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RUSH: This story I have here is gonna tick so many of you off.  It’s from TheHill.com.  You want the headline? (interruption) You don’t want to hear what this is?  “Ken Starr Heaps Praise on Bill Clinton.”  Let me just leave it at that, ’cause there’s not nearly enough time here before the broadcast segment ends to get into too much detail. So I’ll just leave it at this: “Ken Starr, now president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and under heavy investigation for looking the other way when black football players raped co-eds, now heaps praise on Bill Clinton.”

Ooh.  Wait ’til you hear this.

I have a point to make when we get there.

Don’t go away.


RUSH: “Ken Starr Reportedly Being Fired by Baylor University for Mishandling Sex Scandal.” He’s under heavy investigation for looking the other way when black football players raped co-eds.  Remember, they turned Ken Starr into the sex pervert.  In the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, by the time it was all over, Ken Starr was the sex pervert and Bill Clinton was the Boy Scout saving damsels in distress.  Most amazing thing.

And that was the Clinton strategy.  You go after whoever’s attacking you and you destroy them.  You don’t go after the evidence, you don’t defend yourself in the evidence.  You just go after the attacker, right out of the Alinsky handbook, by the way.  You just go after the attacker and you cream ’em, you destroy their reputation, their integrity, and everything else, and that’s how you save yourself.  And that’s what they did.  So here’s the first part of the story.

“Kenneth Starr, the former independent counsel whose investigation of Bill Clinton in the nineties –” by the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the reason all of this is back in the news is Donald J. Trump.  Because Donald J. Trump went there.  Donald J. Trump published an ad with a picture of Bill Clinton, black and white photo, big cigar in his mouth, and then the audio testimony of Juanita Broaddrick claiming that Clinton had raped her, tried to, and Kathleen Willey.

You’re not supposed to bring that stuff up.  The media didn’t talk about it when it happened, and since the media didn’t talk about it, it’s taboo.  And Trump says I don’t care, I’m talking about it.  And he is.  And all of this is being dredged back up by design ’cause there’s a lot of young voters that don’t know anything about it. They weren’t alive while it was happening, that weren’t under the media spell and therefore under the Clinton spell when this happened.

A lot of young people will find any behavior like that of Bill Clinton to be reprehensible and indefensible.  The Republicans won’t go there.  The Drive-Bys won’t go there.  Trump is going there, and because he did, all of this stuff has now effervesced up to the surface.  So Kenneth Starr, the former independent — by the way, keep interrupting myself ’cause I think there are data points that you millennials need to know.  Ken Starr was the epitome of boring.  Ken Starr, just his personal — he was a nice — don’t misunderstand.  But in terms of his personality, he was the epitome of dryball. He was the epitome of colorlessness.

Right?  Would you agree with me on this, Mr. Snerdley?  Ken Starr, soft-spoken, just embarrassed to be alive, and he somehow ended up with the assignment to investigate all this.  And they went after this guy and made him out to be the biggest sex pervert.  They assigned James Carville, Serpent Head, to the case, and they succeeded in making Ken Starr out to be this guy wearing nothing but a trench coat prowling the alleys of Washington after midnight looking for unsuspecting victims.  When Ken Starr’s probably the kind of guy that doesn’t get undressed to go to bed.

So, knowing that, “Kenneth Starr, the former independent counsel whose investigation of Bill Clinton in the 1990s led to his impeachment, now heaps praise on the former president, according to The New York Times.”  When’s the last time the New York Times had anything positive to say about Ken Starr?  I mean, they may have, you know, Starr was a lawyer, maybe a judge, maybe he worked with judges.  I forget exactly what his resume is.  And they may have written some articles of praise for some legal things he’s done.  But when it comes to the Clintons, the New York Times did nothing but try to destroy Ken Starr, as did the Washington Post.

But now, now the New York Times comes to praise Ken Starr.  This is Starr being quoted about Clinton.  “‘His genuine empathy for human beings is absolutely clear,’ Starr said of Clinton during a panel discussion at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. ‘It is powerful, it is palpable and the folks of Arkansas really understood that about him — that he genuinely cared. The “I feel your pain” is absolutely genuine. President Clinton was and perhaps still is the most gifted politician of the baby boomer generation. He just has remarkable gifts.'”

I mean, this is regurgitate city, folks.  He is saying this about the man who single-handedly and systematically set out to destroy him.  Again, if you weren’t around in the 1990’s, it is vicious what the Clinton team, what the Clinton war room team did to Ken Starr.  And all Starr was doing was interviewing the women.  Clinton lied under oath to Ken Starr (unintelligible).

“Starr, who is now president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, said that since Clinton’s administration ended, the former president has worked hard to overcome the personal scandals that plagued him during his time in office. ‘There are certain tragic dimensions which we all lament,’ he said. ‘That having been said, the idea of this redemptive process afterwards, we have certainly seen that powerfully’ since Clinton left office. ‘President [Jimmy] Carter set a very high standard, which President Clinton clearly continues to follow,’ he added.”

Now, here’s the thing.  Again, for those of you not around in the 90’s or not paying attention, and excuse me for those of you who were for maybe being redundant here.  But, again, I need to remind you of an observation and the reason we call the Clinton Foundation the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. There has yet to be, and there wasn’t back then, there has yet to be the tell-all book about the Clinton White House.  Yes, there have been a couple of FBI agents who have written things about Mrs. Clinton and so forth.

But it is truly unusual that — in every presidency, every White House, the butler, somebody writes a book about what a reprobate the president and his family were.  It happened to Reagan; it happened to the Bushes; it happens to everybody.  No such thing has happened about Bill Clinton.  And Reagan and Bush were pikers compared to what Clinton did to the White House.  From the fund-raising to cheapening it, to the Lewinsky scandal.  But not only are the tell-all books not there, it is that people the Clintons have targeted for destruction turn around years later and praise them to the hilt.  And it has always made us suspicious.

You know, the Clintons had 500 FBI files on people, and we always wonder, what do they have on these people that gets them to go silent, to shut up, to not turn tail and basically pledge eternal loyalty?  It has to be something based in fear.  And now Ken Starr, it’s just unbelievable.  Now, in all fairness, back in the 90’s Ken Starr was not routinely and daily ripping into Clintons.  It’s not his personality.  He didn’t do that.  It was just the nature of his investigation.  Ken Starr never said a word.  The media was camped outside his house.  Ken Starr would walk outside his house in the morning, get in his car and go to work, and the media would be there.

“Do you really want to sell cigarettes to kids, Mr. Starr, is that really what you do in your private time? Are you really a sex pervert?”  Starr would go (stuttering).  And he would smile and wave and stutter and then get in his car and then drive off.  The media camped on his front yard every day with the latest allegation from James Carville.  “Are you really from Mars, Mr. Starr? Did you land from Mars and you really have a deal with tobacco companies to sell cigarettes and give them away to our kids?”  I mean, we exaggerate here, but it was that kind of stuff that Carville was accusing him of doing.  Starr was no more equipped to deal with it than Mother Teresa would have been.

Well, from, Mediaite: “Ken Starr Reportedly Being Fired.”  This is today.  Whoa.  “Ken Starr Reportedly Being Fired by Baylor University for Mishandling Sex Scandal — Indications from Baylor University are that the board of regents is preparing to remove Ken Starr from his position as school president. This may shape up as an ironic twist of fate for the lawyer-turned-administrator since his expected ouster is reportedly based on how he handled a sex scandal at the school.

“Starr has been the president and chancellor at Baylor for the past six years, during which time the school has been dealing with at least eight major allegations of rape and assault against members of the football team. Even though Tevin Elliot and Sam Ukwuachu have been convicted of rape, the school and a near-dozen other players are still facing allegations and legal action dating back to 2009.

“Football coach Art Briles and athletic director Ian McCaw have both been caught in the maelstrom of  incidents, but according to Horns Digest, sources say that Starr will be the first to be removed from his position.”

So, Snerdley, what are we to make here?  Is there any connection, any connection to Starr being accused of looking the other way, rape allegations, football players on campus and turning around and doing a 180 and talking about how great Bill Clinton is?  Well, it is a strange coincidence.  (imitating Starr) “Clinton has grown dramatically.  When he said ‘I feel your pain,’ he really meant it,” said Ken Starr.  People of Arkansas knew that he meant it.


RUSH: Our “white comedian,” Paul Shanklin, parodied the treatment of Ken Starr by the Drive-By Media, and this is how that went…

“LARRY”:  Good evening, and welcome to Larry King Alive.  Our topic tonight, “Is Ken Starr Out of Control?”  In our Little Rock studio, special counsel Ken Starr.

“STARR”:  Good evening, Larry.

“LARRY”:  And in our Washington studios, Clinton advisor and former campaign manager, James Carville.

“CARVILLE”:  Hi, Larry.  I’m just glad you gave me a chance to show America what a madman vicious dog Ken Starr really is.  He’s a twisted, evil man, Larry, and I know what the American people —

“LARRY”:  Thank you, James. But let’s hear from Ken Starr first.  Ken, are you a madman?

“STARR”:  Larry, let me just say that I only want to —

“CARVILLE”:  — to destroy the president, ’cause he’s crazy!  He’s so crazy with tobacco money, he’s lost his mind.  You can hear it in his voice.  He not only wants to destroy the president, he wants to kill all your children.  He wants your babies dead.  He’s been giving cartoons of cigarettes to every kindergartener in America, and he ain’t gonna stop ’til all your babies are smoking like Joe Camel!

“LARRY”:  Ken, why would you give cigarettes to five-year-olds?

“STARR”:  Larry, I never would —

large“CARVILLE”:  You see? He just said he “never” didn’t give no cigarettes to your babies.  And he’s also been around showing your babies how to play with matches, ’cause he’s been taking all kind of money from them (Cajun) Bic Zippo lighter match people ’cause he’s a madman, Larry, a killer who wants the president and all your babies dead!  And you know what else?  Ken Starr’s a space alien.  He ain’t even a real man! He’s from Mars.  That’s right.  A madman from Mars, and they’re invading the planet.  He flies around a space ship handing out cigarettes made by little green men to kill your babies and destroy our president.

“LARRY”:  Pretty serious charges, Ken Starr? Are you an alien?

“STARR”:  Honestly, Larry I —

“CARVILLE”:  Larry, you can’t trust a man mad Martian out to kill your babies with cigarettes and matches and destroy our president, the most moral man in America!  It’s a war, Larry! It’s a war! Bill Clinton against the invaders from Mars trying to kill you through secondhand smoke of kindergarteners, trying to burn down your house with matches and lighters as Ken Starr flies around in a spaceship.  That’s it Larry! That’s the plan to get us and our president!

“LARRY”:  Quite a compelling argument.  Well, we’re out of time.  Now, tomorrow night our show will feature a completely different subject: A psychic that says Ken Starr is using mental vibrations to keep Susan McDougal awake at night.  See you then.

RUSH:  Ah, yes, the memories come roaring back.  It never gets old.  That’s one of the great parodies from our “white comedian,” Paul Shanklin.

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