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A lawsuit,  filed on behalf of illegal immigrants, could change “fair housing” laws. And could change private property laws.

It all started at a trailer park in Fairfax County, Virginia. The property manager started requiring residents to show a valid ID, in order to renew their leases. Every household member had to present Social Security numbers, passports, or visas. Tenants say they were told this was for criminal background checks.

Four families who failed to comply and were evicted are now suing in federal court. Their lawyers argue the requirement is discriminatory. Because it disproportionately affects Latinos.

For years, counties and cities have tried to require residents to establish that they’re in the country legally. But federal courts have ruled against them. This time, however, even the attorneys for these evicted families admit the law is unclear when it comes to landlords renting their private property.

The lawyers say they hope the federal court will expand the law to “take it one step further.” The want to prohibit private landlords from requiring people to prove they’re here legally.

These lawyers must know courts aren’t supposed to take the law “one step further.” They must know, only Congress has the power “take it one step further” to write or change laws.

But they don’t care! The Obama Regime has thrown the Constitution out the window, especially when it comes to immigration law. So they think they can push it one step further! Regardless of the consequences. They don’t think there will be any consequences. 

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