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RUSH:  Here we go to the phones.  Savannah, Georgia.  This is Ed, and I appreciate your patience, Ed.  I really do.  How are you, sir?

CALLER:  Just fine.  Thanks for taking my call.  I really appreciate it.  I’ve been listening for 27 years, and this is my first time to call.

RUSH:  I’m glad you got through.

CALLER:  I’m one of those guys that thinks that Comey handed the Republicans a big gift by not recommending indictment of Hillary.  The reason I think this is that if he had indicted her, then Biden would end up getting the nomination, and, hell, even I like Biden to some extent.

RUSH:  No.  No, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.

CALLER:  I don’t like him a lot.  I’m just saying that versus Hillary and the likability question, he’s way ahead of Hillary and maybe ahead of Trump.  Now, I’m a Trumpster from day one, but had Hillary been indicted, she would have — I mean, she’s not going to jail.  She’s gonna get an automatic pardon.  But this way, by not indicting her, he does wax on, wax off, leg sweeps her, and then throws her back out in the ring, and she’s very damaged.  And I think the way that I look at it is, if Trump can’t beat her this damaged, then he was never gonna beat her at all.

RUSH:  Okay, look, I see the way you’re thinking about this.  But, A, if she was indicted, she’s not going anywhere.  The Democrats would circle the wagons, accuse Comey of being part of a vast right-wing conspiracy, link him to John Ashcroft, name him a Republican, politicize it.  She would have the Democrat Party rally around her in total unified support.  She would know full well that Barack Obama would pardon her even before the election if necessary. Not a thing would happen to her if she’d been indicted other than the legal system would have worked, as it should.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Comey — look, look.  One of the things, you know, a guy, a previous caller, Ed from Savannah, he said, “Do you think Comey has given everybody a great gift here ’cause otherwise it would be Biden. You get rid of Hillary and you put Biden in there, and it would be a prop.”

Why is everybody so afraid of Biden?  When did that begin creeping up on us?  When did everybody start — is it his loyalty to Obama?  (interruption) Who thinks he’s squeaky clean?  Squeaky clean about what?  Oh, he’s not corrupt like Hillary.  I think it’s something else.  I think the reason they fear Biden is because they think he’s got this magic way of conveying compassion and big-hearted concern to people.

But Biden’s never won diddly-squat.  Within Democrat primaries he’s never gotten out of the first stage, if you want to put it that way.  He can’t even give a speech without plagiarizing somebody or putting his foot in his mouth. (Biden impression) “Stand up, Chuck.  Let ’em see you in your wheelchair there, Chuck.  Hey, oh, my God.  Oh, God bless you, Chuck.  Let’s everybody stand up for Chuck, since Chuck can’t stand up and I’m an idiot.”

I think the reason they put all this on Comey, because this is — (interruption) No, I’m talking about the bribery.  When Hillary in that New York Times story lets it be known in a direct quote that she thinks Loretta Lynch is doing such a great job that she’s thinking of keeping her on as attorney general, she obviously knows Lynch likes the job.  She obviously knows Lynch would love to stay in the job, so she’s bribing her.

That puts the onus on Comey.  What do you think Lynch stepping out of this did?  Folks, Lynch stepping out this, when Lynch said after the Clinton meeting (paraphrasing), “You know what, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, I am backing out.  I will accept whatever recommendation we get from the FBI and from the career prosecutors.”  And everybody said, “Wow, what a great lady.  She understands the appearance of impropriety, she’s pulling out.”

What’d that do?  That put the onus fully on James Comey.  They put it all on Comey and he must have known that would be the blowback.  And I can imagine Comey would probably, like the rest of us, he knows who these people are.  And he knows what they could do in terms of making his life miserable.  We hear Comey is supposed to be a straight shooter.  But he’s only human, folks.  He’s under the same pressure or even more than John Roberts was under up there at the Supreme Court.  And who knows what kind of pressure that we don’t know about was brought to bear on the chief justice.

Look what the Drive-By Media and history have done to people that they hate for having made a decision that hurt their side.  These people are fully aware of their fate.  The left would smear Comey.  It’s exactly what would happen.  If Hillary had been indicted, I guarantee you James Comey would cease being a man of integrity at that instant.  He would become a partisan Republican attack dog, probably accepting his orders from me or who knows who, and they would ratchet up this vast right-wing conspiracy business just like they did back in the nineties on the Lewinsky case, where Hillary said: There’s a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get my husband at every turn.

They would make Comey the Mister Bigg, and they would launch into attacks, and they would accuse him of being the most partisan and therefore the most untrustworthy FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover.  And they would do this for the rest of time.  They would do it for the rest of Comey’s life.  You know darn well.  But the point is, so what if we get Biden?  So what?  I don’t understand why this fear of Biden all of.  But we wouldn’t get Biden, is the bottom line.  That’s not what would happen.  It’s all moot anyway, but since we had the conversation start, just let me repeat again.

If there had been an indictment or a recommendation — that doesn’t mean, if Comey had recommended, doesn’t mean Lynch would have done it, no matter what she said.  They would have to take it under advisement, study it, who knows what.  But let’s say that they had decided to prosecute.  There was no way that was gonna happen, just no way.

Obama couldn’t permit it.  He’s already been out there for months saying she didn’t do anything wrong.  But for entertainment’s stake, if they had decided to indict, he would pardon her at some point.  She would never face trial.  It would never, ever happen.  The Democrats would circle the wagons around her, and it would not give us Biden.  That’s my theory, and I’m sticking with it.

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