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RUSH: Folks, I have two stories in Salon.com that I have to share with you before the program ends.  One of them here, “It Must Stop Now: The Media Cannot Allow Trump to Make This Election About Bill Clinton.”  Salon’s had it. Salon’s sending out a plea, a warning, a demand to the Drive-By Media to shut this Trump stuff up about the Clintons.

But the other Salon story: “Donald Trump Is Going to Win: This Is Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Defeat What Trump Represents.” Now, I’m just gonna read excerpts of this story to you verbatim, and I want to see if you have the slightest idea what the writer is talking about.  This is the…? (interruption) Did you read it?  This is the most amazing attempt at intellectual discourse I have… (laughing) I ever seen. It is almost like a satire. (interruption) Well, let me just read the beginning just to show you what I’m talking about here.  Just a little tease.

“The neofascist reaction, the force behind Trump, has come about because of the extreme disembeddedness of the economy from social relations. The neoliberal economy has become pure abstraction; as has the market, as has the state. There is no reality to any of these things the way we have classically understood them. Americans, like people everywhere rising up against neoliberal globalization … want a return of social relations, or embeddedness, to the economy.”

That’s the opening paragraph.  Do you know what “neoliberal” is? (interruption)  I gather… (interruption) You think you know, but you’re not sure so you don’t want to say. (interruption) Well, yeah, “neocons…” It’s confusing.  (interruption) No, neoliberal has nothing to do…  It’s not related in any way, shape, manner, or form to the definition of neocon.  No, neoliberalism is liberalism that believes in capitalism — and, of course, Salon hates that.  They despise it.  The neoliberals suck.  Do you know what “neofascism” is?  (interruption)

Do you know what the “neofascist reaction” is?  Do you know what “disembeddedness” is?  Do you know what “the social…”? Where is it? Do you know what “the social relations” and “embeddedness” of social relations as related to neoliberal economics is?  (interruption) Well, that’s all in the first paragraph, and it all adds up to why Trump’s gonna win.  It goes eight pages like this.  It prints out to eight pages.  I don’t… I’m not sure what it’s saying.  I’ve read it twice.  I’ve sent it to people who understand this kind of gobbledygook and asked for translations, and I haven’t gotten anything back yet.

That’s the point.

If it weren’t for the headline, I’d have no idea what this story is about.


RUSH: Now, the two Salon pieces — and I’m gonna get to your phone calls when we get back. But just to let you know: “It Must Stop Now: The Media Can’t Allow Trump to Make This Election About Bill Clinton — The press is allowing Trump to change the conversation from real, current issues to ’90s-era nonsense.” So here’s Salon telling the media they can’t let Trump get away with this. (laughing) Just after Hillary. Ha!


RUSH:  I tell you, I love Salon.com telling the media that they cannot let Trump go after Bill Clinton.  “It Must Stop Now … Bill Clinton isn’t running for president, and what he did with his penis 30 years ago is irrelevant,” according to the Salon.com.  Now, what I love is here’s Salon telling the media they can’t let Trump go after Bill Clinton just days after Hillary told everybody that Bill was gonna fix the economy for us, and she was gonna put him in charge of the economy. But we can’t go after Bill!  No, no, no, no, no, no!

We can’t go after Bill for this stuff during the 1990s.  “This is a diversion,” and… This is a pull quote from the piece: “Worse still, we’ve been down this road already. As Rep. Peter King (R-NY),” who is Trump-hating RINO, by the way, “noted, ‘We’ve been here before, and for most it’s probably old news that people get a little squeamish about. Especially when he (Trump) brings it up in the abstract, he risks making the same mistake that Republicans made in 1998 when we got caught up in this stuff.'”

We’ll see.

Time will tell.

Let me get back to the phones.  People are patiently waiting.  Pompano Beach, Florida.  Hi, Julie.  I’m glad you called.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  How are you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I am really concerned about Wall Street.

RUSH:  You are?

CALLER: What if they vote for Hillary just to keep their little game going?

RUSH:  Oh, there’s no question that’s gonna happen. Not just vote for her, they’ve already underwritten her presidency.  Did you hear yesterday’s show?

CALLER:  Yes, I did.

RUSH: She made $21 million in speech income over two years. Two years! The banks and Wall Street firms and others have paid Hillary $21 million in two years, for speeches.

CALLER:  Well, I think Trump should talk more about that kind of stuff, too.

RUSH:  Well, give him time.  I mean, there’s so much Clinton stuff out there.  You know, it’s like hacking through the jungle.  You gotta figure out the path you want to go.

CALLER:  Well, you are fabulous.  You’ve kept me going for the last few years.

RUSH:  Aren’t you kind.  I appreciate that.  But really, I mean — and there has to be a timing to this stuff.  I had people asking me today, ’cause this Clinton nineties stuff makes a lot of people nervous.  Let me be honest.  The reason it makes ’em nervous is because they think it’s like the budget deal of ’95. They think it blew up in the Republicans’ faces, and they think that because the Republicans went after impeachment.  They didn’t really.  They went through the motions, but they didn’t… I mean, it was a foregone conclusion before it even got started that the Senate was not gonna convict.

The Senate wasn’t gonna take it seriously, so the House impeachment managers put the case together, but nobody’s heart was really in it.  And now Clinton has come back with the charities and the Global Initiative and he’s best friends with the Bushes and he’s running all over the world saving people from natural disasters. They think that they had their lunch handed to ’em twice, so they think we’ve been there, done that, and we can’t beat Clinton on that. So Trump just doesn’t go there.  I even have people emailing me.

The point is that I predicted long ago that Trump would go there, that it’s precisely the kind of thing Trump will zero in on, precisely because it hasn’t been done right, in his view.  Now, the timing: Why do this now as opposed to, say, in September, October, when the campaign really, really officially kicks off after Labor Day?  That’s standard operating procedure.  But I think that’s being thrown out, too.  I think with Trump, you have to throw out everything you know.  You have to throw out your experience.  You have to throw out the expectations.  You have to throw out the formulas, because Trump doesn’t do that.

You can’t plug him in to any of it.  So there’s a reason why he chose this time to do it as opposed to waiting, and he may go back to it.  But, I mean, I don’t know, folks.  I’m just… I’m thinking it’s almost a certainty ’cause it makes so much sense.  At some point, he’s gonna zero in on the speech income: $21 million.  And the way he’s gonna zero in on it… Well, I don’t know that, either.  The way I would zero in on it is here’s Mrs. Clinton trying to portray herself as a man — sorry, person — of the people, a woman of the people.

She can relate to the downtrodden, the homeless, the starving, the thirsty, the dispossessed, the impossessed, or whatever the hell the left describes ’em as. And she has no more in common with average, ordinary Americans than somebody in Mars.  In fact, Mrs. Clinton’s whole life has been to distance herself from that.  That’s why the wealth.  That’s why the power.  Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want to be subjected to the laws and the rules that she’s going to implement on everybody else.  She’s one of our betters!

Mrs. Clinton can’t be bothered by the tedious requirement to obey these little laws that are there to keep all of us in check.  They are there to keep us under heel.  They are there to make sure we don’t follow our worst base temptations.  But Mrs. Clinton is clearly not subjected to them. She’s such a brilliant, smart person. She’s clearly better, and she has nothing in common with the people she seeks to rule.  Her whole life — particularly since the White House years up to present — prove this.

So going after Mrs. Clinton on the speech income, $21 million in two years doing 20-minute speeches, minimum price, $225,000?  Who can do that?  There isn’t anyone. The best entertainer in the world, the person who has the ability to captivate the most people and either grab ’em or make ’em laugh or persuade ’em can’t come anywhere near that.  And there’s nothing compelling about Mrs. Clinton.  She’s selling access.  She is selling her presidency.  Her presidency has been bought.

It’s been bought by $21 million of speech income from Wall Street banks, the Wall Street firms. And then the Clinton Foundation has $100 million in it from foreign sources, such as nations and leaders in foreign countries — foreign corporations, businesses, what have you.  I mean, that stuff is sitting ducks just waiting to be hit.  And Bernie went after her on it.  She will not release the transcripts of any of those speeches.  I mean, it’s a lot of speeches.  Two years worth of speeches, 20 minutes, 25 minutes?

What is she saying to these people that makes it…? The reason people want to hear what she says is because most people think that if you’re being paid a quarter million dollars to do a speech, it must be pretty fascinating what you say — and it isn’t.  This is the closest thing to no-show work that you can get.  She has to go, but it doesn’t matter what she says.  But I can tell you what it is. Whatever the group — if it’s Goldman Sachs, if it’s Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, I don’t care who it is — she tells them how great they are.

She tells them how important they are. She tells about crucial they are to the economic recovery and the economy whole, whatever. That’s what she tells them, and she assures them that everything’s gonna be fine if she’s in the White House.  And they happily pony up.  Individually, a quarter million dollars for these people is chump change. But if you do enough of these speeches and add it over two years, $21 million? Who can do that?  It’s got to be targeting the rich.


RUSH: Here’s Bill on Upper West Side of Manhattan, great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, hi.  I feel I’m just alone in a sea of liberals.  By the way, I think that maybe a neoliberal could be like the worst red diaper baby mainstream Democrat that exists these days.  Maybe that’s what a neoliberal is.

RUSH:  A neoliberal, according to this — I looked it up.  There is a definition for it.  Neoliberal is a liberal that believes in capitalism.  I don’t know how that could even be a liberal, but that’s what this guy calls a neoliberal.

CALLER:  I see.  I wanted to call you about this Trump commercial that has Juanita Broaddrick on it, and just to say that anything about Bill Clinton should now be fair game for the mainstream media and for any talk show and for anybody discussing this kind of thing, you know, in the supermarket or anything like that. And that is because I think it was last week or the week before that Hillary said she’s bringing him back into the White House and she’s putting him in charge of fixing the economy because he knows how to do it.  Of course, that depends on what “it” is.  But that’s sort of another issue.  In his capacity, God forbid that she gets elected, he will get to meet with the heads of the H.R. departments.  That’s personnel departments, for your Rio Linda listeners.  In, you know, major Fortune 500 corporations as part of job creation.

RUSH:  That’s part of running the economy, right.

CALLER:  Exactly.  And you may know that in corporate America, one of the first places that women were able to break through that glass ceiling is the H.R. department.  So he’s gonna have all these babes, you know, surrounding him.  And I don’t know whether Hillary’s gonna put in one-way mirrors in some of these conference rooms or what, but she should do that or get some of those surveillance —

RUSH:  What do you mean, so she can spy on him?  Make sure he’s behaving?

CALLER:  Absolutely.  If they had the cell phone for Angela Merkel in the Obama White House, she’s gotta get, you know, Bill’s private number there.  The other thing I would bring up about this, though, is you may remember, and probably by the end of your mesmerizing three hours today you’ll have the sound bite. I think it was the infamous 60 Minutes interview when Clinton was a candidate the first time, and the two of them were there, and they asked Mrs. Clinton about her role, and she said something like, “Well, I’m not gonna sit home and just bake cookies.”

RUSH:  Wait, it’s worse than that.  She said, “I’m not some Tammy Wynette sitting home baking cookies for my man.”

CALLER:  I’d love to hear that.  I think they hinted at that interview that he was gonna put her in charge of health care, just the way that she is going to put him in charge of the economy.  And then they came up with the line, “You see, you get two for the price of one.”

RUSH:  Right, the blue plate special.

CALLER:  If Donald J. Trump were to go there, that would be fair game, the fairest of game.

RUSH:  You’re right on the money because no sooner does Hillary announce that she’s gonna put Bill in charge of the economy, to which the reaction is, “Well, then he should run.”  If you’re gonna put Bill in charge of the economy, then why the hell isn’t he running?  Except that he can’t.  Why are you running?  If you’re gonna put him in charge of the economy, why are you running?  But it puts him front and center.  And here comes Salon saying, you can’t do that, advising the media, you gotta leave Bill Clinton alone.  But Hillary has brought him back, and he wants to be back.  Don’t make any other assumption.

Clinton loves center stage.  He doesn’t care whether they’re talking about his penis, Lewinsky, or his economy, anything, he just loves being there.  And Hillary, why did she say she gonna put Bill in charge of the economy, by the way?  Tell you why.  There’s two reasons.  One is that people think the economy of the nineties was nirvana and that Bill Clinton knew what he was doing.

The Clintons are stuck in the nineties.  You have to understand something, to understand how Hillary is campaigning, to understand how she looks at the world, they’re stuck in the nineties, they have all these enemies, the vast right-wing conspiracy hasn’t gone away, still out to get ’em.  And so the nineties, they think everybody else is focused on the nineties.  That’s why she makes reference to Clinton running the economy; that’s supposed to remind everybody how great it was.

She doesn’t stop to think that it makes her look incompetent or incapable of running the economy.  But it’s supposed to also comfort people who think she may not be qualified.  It’s a multipurpose announcement.  Bill, I appreciate the phone call, and I feel for you, stuck where you are there, the Upper West Side, Manhattan.  It’s pretty, but the neighborhood…

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