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One of the leading voices of the global warming hoax is Michael Mann the director of “the Earth System Science Center” at Penn State University. So, naturally, Mann was invited to speak to the Democrat Platform Drafting Committee.

Mann told Democrats his head has been buried in climate change models, because he’s looking for “the signal” of manmade global warming. But what he said next is incredible: “These tools that we’ve spent years developing, increasingly are unnecessary.”

Why does he think these computer climate models are unnecessary? Get this. He says it’s “because we can see climate change, the impacts of climate change, now, playing out in real time, on our television screens, in the 24-hour news cycle.” So, who needs data? He can see climate change on TV!

Global warming doomsayers have spent mountains of taxpayer dollars building these computer-model “tools” that have been proved wrong, over and over. Yet the hoaxers are never held accountable for the hoax. They’ve continued to manipulate data to perpetuate the global warming hysteria.

So now they want to get rid of their flawed data altogether. And just rely on the 24-hour liberal propaganda on TV for evidence.

And something else is on tap as Democrats draft their platform. They want those who disagree with their global warming theories prosecuted. An inquisition, like in the Middle Ages! Democrats claim they’re all about science. But they and their junk science, are total frauds. 

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