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RUSH: This, folks… This is too rich.  Bill Clinton was in “Stock-ton,” California, yesterday. That’s how they say it on PBS. Sacramento and Stockton, they have the same PBS station.  I lived out there.  And the announcer at KBIL or whatever it was of Sacramento/Stockton.  Never forgot that.  So I’ve always pronounced it “Stock-ton.”  Sacramento/Stockton.  Typical NPR pronunciation school.  Anyway, Clinton’s out there and he’s trying to assure everybody in California about the primary, “Don’t sweat it! Just relax out there.  Just relax.  Everything’s gonna be okay.”

CLINTON: (screaming) She has released more than two decades of our tax returns — and since we left the White House, we’ve averaged 40% of our income in taxes — and her opponent, who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us, won’t release his tax returns! Do you really think he’s gonna be a force for raising working people’s incomes?

RUSH:  He has. The people who work for him, people that have worked on his projects… People’s incomes that associated with Trump have gone up.  What are you talking about?  But this is rich.  Bill Clinton — the original braggart on how rich he and Hillary are — out there talking about how funny it is to listen to Trump brag about how rich he is.  We put together on the fly here just a little montage from our archive, ’cause we noticed from the moment Clinton left the White House, he couldn’t stop bragging about how rich he was.

He couldn’t stop telling people (impression), “I got more money than I need now. (stammers) I — I — I — I — I — I’m flattered to pay the tax rate I pay.”  Yeah.  I’ll pay more taxes! If somebody wants to raise my tax rate, have at it.  I have more money than I’ll ever need.”  They brag about how much money they’ve got, they never stop, and we put a montage together to demonstrate.

HILLARY:  Someone like me gets a big tax cut when I don’t really need it.

CLINTON:  The Republicans used to be so mean to Hillary and me, but ever since we got out and started makin’ money, we’re the most important people in America to them.

CLINTON: I myself have gotten four tax cuts.

CLINTON: We depend on Japan, China, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Korea to loan us money every day of the year to cover my tax cut.

CLINTON: I never talk to anybody, Republican or Democrat, in my maximum tax bracket who believes in this stuff.

HILLARY:  We have gone forward with not only huge tax cuts for the wealthiest among us — of course, since my husband’s making money, we’re in that category.

CLINTON:  I still spend about an hour a day trying to study this economy.  I want to make full disclosure: Y’know, I make quite a bit of money now.

RUSH:  Right.  There’s Trump out there bragging about how rich he is, and these people are the originals! They can’t stop reminding everybody about it.

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