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RUSH:  Here is Mark in Dover, North Carolina.  Greetings, sir.  Great to have you with us.  Hi.

CALLER:  Greetings, sir.  Thank you so much for taking my call.  I’m a five-year Air Force veteran, and I got out in 2008, thank goodness, before this current commander-in-chief.  I wanted to ask you about the stories — I don’t know if you’ve heard about ’em, the two active duty enlisted Air Force members who have both gone against what the DOD story has been about not having the assets to send to help in Benghazi during the attacks.

RUSH:  Oh, we had assets to send.  We had eight hours to get there. There were four people that died.  The last two, it was eight hours that they were able to hold on I think after this attack began.  We had people in Tripoli. We had people in Italy. We had drones. We had any number — we weren’t gonna do it.  Look, it has since been discovered, Mark, that there are two excuses offered.

We didn’t want to offend the Libyans by virtue of sending armed military forces in, because we just liberated the place, theoretically.  Hillary Clinton’s grand strategy of getting rid of Moammar Khadafy.  Libya was supposed to be this new haven, new location, peaceful, and the population was supposed to be ecstatically happy and approving of the United States, and to send in an armed military force to put down some, remember, protests because of a video?  Why, that would not have looked good.  So they didn’t want to — these are almost exact words — did not want to offend the Libyans, and they didn’t want to ask permission and so forth.

Obama had an election coming up in 56 days and they weren’t gonna take a chance.  The decision was made at the outset of this thing that whatever happens, we’re gonna downplay this.  That’s why this is so stinky.  It’s why this is so horrible.  I still don’t think people have gotten their arms around this.  The United States government let four people die.  You never leave people behind.  That’s a US motto throughout the armed forces.  You never leave people behind.

Then the second thing.  Stop and think of this.  You know, we’re bombarded so much every day with stories of government excess and abuse that admittedly they begin to dull the senses, and after a while, what used to be a major big deal isn’t so much anymore.  We actually arrested an innocent, totally buffoonish innocent filmmaker and put him in jail to carry out this lie that some outrageous video was responsible for a protest in Benghazi.  They tried to tell us that it was just a protest, it wasn’t terrorism, it wasn’t a planned attack, even though they knew it was.  They knew that night it was.  They knew before it happened it was likely to be.

They lied through teeth to everybody about this video, and to carry out that lie they arrested and put in jail a totally flummoxed, scared, and intimidated American citizen to carry out this illusion.  That doesn’t happen except in banana republics.  You know what this country’s become?  I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe it.  My last little riff on the Obamas and Clintons and how much hatred there must be there on the Clinton side, they know Obama could shut this down.

But stop and think of that.  We’re all sitting here agreeing that we have such an abuse-of-power president that he could stop due process any time he wants to.  We readily acknowledge it.  We readily admit that we’ve got a guy as president who would stop due process with a snap of his fingers if he wanted to because he’s done it any number of times.  In this case he’s choosing not to.  These people are playing in a different league, folks.  And what’s different is we still have the freedom to sit here on the radio and TV and analyze and talk about it every day.

I almost feel like I’m in Game of Thrones with a radio talk show to talk about the Lannisters and how they’re polluting Westeros and getting away with it.  We are so far beyond what was envisioned for this country by the founders, this is not at all, but it’s a slow build of all of these abuses.  You know, little abuse here, little abuse there, it’s like perversion.  It’s like 50 years ago you couldn’t show a couple, a married couple sleeping in the same bed.  You had to have spread beds.

And then that changed. After you could do that for a while but you couldn’t show them having any kind of relationship whatsoever.  And then a couple years later then you could, you could show them kissing in bed in their pajamas. And then someday they could be nude and then it got to the point where you can now say “piss” on the radio and nobody bats an eye.  And you can have two guys naked in the bed and it gets an award.

The point is, if all this stuff had happened overnight from the Danny Thomas days you would have a revolt, oh, my God.  But it’s happened gradually, so they keep moving the line. You know, some people have, as part of their media strategy, outrageousness.  Like George Carlin, seven words you can’t say.  You can say them now.  But it’s happened so gradually that with each new acceptance, like Moynihan, “defining deviancy down.”  You can’t stop this kind of crime so you say it’s normal.

So we don’t pursue it anymore, and we just keep defining all this deviancy down. And people that stake out as their career being outrageous, they have to get more and more outrageous every year in order to be noticed or heard because the line that defines outrageous keeps moving.  Well, it’s the same thing with government and abuse of power.  You stop and think what this Benghazi thing really is and look how people sneer at you and laugh at you.

I actually watched on Fox News the other night, it was the All-Star Panel.  I don’t remember who it was, but some newspaper writer, I think, was saying, “I still don’t think there’s anything to see here in Benghazi. I still don’t know what the scandal is, but I’ll answer your question anyway, Mr. Baier and so forth.”  I’m looking at this, and here’s a guy in the Drive-By Media who doesn’t see anything noteworthy, there’s nothing newsworthy, there certainly isn’t anything that rises to the level of even being a campaign issue in what happened in Benghazi.

Four Americans are dead and an administration lied to the world and to the country for months about the cause.  And this guy says, “I don’t see what the big deal is. I just don’t think there’s a scandal here, but I’ll answer your question anyway.”  I don’t care how you roll, this is huge.  This is major, just the lying itself.  Such a tremendous lie. This is not a little white lie like Bill Clinton, “I never had sex with that woman, not a single time.”  Four Americans are dead here.  The administration knowingly lying about it all, including to the families of the four dead in order to protect political careers.  No, I’m not saying that hasn’t happened before. I’m saying the fact that it doesn’t even register with people shows you how far gone we are.

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