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RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, how many times do you remember me predicting to you that the Democrats — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, somebody — as part of the presidential campaign, would come along and suggest forgiving student loans?  You recall me saying this, correctamente?  Well, guess what?  “Mrs. Clinton, in a recent campaign appearance, referenced the possibility of a three-month hiatus for repayment of student loans.”  So this is the start of it.  It’s in the Washington Post.

“Hillary Clinton plans to promise a three-month moratorium on repayment of federal student loans to allow time to refinance or restructure high-interest debt, part of a larger package of education-related proposals intended to appeal to young voters.”  And an accompanying story from TheHill.com:  “The Obama administration is moving ahead with a new regulation that could make it easier for students to seek forgiveness of their federal student loans.”  It is gonna be part of this campaign.  They think the Millennials might be flittering away.  You watch.  I told you.

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