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“Your host, ladies and gentlemen — Rush Limbaugh — is trending at the top of the Fakebook newsfeed. I said in response to a caller that wanted me to endorse Trump, ‘What difference does it make now?’ Clearly a play off of Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. I don’t know how many people picked that up, and I don’t know how many Fakebook curators, news curators or readers will.”

“Nobody makes lemonade out of sour lemons better than we do here. Nobody turns chicken you-know-what into chicken salad.”

“Hillary Clinton of Whitewater fame wants to go out there and try to accuse Trump of profiteering? The woman that made $100,000 on a $10,000 cattle futures investment?”

“I think the more they have Elizabeth Warren out there, the more buyer’s remorse there’s gonna be on the Democrat side that she’s not the nominee, or that Crazy Bernie’s not the nominee.” 

“As I put myself in the shoes of a liberal watching this, Hillary’s asleep compared to Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. She’s going through the motions of it. She’s sleepwalking.” 

“Hillary is in one of these defensive modes where you don’t want to say the wrong thing, so you shut up. Plus Hillary knows the more she talks, the worse her numbers get. The more she shows up, the worse her numbers get. The less we hear from her, the better her numbers get. That’s demonstrably true.” 

“I cling to my theory that Obama does not want to be seen as the person who takes Hillary out, but he is toying with her big time, and this drip, drip, drip on her email scandal is continuing because Obama is permitting it.” 

“Why did Hillary run an off-site, private email server? People say it’s to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, and it is for privacy. Well, my opinion is I think she had to do this in order to cover up how she was selling influence to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign governments, foreign people, foreign entities. This is how she kept all of that selling of access private.” 

“People don’t get hurt because of Donald Trump. The bottom line is people get hurt because of people like Hillary Clinton. People get hurt because of economic policies related to people like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. The evidence of the last seven and a half years of this Regime alone is mountainous.”

“Liberalism hurts. Liberalism causes suffering, all the while promising to alleviate it, all the while promising to end it. Liberalism spreads misery equally, or tries to. Liberalism doesn’t seem to elevate anybody. Have you ever seen it do that?” 

“You know, not covering a story can be just as biased as how you cover a story. You know, selecting what people hear about and what they don’t hear about, that’s every bit as part of bias as flavoring the story.” 

“Liberalism punishes people at the top. Liberalism punishes achievers. Liberalism stigmatizes people who achieve, either in the classroom, in the business world, the athletic field of play, whatever, they are stigmatized. It’s unfair. They need to pay a penalty for it, or they need to be penalized in some way, ’cause it isn’t fair.” 

“Liberals deny success each and every time they can. They, therefore, have a deep resentment for people like Trump, who know how to capitalize on cycles in business.” 

“It was CNN. Some guest wanted to talk about Clinton in the nineties, and all of the women CNN hosts and hosts just shut it down, and they got mad about it. ‘We are not going there! That’s old news. That’s tawdry. We’re not going there,’ and yet Bill Cosby has been dragged into court for things that he did much longer ago than the 1990s.”

“Elizabeth Warren was one of these house flippers. You know, she watched these shows with these guys driving around in Rolls-Royces telling everybody how they can be millionaires. She bought into it. She was flipping foreclosed houses for personal profit, and getting away with it.”

“Hillary Clinton of Whitewater fame, she wants to go out there and try to accuse Trump of profiteering, the woman that made a hundred thousand dollars on a $10,000 cattle investment?”

“What led to the housing crisis is Bill Clinton and people like Barney Frank and the attorney general at the time, Janet Reno, who were demanding that banks lend money to people that had no hope of ever paying it back.”

“Elizabeth Warren is a huge hypocrite when it comes to the housing bubble and the subprime mortgage crisis.”

“I will guarantee you that everybody supporting Donald Trump is convinced he cares about them. Everybody supporting Donald Trump is convinced he’s looking out for ’em. Everybody supporting Donald Trump is convinced that, finally, their concerns are going to be addressed and dealt with. That’s why Trump has the support that he does.”

“I mean, forget Whitewater. Here’s a woman, $21 million in two years making speeches, wants to talk about somebody gaming the system.”

“Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, every liberal Democrat under the sun is used to getting away with defamatory allegations. But with Trump, it’s gonna be reacted to.” 

“The Democrats would have you believe that all corporations either want to kill their customers or screw them, right? Take a look at how they talk about Big Pharma and about Big Box Retail, about Big Oil, are not corporations either killing their customers with foul water, dirty air, poisoned water, or screwing their customers with high prices or what have you?”  

“Hillary’s campaign is being overshadowed by never-ending scandal. It isn’t gonna be long before Democrats are gonna start asking, ‘How long can we expect this scandal to go on?” and, “Can you get elected president from one?'” 

“The Clinton News Network back in action, CNN. A number of anchors are shutting down discussions of anything to do with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, while at the same time condemning Trump.”     

“When it comes to Republicans, the nature of the evidence is irrelevant. It’s always the seriousness of the charge.”

“I don’t get calls from people trying to plant information. I get calls from people wanting to appear to sell their books or what have you, but the left has always thought that this is what happens.”         

“Yet another excursion into broadcast excellence hosted by me, Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, Millennials still living at home, not wanting to get married, not able to find work, all of that plus even good times, I am your guiding light.”

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