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RUSH: So Barack Hussein O said in Japan this morning that Trump rattles foreign leaders.  You know why Trump rattles foreign leaders?  Obama says it’s because they’re afraid Trump’s policies might not be thought through.

Now, can anyone come up with a single policy of Obama’s, foreign policy specifically here, that seems to have been thought through?  The Arab Spring, what we did in Egypt getting rid of Mubarak, putting in the Muslim Brotherhood, which didn’t last, the Arab Spring that sprung from it.  And then we go and we oust Khadafy from Libya.  Hillary out there taking credit for that.

We basically set the Middle East on fire.  We have a president who has eagerly and publicly abandoned and subverted the Constitution to permit unimpeded, illegal immigration.  I take it back.  That was thought through.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  In fact, you know, you could argue that all of these things Obama’s done have been thought through.

The Iran deal, the Iran nuclear deal was thought through.  We actually did want the Iranians to come up with nuclear weapons.  Who are we to tell them they can’t have nuclear weapons?  All these presidents in the past telling Iran no way, Jose, so who are we?  So Obama’s fixed it, Iran can have nukes.

So in one sense you could argue that every freaking Obama policy has been thought through.  And what’s it gotten us?  Well thought out, thought through foreign policy, domestic policy’s created havoc.  But let’s change the perspective.  Let’s give Obama the benefit of the doubt for this.  Let’s say that he came up with all these ideas, really thought it would make America better, really thought it would improve life in America.

How could anybody say that those policies were thought through?  Because none of that happened.  You look at Obama’s policies, foreign or domestic, I don’t know where you see the benefit to the US.  Trend that, Facebook.  I don’t know where you see the benefit.  Not even gay marriage.  He wasn’t even originally on board for gay marriage, and neither was Hillary.  So you can’t even let him have that.

But, I mean, if you think some Americans have been satisfied or pleased, but what would you pick, what policy, what achievement of Obama’s would you point to that has made America a better place, that’s made America stronger?  What Obama policy would you point to that has the American people cheering and feeling good about their country?  Can you name one?  There may be, I’m forgetting.  Can you name one?

In fact, isn’t the mind-set of the left such that, when Obama accomplishes things, if it makes conservatives and Republicans mad, that’s what makes it a success?  And if it punishes America and punishes certain Americans, isn’t that what makes the left happy?  Isn’t that what they consider to be a success, things that cut America down to size, things that punish America, things that rein America in from our excessive superpower ways, things that cut America down to size, things that punish individual American achievers.  Those are the things Obama does that his supporters applaud.

But I doubt that anybody could say that Obama’s achievements have made American great. (interruption) Oh, come on.  Who in the world, who in their right mind, the Cuban embargo hasn’t been lifted, number one.  Who in their right mind would say that Obama’s open-door policy with Cuba has in any way enhanced America?  Oh, screw them.  They’re not journalists.  They’re Democrat hacks disguised as journalists.  They’re Democrat operatives.

I’m being serious about this.  You can’t honestly throw Cuba in there as something that — American people are not cheering that.  Now, if Obama would have thrown cigars in the deal it might have gotten some cheers.  But it isn’t gonna happen.  I’m being facetious.  Point is — I’m serious.  How many people cheered health care versus how many are still cheering it.  There may have been some who thought it was free, thought it was gonna be panacea.  My point is there’s Obama out there saying all these world leaders are very, very worried, they’re very, very rattled over Trump’s policies, don’t seem to be well thought through.

Well, where the hell are we with Obama anyway?  Who’s out there celebrating?  What in the world has happened to improve America’s lot, America’s position in the world?  Are we now less involved?  Are we now more vulnerable?  You can go through the list if you wanted to.  But, on the contrary, I actually think that it’s about time foreign leaders are a little rattled and maybe a little unsure what we might do, because I guarantee you under Obama and the United Nations we are seen as a blank check.

We are seen as led by a guy who believes in America’s guilt and responsibility and a willingness to pay for it.  We’re a blank check.  And, if we’re not a blank check, we are a robbery victim.  We are rest of the world that feels like their lot in life is because of us, we owe them, and we’ve got a president who happens to agree in many ways with that line of thinking.

Now, Mrs. Clinton, let’s talk about her policies and whether or not world leaders might be rattled, because I would think that the prospect of a Hillary presidency would rattle world leaders even more.  I mean, they’ve seen her in action.  They’ve seen what an unmitigated disaster — actually, take it back.  What am I saying?  They’ve already bought her.  I’m sorry.  They don’t care whether she’s a rattled —  They’ve bought her presidency, hundred million.  Yeah, and if they haven’t yet bought her presidency, they know they can, they know it’s gonna be for sale.

This stuff at the State Department is even worse.  You know, yesterday I made a point on this program, the State Department inspector general was running around saying she broke the rules.  She didn’t break the rules; she broke the law.  From where are these rules about emails and servers and public records and all this, where do those rules come from?  Those rules come from the law.

They were trying to sugarcoat this and soften the blow by saying, “Well, Colin Powell, he did the same stuff, and Condoleezza Rice, she had her own server, too.”  Yeah, but they’re not running for president right now, and they — break the rules was also supposed to soften the blow.  She didn’t break the rules.  She violated the law.  That’s where the rules come from.  I pointed this out yesterday.  Now Huma Abedin, I’m sorry, Huma Danger and a lot of these people refused to testify, and that’s only to be interpreted one way as taking the Fifth Amendment.


RUSH: This is Obama.  I want to actually have you hear this.  This was in Shima, Japan, the G7 meeting over there.  Obama with a recurring, the Q&A with a reporter. “You’ve said before, Mr. Obama, when you talk to world leaders they often ask you about the presidential election.  Can you give us a sense of conversations that you’ve had so far — what they’re saying to you, these world leaders; what you’re saying to them? Particularly now that Trump’s the nominee. He recently said that Japan should pay for US troop presence there?”

OBAMA:  They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they’re rattled by him, and for good reason. Because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous, and what’s required to keep the world on an even keel.

RUSH:  “Keep America safe, secure, and prosperous”? Is that how we would describe ourselves today?  Look at the lines at the airports, TSA.  Prosperous?  There are 94 or 95 million Americans not working! Practically every new job created is a part-time job.  The state of health care is in ruins in this country.  We have people buying guns at a rate approaching a record, and it’s not because they’re feeling safe.  The last thing Americans are feeling safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be out buying guns to the tune that they are.

Here comes this arrogance and this condescension Obama from the standpoint, “Oh, yeah, I’m of the faculty lounge! I’m an Ivy Leaguer. I’m smarter than the other people.  I understand all these things.  I’m a policy expert, and I speak in ways that make people think that I’m intelligent and deeply, deal educated and intellectual, and therefore people trust what I’m doing.  I’m able to hide my abject incompetence with my vocabulary and so forth.”

So the appearance, the perception of intelligence is there. But when you look at the actual policies that have been implemented? I mean, the national debt has practically doubled.  More Millennials are living at home than ever before.  I had a story in the Stack on that yesterday.  You know what the two reasons are?  There’s two primary reasons. (interruption) Well, money is one, but the money manifests as no jobs.  The jobs that are out there are not enough to either rent or own on your own.  Second reason…

This is, by the way, the result of in-depth research.  These are not just experts guessing at the phenomena.  People aren’t getting married nearly as young and in nearly the frequency as in the past.  So there is no reason for young people to have their own homestead. (interruption)  I’m just telling you what it said.  You can argue with it or think it’s good or bad; I don’t care.  I’m just telling you what the experts are saying is why the phenomenon exists. (interruption) Well, that’s the point. Since they’re not getting married, they don’t need the privacy.

It says they’re not getting married.

You’re thinking, “How do you bring the girlfriend home and do the nasty with mom and dad upstairs?” Mom and dad know what’s going on downstairs.  They leave ’em alone!  I mean, you’re talking about a 30-year-old “kid” down there.  We’re not talking about a 12-year-old or 15-year-old junior high school student down there.  Mom and dad know what’s going on when 30-year-old Ricky Jr. brings home Annabelle for the night.  Mom and dad know what’s going on.  In fact, mom and dad… (interruption) Well, the guy is gonna have his privacy, Mr. Snerdley.  Unless mom and dad don’t like Annabelle, and then the dynamic there.

But if you’re not getting married, you don’t need your own place.

I’m just telling you what the research said.  I think it makes sense.  But the point is record numbers of children either having never moved out or after college went back home, have never had their own places, up to age 35 now. You said money, no question, economic factors are huge in this.  Economic factors have to be huge.  My only point is, where is all this prosperity that Obama brags about?  Where is all this security that Obama brags about?  I think people are more nervous, edgy, frightened, insecure, scared, even people that have jobs, even people who have savings accounts are worried it’s gonna vanish or they’re worried they’re gonna lose their jobs.  That seems to be where everything’s trending.

And then you add, you know, every day you see a story like this.  “McDonald’s Has Investigated Robots to Replace Hamburger Flippers.”  You know why?  Minimum wage.  Exactly right.  When the owners, the franchisees are looking at $15 an hour, they say, “I can’t stay open and pay people that.  I just can’t.” The initial investment in a robot might be six figures, so they’ll finance that, but the robot never gets sick. The robot never calls in sick. The robot never needs a day off. The robot’s dog never needs to go to the vet. The robot is just there.

Now, I’m telling you, there are people, young people who read and they see these stories and the effect may be subliminal, but it is there, that innovations are occurring out there that are replacing human beings in the workplace.  McDonald’s is one.  Robotics in automobile manufacturing is not new.  My only point in mentioning all these things, Obama brags about how secure things are, how prosperous we are because of his policies, and I’m telling you, nobody’s feeling it.  Or very few.  The presidential campaign wouldn’t be what it is.

And Hillary Clinton, if things were that rosy, Hillary Clinton would be out there doing one thing:  Promising to do nothing but more of what’s happening.  And she’s not doing that, is she?  Hillary Clinton’s running around basically conveying that she knows things are a mess and she’s gotta fix ’em.  She’s gotta be very careful when she talks about things like the economy because the economy is a voting issue, and she can’t give up the ghost that the Obama economy is rotten. But everything else she’s out there, and she even nibbles at that around the edges.

but if everything were hunky-dory, if things were happy-go-lucky, and everybody was feeling jazzed and excited about the future, Hillary Clinton would be running as Barack Obama III.  And she’s not.  And this presidential campaign wouldn’t have the character it has at all if things were occurring on top of a foundation of happiness and good vibes.  They clearly are not.

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