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RUSH:  Okay, folks, I’m gonna tell you what I think is actually going on here.  I think we are being played in the standard, common, everyday way the Clinton team plays the American people.  It has happened, I can’t count the number of times, dating back to when Bill Clinton was in the White House.Essentially what this is — and the Lynch-Clinton meeting is the latest ingredient — we’re being set up for massive disappointment, depression, and dispiritedness.  They’re making it look like, and they have all along, very possible Hillary Clinton could be indicted.  They are toying with us.  They’re dangling this carrot in front us.  “This could be the time. This could be it when we finally get the Clintons once and for all.”They drag it out, and they do things like this meeting that apparently compromises the whole thing and jeopardizes the whole thing, release information on all the emails they’re finding and Hillary’s IT takes the Fifth 125 times.  Ask yourself, how many times do people ask you, “Do you really think Hillary’s gonna be indicted?” And they say it with anticipation and excitement. How many times do people ask you that?  They ask me that all the time.My answer, by the way, from the get-go has always been, “She’s not gonna be indicted.  There’s no way it’s gonna happen.  You don’t understand the Democrat Party and their use of power if you think their presidential nominee is gonna be indicted by an Obama DOJ.  Ain’t gonna happen.”

But they got a lot of people thinking it will, and when she skates, they want you depressed, they want you down in the dumps, they want you giving up, they want you thinking there’s no way you can win.  They want you thinking they can get away with everything.  That’s the Clinton MO, and we are right smack-dab in the middle of another such play.  Don’t doubt me.


RUSH:  Okay.  Let’s use our intelligence guided by experience and add to it some of the things just now mentioned by J. Christian Adams.  How it’s done between Lynch meeting with Bill.  Now, remember that J. Christian Adams’ point here, and this is a very key point.  When Loretta Lynch says that she is going to basically step away, not recuse, but she’s gonna step aside and accept the recommendations of the FBI and the decision of career prosecutors in the DOJ — for those of you in Rio Linda, the other kind of prosecutors are appointees, political appointees versus career.

Career people are there no matter the administration.  They’re there as long as their work is up to snuff and they don’t get canned, but they’re career prosecutors, and the point that Christian made is if those people want to rise in the ranks at the FBI, and it’s no different than anywhere else, you impress the boss, you do what the boss wants.  You make your name by getting noticed by the boss.

So turning over this decision to both the FBI and career prosecutors is really not much of a risk for Loretta Lynch if you start out believing she doesn’t want Hillary indicted.  And we know that’s the case, folks.  These are Democrats first.  I know people want to believe that we still have people who will still put institutions above party.  Not today’s the Democrat Party.  The whole point of acquiring these positions of power is to corrupt them with your people, who will use these positions of power to implement your agenda.

Now, they don’t look at it as corrupting anything because they think they’re God’s gift.  They’re simply doing the work that needs to be done to transform America.  So in their minds they’re not corrupting anything.  To the objective observer, of course, all of this is corruption.  We know that Obama does not want Hillary indicted.  He’d be the first witness.  You stop and think of that?  He’d be the first witness.  He’s the president of the United States.  She’s got an email server that violates every executive branch rule and regulation.  He’d be the first witness.  He doesn’t want her indicted.

Lynch doesn’t want her indicted.  She doesn’t want to be indicted.  Bill Clinton doesn’t want her to be indicted.  The idea that rank partisans like this are going to let some process play out with no influence on it whatsoever and run the risk that somebody might actually indict Hillary Clinton, they’re not gonna let that happen.  That’s not who these people are.  And yet look at all the people who are holding all this hope out, thinking this might be the one.  They say, “She is so guilty, they can’t hide this.  She’s so guilty, they can’t cover this up.  This is so bad.”  What do you mean, they can’t cover it up, they can’t ignore it?  They can do all of that, and they will.  It’s who they are.

The Department of Justice is there to implement the Obama, Democrat Party agenda.  Why do you think she was in Phoenix?  She was taking over the Phoenix Police Department under the guise of recommending DOJ guidelines.  They’ve done it in Ferguson. They’ve done it in Baltimore. You’d be amazed, 25 or 30 big city police departments, they have already essentially said you people are screwing up. You botched it in Ferguson. You botched it in Baltimore. You need to implement our guidelines, and if you want our money — and everybody needs their money — then this is what you gotta do. And that’s what she’s doing.

So this is all about amassing power and using it.  They’re not gonna sit by with all this power and let their own presidential nominee be indicted.  If I’m wrong and if they did do that, that would also be done after a calculation that it would benefit them, not hurt them.  If they could find in their calculations that Hillary being indicted helps them, well — but she doesn’t want that on her record.  The Clintons don’t want that on their record.  It’s gonna interrupt fundraising, and it’s just a mark that they don’t need.

It’s true, too, that after Clinton was subject of the independent prosecutor, supposedly independent, the Ken Starr prosecution, the Democrat Party rallied.  Hell, the American people rallied.  The guy had 65% approval rating numbers during the Ken Starr investigation, despite what everybody knew.

So if you add all that to what we can already see:  You take the Lynch meeting with Clinton on the jet this week. You combine that with Obama saying several times in public that Hillary’s done nothing wrong. And you have James Comey over at the FBI and you have these career prosecutors that Loretta Lynch has just deferred to hearing all this.

So here your commander-in-chief, your president, says (imitating Obama), “She didn’t do anything wrong. We looked at it. She didn’t do anything wrong. This is another Republican witch hunt, that’s all this is.”  Comey hears that. The FBI agent’s investigating hear this. The career prosecutors at DOJ hear it. And then they see Clinton meeting with Lynch and like Mr. Adams just pointed out, doesn’t matter what they say, just the fact that they had the meeting in supposed violation of every regulation ethic that came down the pike sends the signal that everybody’s unified on this and that if you want to please the boss, nothing happens here.

She’s not recusing herself.  That’s important, too.  She’s just standing aside.  She’s essentially saying, “You know what?  I’m not gonna do anything.  I’m gonna accept whatever the FBI… and,” not “or.”  What if the career prosecutors disagree with the FBI?  What if Comey says, “Here’s the goods.  We got everything we need to indict and get a conviction,” and the career prosecutor said, “I don’t think you do.  We’re not gonna move forward.”  Comey’s stuck.  Then all Comey could do is go public.  And whether he would do that or not, who knows.  I kind of doubt it.

But Loretta Lynch is not gonna turn this over to people that she doesn’t know what they’re gonna do.  She’s a lawyer.  The first thing they teach you out of law school, you never ask anybody in a case a question on the stand to which you don’t know the answer.  That’s the fastest way to get tripped up.  You don’t grant anybody immunity until you know what they’re gonna say.  Well, in this case, you don’t turn the decision here over to career prosecutors unless you know what they’re gonna do.

So my point here is the fact that everybody in the media’s treating this as big news is all part of the ruse.  “Hey, look, Loretta Lynch is acting like she got caught.  Oh, wow, we got her, we got her.  They screwed up!  They had the meeting!  Nobody was supposed to find out.”  By the way, there’s another little story attached to this that’s designed to make us think they’ve screwed up.  The Secret Service supposedly banned all photos.  Oh, yeah.  It was a really secret meeting.  We’ve really got ’em now, because the Secret Service and the FBI said, no photos, no photos. They didn’t want anybody finding out about it.

Folks, we’re being played like the Clintons play us every time.  You want an example?  I’ve used this a couple times.  When Clinton was being deposed in the Paula Jones case, being interviewed by Ken Starr independent prosecutors, we were not allowed to see that, of course.  It was videotaped.  It was going to be played later.  But at the time it happened, we were not allowed to see it.  Nobody was.  It was private.

When it was over, the White House leaked something that happened.  You know what they leaked?  That Clinton lost it during a question about the cigar.  A couple of days, maybe a week before they were going to release the videotape of Clinton’s deposition — somebody released it.  I don’t actually remember if it was the White House, but somebody did ’cause the media lit up with it, that Clinton lost it when he was questioned about the cigar and Monica Lewinsky.

So on the day that the Clinton testimony is to be televised, the cable channels all broom regular programming and broadcast it, cover it.  And they tell us, yeah, it happens about two hours and 10 minutes in, whatever it was.  And nothing happened.  Clinton gets a question about the cigar, and his eyes pop large for a split second, and that was it.  But for two weeks prior, everybody in the media had been reporting that Bill Clinton lost it during a question about the cigar.

So average, ordinary Americans have heard and were told that Clinton, while president of the United States lost it, blew up, whatever they said.  Now it comes time to play the videotape, and nothing happened.  His eyes got big for a second and that was it.  And the reaction, “This is nothing.”  And so the story then was: anti-Clinton radicals come unhinged over nothing.  President totally composed during entire deposition, blah, blah, blah.

And the impact of that was, oh, everybody was let down. It didn’t take long to figure out we’d been played.  We’re being played here yet again.  My humble opinion.  We’re being played.  I’ve never seen, given what I know about the Democrat Party, the way they amass and use power, the idea that Obama was gonna permit the Democrat Party presidential nominee to be indicted.

And look at the lengths people went to believe that.  “Oh, yeah, you know he secretly hates her,” people would tell you.  “Oh, yeah, he hadn’t liked her since the ’08 campaign.  Remember when Bill Clinton made that comment to Ted Kennedy about, ‘It wasn’t that long ago that guys like Obama would be fetching our coffee for us’?  Yeah, Obama’s hated ’em ever since.  Yeah, Obama, he had to pay off her campaign debt.  He wanted her to be the secretary of state just because you keep your enemies close, but the Clintons and the Obamas, they just –” And then you see Clinton giving the biggest, ringing endorsement of Obama at the Democrat convention, “Wait a minute, I thought they hated each other.”

People said, “Yeah, they do, they do, that was just part of unity. They put it aside for the sake of the party.”  Fine.  The lengths that people went to to tell themselves that Hillary would be indicted, that Obama doesn’t like her, that Obama secretly would love it if the Clintons would finally get caught.  If he wanted the Clintons caught, he could have done it years ago.

So my suggestion to you is two things.  If I’m wrong, fine, and I’ll be happy to be wrong on this.  But if I’m right, don’t let ’em get you down.  Don’t let ’em get you all depressed and dispirited and thinking that we can’t beat them and all this. We’re being played here, and just don’t fall for it.

These people are not fools, like I said yesterday.  They’re not fools.  Clinton and Lynch are not fools.  They have to know this is gonna get discovered.  They may want it to be discovered.  The real question here is, who benefits?  ‘Cause this is done on purpose and for a reason or two.


RUSH:  Let me ask you another question.  Where is Bill Clinton?  I mean, Loretta Lynch is all over the place.  She’s at the Ideas Festival in Aspen after the meeting in Phoenix.  Where’s Clinton?  (interruption)  Well, no. Clinton would be out there on stage somewhere, at a podium wagging his finger. (Clinton impression) “I did not have sex with that woman on that plan, not a single time, not ever. No, we didn’t talk about Hillary, either.”

Where is Clinton?  Why isn’t the media hounding Clinton?  Hmm?  Why aren’t they trying to get to him and find out?  Why are they focusing only on Loretta Lynch?  Hmm?  I mean, he’s not that invisible.  You find a group of women, you’ll find him.  Last known location, Phoenix.

Chris Stirewalt at Fox News has another theory.  The short version of Chris Stirewalt’s theory is that everybody knows an indictment is imminent, that Comey’s got the goods and that she’s guilty as sin and there’s nothing you can do about it. So Clinton and Lynch meet to gum up the works and require now an independent prosecutor for the case, which delays it for years.  Basically if an independent counsel is named, there’s pressure brought to bear, that means you start at day one.  And there’s no way an independent counsel can get anywhere in the time remaining before the election.

So that’s another theory that’s out there, that this was done purposely to create this ethics violation, the appearance of impropriety, just soil everybody, requiring an independent investigation now, for the purposes of delaying it.  So throw that in your hopper, toss that around.


RUSH: I’ll give you another example if you want to remember this.  Remember when the Lewinsky story was published by Matt Drudge?  Newsweek had it, Michael Isikoff, but Newsweek spiked it.  They thought, nothing to see here.  Drudge got hold of it, ran the whole story, which revealed Clinton’s relationship with Lewinsky, got that ball rolling.  Well, three weeks before that the Los Angeles Times ran a front page photo, black and white photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton in swimming suits dancing on the beach at a Caribbean island.

The LA Times is the only place that had the picture.  That day at the White House press briefing, Mike McCurry was the press secretary.  Some reporter asked about it and McCurry said that is the most outrageous example of journalism I have ever seen.  I can’t believe that, it’s an invasion of privacy. It’s unconscionable what the media is doing to this president.

What picture?  What are you talking about?  Nobody knew it.  This is ’92.  This is before Fakebook, Twitter. This is before internet mass distribution of news.  It was the LA Times, and everybody said, “What picture?”  Well, everybody knew about the picture.  And the picture shows the Clintons in love and swimsuits and dancing on the beach like nothing could be wrong in this marriage, three weeks before Drudge publishes the spiked Newsweek story.

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