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“Hillary Clinton’s part of the last 7-1/2 years. She’s secretary of state. She’s hand in hand with Obama. Have they kept us safe? There have been terror attacks after terror attacks after terror attacks. They have not kept us safe. They don’t have the slightest idea how to do it.”

“In the old days, a major terror attack would bring the country together. In the old days, a major terror attack would end partisan rancor for a while. But not any longer. A terror attack is an opportunity for the American left and the Democrat Party to advance their anti-constitutional, anti-conservative agenda.”

“It’s asinine for Trump to say what he said yesterday, Obama to say what he said, for Trump to react, and then a bunch of Republicans stand up and agree with Obama. If that’s not a clear sign of it’s the establishment versus the rest and all of us, I don’t know what else could be.”

 “The terrorists may blow up a gay nightclub, the terrorists may blow up the World Trade Center, but there’s never a terrorist on the ballot running against the Democrats. But there are always gonna be Republicans and conservatives running against them. And that, to them, is a far greater threat that any act of terrorism.”

“The American left, the Democrat Party, progressives, liberals, hate us. And I mean hate. It isn’t dislike. It is an irrational hate. They hate us.  By us, I mean Republicans, conservatives, traditionalists, Christians, they hate us. And the proof is obvious. This event happens, any event, any terrorist act now, any mass shooting, the first thing they do is try to link us to it, find a way to associate us with it or blame us for it, without fail. Never, ever do they make an attempt to actually zero in on who’s responsible.” 

“Folks, there is nobody who deconstructs the left better than this program, nobody that tells you who they are, how they do it, how they think, how they go about it, what their strategies are. Nobody better. Don’t ever doubt me when I tell you who they are, what they’re thinking, what they’re doing, how they think they’re gonna accomplish it. The evidence is just all around us.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s part of the last 7-1/2 years. She’s secretary of state. She’s hand in hand with Obama. Have they kept us safe? There have been terror attacks after terror attacks after terror attacks. They have not kept us safe. They don’t have the slightest idea how to do it.” 

“I think Hillary is up by 11 in this poll. And since everybody knows that the presidential race is decided by polls in June, it’s over for Trump, and the media and a bunch of Republicans are ecstatic about it.” 

“Do you think Deomcrats care about anything beyond the maintenance of their own power and acquiring more? That’s what they care about. Government is the instrument of their power. They want to always be in charge of it. They always want to run it. They want to have control over as much of American life as possible.” 

“Already the middle of the week. It’s amazing how fast the week goes by when you don’t work one of the days. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Great to have you as always, as we engage in yet another excursion into broadcast excellence.”  

“Obama has no problem displaying it, contempt for ‘us,’ I mean conservatives and Republicans. Contempt for Trump. But there’s no contempt, there’s no dislike — there’s no apparent anger when acts of terror occur and Americans are mass murdered. It’s odd.” 

“Liberals are not interested in getting guns out of the hands of criminals because everybody knows you can’t, by definition. Criminals break the law. They will find a way to get a gun no matter what the law says. Law-abiding people will not — and this, they know.” 

“Machine guns have been banned since the 1930s, and it’s not stopping the Mexicans, is it? It’s not stopping the drug cartels, is it?”      

“I’m sick and tired of being told, ‘That’s the new norm. I mean, we’re a free country, Rush, this is the kind of stuff we’re gonna have to learn to live with.’ Really?  Like a half-assed economy, like a busted health care system, we’re just gonna have to learn to accept this, because somehow we’re not permitted to stand up for who we are? That’s so unfair because we’re a superpower so we have to bend over. We have to stand aside and let whatever we want to call the aggrieved, the offended, minorities, whatever, have their way because it’s been so unfair we’ve been a superpower for so long? This stuff can be stopped, because if it can’t, then it’s only a matter of time before this country doesn’t look like it does now.”  

“I don’t chase ratings or dollars. I try to just be the best every day and let everything fall in as a result of that.” 

“You’re never gonna tune in here and start scratching your head and ask what’s happened to me, at least not when it comes to ideological belief. I have literally not changed. If anything, I have become even more committed to conservatism and the defeat of liberalism. And, if I had to cite one thing, that’s what I don’t see the Republican Party interested in anymore is defeating the left, defeating liberalism.” 

“Even after the Orlando massacre happened, did Obama call the governor of Florida? No. He hasn’t called Rick Scott. He hasn’t. What about, ‘We’re not blue states, we’re not red states, we’re the United States’? Absolute BS.”

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