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RUSH: There are a lot of things in conflict here.  I will admit if you’re confused by some of the things I’ve said I wouldn’t blame you because over the course of this whole Hillary email story there are many components. And one of the components is that the news has just kept drip, drip, dripping out.  And with each drip, drip, drip it arguably looks bad and then worse for Hillary.  And I have made the point to you several times that Obama is responsible for this, that Obama is in charge of this drip, drip, drip, drip, drip.  That Obama, by allowing this investigation to drag on, is actually permitting this taint to Hillary Clinton’s image.

And then you’ve heard me say other times, including today, that, in my view, there is no way the Democrat Party is gonna sit idly by and take out its own presidential nominee.  And I believe that, too.  I cannot imagine. They run the DOJ, they run the executive branch, they run everything, they’re in charge, and they want the power. Loretta Lynch not recusing herself is evidence that rules and ethics don’t matter to these people.  Andy McCarthy’s right.  She should recuse herself the second this meeting was discovered.  She should have recused herself because she took the meeting, whether it was discovered or not.

If ethics and rules mattered, she should recuse herself from this case right now.  There should not be any appearance of impropriety anywhere in this case.  There should not be any appearance of impropriety in anything run by the DOJ.  It’s supposed to be colorblind, by definition and by design.  And we know, you know as well as I do, the Democrat Party seeks this power to use it to advance their agenda.  They want the reins of power.  They want government to use it to destroy their enemies, to advance their agenda.  There’s nothing about protecting and defending the Constitution per se, in the way they go about things unless it can be helpful to them.

And that’s a stark difference between us and them.  We do not want to use government to destroy anybody.  We don’t want to use government to imprison our enemies or anything of the sort.  We want to deemphasize it.  We want to take it and make it smaller.  We want to get it out of people’s way.  They’re just the opposite.  They complain that the Constitution limits them too much.  Well, now we’ve elected somebody who doesn’t care if he goes outside it in order to govern and to implement his agenda.

So in that context why would they sit idly by and let an FBI director who may not be one of them actually conduct an investigation that could damage their presidential nominee.  It just doesn’t make any sense.  Let me tell you who that doesn’t make sense to as well.  Bill and Hillary Clinton.  This whole thing, folks, has so many tentacles.  There are so many intricate webs of deceit in this entire Clinton email story that it is difficult to unravel all of this and find out what is really going on.

I’m gonna share some thoughts with you that will contradict, directly contradict some of the things I’ve already said today that I also firmly believe, but I believe these things are possible, too.  If you put yourself in the shoes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and this email story is going on out there, and it’s going on and it’s going on and it’s going on, and it never ends. And in fact there are leaks weekly that make it look even worse for Hillary, new emails discovered, new testimony about emails, her IT guy taking the Fifth 125 times.  The news isn’t going away.  The story isn’t going away.  It’s being amplified.

Now, if you’re standing where Bill and Hillary are, you’ve got to be livid over this because you know that your president, Barack Obama, fellow Democrat could shut this down any time he wanted to.  He could end this. He could have ended it years ago. He could have ended it yesterday. He could have ended it last week.  And he doesn’t.  And they have to be fuming over this.

Now Clinton himself is being investigated by Obama’s DOJ on the Clinton Foundation.  They’ve got to be livid, because they know how this party works. They know how this party uses power when they have it.  They could shut this down and make it go away. Obama could any time he wants, and he hasn’t.

Now, they’re probably pretty sure that Obama’s not gonna do anything that’s gonna result in her being indicted.  But they’ve gotta be livid he allows it to keep dribbling on like this.  I’m just trying to put myself in their shoes and use my psychological understanding of the Clintons and liberals, to try to get a handle on this.  Because the truth of the matter is, given who we are talking about, this whole thing could have been swept under the rug, could have been ended any time Barack Obama decided to.

He could have stopped the DOJ and the FBI from even investigating.  He is that powerful.  He runs executive branch.  He could have called over there, he could have sent a message, “Shut it down.  You are not investigating this, it’s over.”  He would have had to put up with a miffed Comey. He might have had to put up with Comey going out there and doing a press conference, but so what?  Nothing hurts Obama.  Nothing taints him.  He’s at 53% approval, the Republican Party doesn’t exist as an opposition party, so let Comey complain.

If he wanted to shut this down, he could have.  And if he did, he would have had a three-day story, three or four-day story.  If he shuts down the investigation, if he tells Comey to bag it, Comey makes a big deal of resigning, goes out and does some Sunday show appearances, but it’s over in three days. The media is gonna be harsher to Comey than to Obama.  The media’s always gonna be on Obama’s side no matter what he does. So it’s a three-day story and it’s over, and Obama’s not up for reelection anyway, so it doesn’t matter.  And you know the Clintons have to be thinking this way, too.

So Obama could have halted the investigation. Even if he didn’t want to do it that way, there’s another way.  He could pardon her. He could pardon her in advance.  He could announce the pardon in a way that makes it look like this whole thing is ridiculous but it’s distracting everybody from the serious business of the country and he’s issuing a pardon.

And you’re thinking, “Oh, Rush, that’d be devastating.”  No that’d be the biggest pep rally for the left you could imagine.  Can you imagine how popular he would be to be left?  His approval numbers would zoom to 60. The Clintons would be beholden for the rest of his life and theirs, and it would be over. And all he would have to do is put up with shows like this one complaining about it, which he has to put up with every day anyway.

My point is, there are any number of ways he could have ended this with no damage to himself — and forget the legacy, too, ’cause the media that loves him today is gonna write the immediate legacy, the so-called history books.  And history isn’t taught anymore anyway, so big deal.  You know, he could go out there and say, “I’ve reviewed the emails, the so-called classified information, and there’s nothing there. I’ve looked at it, there’s nothing in those emails that violates our values.  There’s nothing in Hillary’s emails that takes us away from who we are,” whatever he would say.

“What is important is that we have an administration that can look forward and continue to govern and not be tied up and hamstrung in these silly partisan disputes.  And I’m ending it today.”  He could do anything like that that he wants.  The media would applaud, the Democrats would love it, his approval numbers would zoom to 60% on the Democrat side.

The Clintons would owe him.  The Republicans would be fuming and on television talking about this or that, but that’s all they’d be doing is talking.  There wouldn’t be any impeachment hearings.  They’ve already promised they’re not gonna do any of that.  It would have been easy for him to do this.

But here’s the key to all this. Whether you disagree with the specifics of how Obama could have ended it, the fact remains that Bill and Hillary Clinton have to know that this cloud of scandal is hanging over their heads every day and the clouds are getting darker and darker every day because Barack Obama is allowing it to.

Remember, Bill Clinton was once president.  He had Janet Reno out there threatening banks, that if they didn’t make loans to people who couldn’t pay ’em back, they’re gonna be investigated.  Clinton knows how this is done.  He knows the power of the next president over a DOJ, over the attorney general, especially one that’s a sycophant. He knows exactly, and he knows Obama could do it if he wanted to, and he knows Obama’s not doing it. But Obama’s doing it everywhere else.

Obama’s bending the law for his own benefit, be it executive action on immigration, or whatever else, but he’s not doing it to help Hillary.  He’s not doing it to help the Clintons.  He could have ended it at any point, the Clintons know this.  There has to be bad blood here.  I’m just saying.

You look at Fast and Furious.  Did you hear the news about Fast and Furious?  One of the weapons in the Paris jihad attack, a couple of the weapons might have actually a link to Fast and Furious.  Those guns might have come from a Phoenix gun store that was part of the Fast and Furious operation that Mexican cartel drug lords had.  That story was out there.

That story has gotten no traction whatsoever.  We barely heard anything about Fast and Furious anyway.  Now there’s story in the last couple days there might be a Fast and Furious link to the Paris jihad attack concerning the weapons.  Nothing’s happened on that.  My point is that when they want to bury a scandal, they can bury a scandal.  The media helps them.  They not burying the Hillary scandal, and the Clintons have to be as ticked as hell.


RUSH:  This is Mike in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Welcome.  Great to have you with us, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  Mega retired Army dittos from a 25-year listener.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, for your service.

CALLER:  You’re more than welcome, sir.  It was a privilege.  You know, I’ve tried to call you hundreds of times over the years, and finally got through today.  Many of the things I’m gonna talk to you about you’ve already covered today.  But specifically with Mr. Snerdley, he wanted me to talk about how we have underestimated the Obama administration and especially the attorneys general under him this whole time.  Look at everything they have gotten away with.  You mentioned it a while ago, reference Hillary.

RUSH:  Well, yeah.  I mean, this administration has totally politicized the DOJ as a weapon.  The IRS has become a weapon.  The DOJ, they’re using it as a weapon to implement their agenda and to thwart their enemies.  There’s no question about it.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  And just, you know, you named Fast and Furious a while ago, the Affordable Care Act, all his executive orders he’s signed.  Evidently the Republican leadership is not smart enough to catch him on any of this stuff.

RUSH:  Oh, it’s not that.  They get it.  They just don’t want to.  It’s too hard.  It’s fraught with too much danger.

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