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A growing number of people just live to be offended. Most of them are liberals, which is why political correctness has run amok in our society.

A harmless advertisement in San Francisco has been blown into a “controversy” because it gave some people waiting to be offended a reason to claim they were offended.

The ad appears on billboards and bus stops. It’s sponsored by a money-lending company. It reads: “10 percent down. Because you’re too smart to rent.” That’s it. Obviously, it appeals to people interested in buying a house. And, that’s the problem.

The “offended” say the ad is “smug” and insulting. It’s even called mean-spirited because, supposedly, it’s blaming people who can’t afford houses � for their financial situation. It “oozes self-congratulatory privilege,” wrote one of the offended.

San Francisco is a very expensive place to own property. That’s the reality. The median price for a one-bedroom condo is about $850,000. Which means you’d need 85 large for a 10 percent down payment. Since it’s such a pricy place to live, most San Francisco residents don’t own property � they rent.

At the risk of offending the offended even more, here’s another economic reality. People can move � to less expensive places. Where they, too, can afford to own. But if you live in high-priced areas � you pay high prices.

Sorry, that’s the way these things work!

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