course, the answer is: “Get rid of the name!”

Then you come back: “What about majority rule?  This is why we cannot have majority rule.  This is because the majority is a bunch of racist, bigot people who tyrannize minorities. That’s precisely why we can’t have — and that’s the basis on which Obama and the left are trying to throw upside down every aspect of American culture.  What do you think the population of transgenders in this country is?  Less than one-tenth of 1%.  What are we doing?  We’re overturning centuries of law.

Gay marriage?  What do you think the percentage of gays who want to get married in this country is?  I guarantee you it is a very tiny minority.  What are we doing?  We’re turning everything upside down because they’re offended. They’re bothered.  It illustrates the injustice of the very founding of this country.  “Majority white…” That’s crucial: “Majority white people set up all these rules, and the minorities ended up getting the shaft or getting screwed or what have you.”  It’s on that basis that we are turning everything upside down.

Yet a lot of people… (interruption) Yeah, I know we have a republican form of government, representative, constitutional representative republic.  We do not have a straight democracy.  True.  But in so many things, majority rules is how you determine the outcome of things.  Where there is a vote.  Majority rules.  Why else have the vote if the majority doesn’t?  But the way it’s going now, you have the vote and the minority rules.  If the minority consists of liberals or if the minority consists of liberal causes, then everything’s gonna be thrown upside down to appease The Offended.

The Offended have transformed themselves now.

They are victims, and the left wants there to be as many victims as there can be.

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